19. July 2024
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Cointiply experiences: Free Bitcoin Faucet in the test

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Many people have heard about it, but for most of them the term “Bitcoin Faucet” seems to be a foreign word. It’s a way to get free bitcoins for no real return. All you have to do is solve a captcha every hour and get a fraction of a Bitcoin every time. In fact, there are now many Bitcoin Faucet providers. In this article we would like to look at one of the biggest, if not the biggest and best known providers, namely cointiply. We report in detail about our cointply experiences and show you how to collect a lot of bitcoins.

Cointiply – Best Bitcoin Faucet for Free Bitcoins?

cointiply logo

A Bitcoin Faucet is something of a “digital money”. Most of the time you can collect Bitcoins every hour. You usually have to do nothing but solve a captcha, to confirm that you are not a robot. One receives thereby fractions of a Bitcoin, however also exists the possibility by coincidence to receive more Bitcoins.

Some Bitcoin Faucet vendors also offer additional options for collecting more Bitcoins. For example, the largest Bitcoin Faucet provider cointiply offers a number of ways to earn free bitcoins. You can answer surveys, look at ads, play games and much more, while you will be rewarded in Bitcoin. Regular and disciplined participation will be rewarded with a bonus and can make the whole thing even more lucrative.

Another special feature is that coitiply pays 5% interest on the credit weekly. With this, cointiply makes holding the coins attractive on coitiply and also paying in already acquired bitcoins.

At cointiply you will be rewarded in “coins”. These are linked to dollars and are then converted into Bitcoin at the current Bitcoin price. 10,000 coins are one dollar.

In the following, we’ll show you all the ways you can earn on cointiply bitcoins.

The real Faucet

cointiply erfahrungen

If you click on “Faucet” on the website in the left bar, you can get Bitcoins directly. To do this, click on the “Roll & Win” button in the middle. Then you have to solve as already mentioned a captcha.

coinitply captcha

You type in the words you see and you get bitcoins. You can change the Captcha from Media to reCaptcha, if you like it better. Experience has shown that solving the captcha via media is easier.

You now click on “Submit Captcha & Roll” and then get bitcoins. You always get Bitcoins, but you can also get more Bitcoins, depending on the coincidence. Because every time you play a random number from 1 to 99,999. Depending on the number, you also get more Bitcoins distributed at least 22 points. You see the division of the points for the number of cubes in the first picture at the bottom right. So it’s a typical gambling, but you definitely win without a bet.

The closer the number is to 99,999, the profit is even higher. If you roll 99,999, you hit the jackpot. The probability is not so low 1: 99.999. The profit can be up to several hundred euros. There’s also a bonus of 51 points when you roll a prime. In our experience, it often happens that you also roll higher numbers and win more. Also, one dices quite often primes, which statistically alone should be so. However, we had not cracked a jackpot in the six months of our test so far.

For every day you are logged in and participate in the Faucet you will receive 1% bonus on your Faucet win. It is possible to increase the bonus up to 100%. However, there should be no interruptions between.

Cointiply Loyality Bonus

Answer surveys – Highest revenue?

Um an Umfragen teilzunehmen klickt ihr in der Linken Leiste auf “Earn Coins“.

cointiply experience

Particularly interesting are the two providers theoremreach and tapresearch marked greenish in the picture. These two providers provide very many and very well-paid surveys.

If you click on one of the two names you will get to the polls. You get shown how long it takes for the polls and how many coins you get for it. It also shows if and how well other participants have rated these surveys.

Watch out

In just about none of the surveys personal data is stored. Rather, one answers the questions anonymously. Theoretically, answering the questions with false information would not be able to be verified accordingly. So you could quickly “click through” the questions. However, the creators of such surveys are not stupid and ask questions in between, which makes it easy to check whether you have really read the question. One is then excluded from the survey.

This is what it looks like when you click on “theoremreach”:

cointiply revenue
Here you can see the different offers for surveys. At the top right you can see that we have earned over 5,000 coins from this provider that day.

If you are interested in an offer, then click on it and take part in the survey. The good thing about theoremreach is that if your profile does not match the survey you will still get some coins. This is not the case with any provider. Mostly you will be asked the first 2-3 questions to see if you are suitable for the survey. For example, when it comes to questions that are addressed to women, then you will not be able to attend as a man.

