24. May 2024
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Free Bitcoin: Get Free Bitcoins with Bitcoin Faucet

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Here we would like to introduce you a way how Bitcoin Faucet makes it easy for you to get free bitcoins. We tested all common Bitcoin Faucet for you. There are a few sites that recommend an everlasting list of Bitcoin Faucets. We recommend you to take a closer look. You should not blindly sign up on every page. We have tried all the popular Bitcoin Faucets and imagine 3 of them, of which we are personally convinced.

What is a Bitcoin Faucet?

You can translate Bitcoin Faucet with “digital tap”. What can that mean? Quite simply you can already collect Satoshi’s (Bitcoin) with mere registration on these pages.  Just by mouse clicks you can collect the payout at regular intervals (for example, every 15 minutes). In addition, you can earn additional Satoshi’s by, for instance, looking at advertising, answering surveys etc..

If you’re hearing this for the first time, you’re probably wondering, does it really work? And also so easy? So one thing in advance: Yes, it works and in principle also just as easy as it sounds. But let’s take a closer look!

crypto-invest.io tests Bitcoin Faucets

We looked at all known Bitcoin Faucets and extensively tested them. What came out? In our test, we found that you should avoid some pages better. We personally only use 3 pages. For one simple reason: when visiting some websites, there were more than 10 warnings. So dear fingers away!

As a general rule, as soon as you are more involved with finances and even have cryptocurrency, you should give computer security the highest priority. For this purpose, the use of common anti-virus programs such as Bitdefender or Kaspersky of course.

These remaining three pages we have tested even more intense and looked, whether you actually get free bitcoin credited and, above all, if you can easily withdraw them.

One thing in advance, both worked without problems! Depending on the Faucet you can either every 15 or 60min. collect the bitcoins by clicking on “Claim”. Sometimes you have to enter a Captcha code when clicking on “Claim” (like: “I’m not a robot” or “Prove that you are human”, or something similar). That was it! You get directly credited the bitcoins. You can contact it with any e-mail address, but you should have access to the e-mail address for the confirmation e-mails.

We use this Bitcoin Faucet

1. Cointiply 

Cointiply is a very professional Bitcoin Faucet. The website runs flawlessly and has a very clear structure. You can claim all 60min Bitcoins (or Satoshi’s) here. You get at least 22 Satoshis per payout, but it can also be much more, depending on luck (up to 430,000 Satoshi’s are possible). In addition, you alone get 100 Satoshi’s credited for signing up. You can also multiply your winnings with another game (multiplier), or even earn more Satoshis by watching videos. (You can just run the videos in the browser and do something else)

By the way: You get from a certain number of Satoshi’s (35,000) interest at the rate of 5% on it. Also very nice;). There is also a loyalty bonus. That means if you pick up your Bitcoin daily, you’ll get additional Satoshi’s credited.

We earned 364 Satoshi’s not even in a whole day.

2. freebitcoin

On freebitco.in it looks similar. Here you can claim all 60min Bitcoin as well. Again, by solving captcha code. In addition, the amount that you receive can sometimes be higher, but minimum 21 Satoshi’s (maximum over 2Mio Satoshi). In addition, Reward Points and tickets are credited every time you participate.

What you can do here is to take part in a lottery. You can convert satoshi’s into “tickets”. The more tickets, the higher the chance of winning. This is what it looks like:

free bitcoin

As you can see on the picture we already have 262 Satoshi’s after about 2 days.

In addition, you will receive tickets with every payout and additionally reward points. With these points, you can also purchase real items (such as Amazon vouchers or similar) after a certain number.

3. bonusbitcoin

At bonusbitcoin.co you can even claim your Satoshi’s every 15 minutes. You will receive at least 7 Satoshi’s per participation. The multiplier does not (yet) work here. In addition, you can accept more offers and you will be rewarded in Satoshi’s.

At this faucet we earned Satoshi’s after a day of 133. But certainly more would be in it, if you really every 15 minutes to pick up the Bitcoin.

Conclusion – is it worth it?

Of course yes! But you have to be clear that you will not be enough. Our effort was about 10 minutes with the sign up and a couple of clicks, so after about one day we earned a total of 759 Satoshi’s (which is about 8 dollar cents). In our opinion, it can pay off the whole long term to operate, because you can benefit from the loyalty bonus and while surfing the Internet can actually earn something.

In addition, it should be noted that the whole in a few months or years could be significantly more value as soon as Bitcoin reaches its new all-time high again. So if you want to use your time while surfing the internet a bit more productively, you can do that with the Faucets. Besides that, it’s fun to get Bitcoin for free somewhere. Even now writing this post we have already earned quite a few more Satoshi’s.

To keep the free Bitcoins we recommend the transfer of your Satoshi’s to Binance, or directly to Coinbase. For example, at Binance you could store them or swap them for another cryptocurrency (altcoins). At Coinbase you could exchange Bitcoin for Fiat and get it paid out in Euros.

We wish you a lot of fun with collecting free Bitcoin. If you know more trustworthy Bitcoin Faucet pages, please post them in the comments and we’ll add them to this post.

It would definitely not be wrong to document your trades and your Satoshi’s obtained for purposes of tax return. That’s easy, we recommend cointracking.info. With this you can track all your crypto trades and give it to the taxman with the tax return. With our recommendation link you will receive 10% on all account upgrades!

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