In our experience, we needed on average 10 minutes for about 20,000 coins. Extrapolated would equal an hourly wage of $ 12. Actually not bad, because sometimes we also had the case that a survey is stopped right at the beginning, because the max. Number of participants is reached, but one has still credited full points.

cointiply earn coins
Here you can see the result of a survey after less than 5 minutes. Sometimes it works pretty fast ..

Watch Ads

Our test shows that even good revenue by looking at advertising is possible. It is possible to look at advertising ads from other cointiply users or to watch promotional videos.

Advertising displays

Every coitiply user can rent advertising space with his coins and place an ad. This can then be viewed by other users, but then they get the coins.

cointiply free bitcoin

If you want to watch such ads to earn free bitcoins you can hover over “Earn Coins” at the top of the ladder, then select “View PTC Ads“. Already you can look at projects and websites of other users and get coins for it. Most of the time you have to look at each ad for at least 8-12 seconds and then get 8-10 coins each time.

Promotional Videos

In the same bar above under “Earn Coins” you will also find the option “Watch Videos”. Here you can also watch a variety of videos and earn free Bitcoins. You will get the coins per ad or credited per time unit.

Tip: You can run the videos in the background while doing other things on the computer.

Complete tasks

What else is interesting? You can also do all other tasks to collect more free bitcoins. For example, you can download and play games, test apps, etc. To participate, go back to “Offer walls” via “Earn Coins”.

You will then again many providers proposed. In our experience, the AdGate Media provider is very well suited for such offers. Here is a little insight into the possible tasks:

cointiply test

You see: Whether you create a LinkedIn profile or register with Swagbucks for all these things, you can collect points well. In our experience, answering surveys and completing tasks lead to the highest income.

Tip: Promo Codes

In our experience, it’s also worth checking out on the official Twitter page of coitiply, as it promo codes are often announced with the additional free coins. It pays to visit regularly, because promo codes are published relatively often, which are only valid for a short time. After entering the code, you will be credited points to your account without further ado.

Deposit and withdrawal

We have already tested the deposit and withdrawal and both went seriously. Both the deposit and the payoff worked fine. Pay attention to the fact that cointiply often makes a “collective transfer”. Means: Almost all transfers are usually carried out on the weekend. For many, the payment is important, because the deposit is often seen by many providers, but there are also black sheep, which then do not allow the payment and withhold the money. This is not the case with cointiply. Our payout worked without problems without any problems.

cointiply withdrawal
Payout of 100,000 coins worked without problems.

Cointiply reputable?

Cointiply is and remains a Bitcoin Faucet and is not a bank account. Nevertheless, there will be a reason why cointiply is the biggest Bitcoin Faucet. It creates enormous trust, because everything worked perfectly in our test and the merit was perfectly fine. According to its own data, cointiply has already paid over $ 450,000 worth of bonuses and has nearly 700,000 registered users.

Well, we find above all the 5% interest you get from a credit of 35,000 coins. It’s tempting to deposit his bitcoins on cointiply. We advise you to be careful and not to deposit your entire balance on it.

cointiply payment
Our weekly interest credit works flawlessly and on time.

Register with Cointiply

To register with cointiply visit the site cointiply.com.

register with cointiply

You give your e-mail address, preferably one to which you have access. Some mails from cointiply include, for example, discounts for the creation of advertisements etc ..

Then you have to choose a name (can be a made up) and a password.

cointiply login

You are already logged in and can collect bitcoins for free.


Our experience has shown that the biggest Bitcoin Faucet offers many ways to earn free Bitcoins. We have earned between 50,000 and 80,000 coins a day. In our experience surveys are especially good at earning lots of coins in a relatively short time. Important: It is not enough, but it allows an additional income, which over time by the interest a little bit to self-run.

In fact, there are many more ways to earn cointiply free bitcoins. But it would go beyond the scope to list all in our test. We have selected the most relevant for our cointiply test.

We are satisfied with cointiply and will continue to use it. There are many fraudulent sites in the crypto-universe, but in our opinion cointiply is not.

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