15. June 2024

Buy Bitcoin: Safe with Paypal

Buy Bitcoin with Paypal

bitcoin paypal

When it comes to buying Bitcoins (BTC), one should pay particular attention to safety. Buying bitcoins is not that complicated and expensive. Many are unaware that you can buy Bitcoins and other cryptocurrency already with Paypal, it is nowadays you can easily buy these via Paypal. How does that happen we introduce you now. Buy bitcoins in minutes!

Bitcoin via PayPal benefits

✅ Buyer protection.

No transmission of bank data to the provider.

✅ PayPal only supports verified providers

✅ Transfer is practically just-in-time

Are you in a hurry and want to buy bitcoins right now?

Bitcoin and co. trade in a few minutes!

👉 First, you need a broker that allows deposits with PayPal. It should be careful to choose a known provider, which is regulated by the tax authorities and thus subject to deposit insurance.

So pay attention to this step in your election! We recommend to rely on proven brokers. For example, EToro* is one such.

At EToro* Sign Up Advantages:


👉 Without verification Bitcoins up to 2000 € can already be bought

👉 Accepts PayPal                                                                 

👉 12+ cryptocurrencies (not just Bitcoin!)

👉 Minimum deposit already 200€

👉 no wallet necessary for the bitcoins, you are not direct owners of btc rather you commit themselves to the development of the bitcoins and thus participate in the performance of the currency. That’s why they can prune and multiply your investment

Alternatively, you can also look at the big competitor Plus500* and see if this CFD broker suits your ideas better.

There are other recommendations on the Internet regarding the purchase of Bitcoin via PayPal. We do not recommend any other provider, as the providers attract lure advertisers with tempting offers, but unfortunately the customer himself a high fee. So please pay attention, regardless of which alternative you decide that you know about the amount of (transaction) costs. Anyone who has spent more time on cryptocurrencies will also have noticed how many new providers are coming to market and leaving just as fast. Therefore, our recommendation remains with major well-known and established providers to stay.

Do you want real bitcoins and co. own and do not rely on price fluctuations?

Then you have to buy the coins unfortunately without PayPal. Unfortunately, there is (still) no Exchange, where you can buy real Bitcoins with PayPal.

Confidential Exchange

You really want to own bitcoins and altcoins and do not know where to sign up to buy them? Our tip: Sign up for exchanges that have already proven they’re safe. For example, if a stock market is safe, you’ll learn if there were any reports of a successful hacker attack. Or, for example, how quickly a stock market reacts to problems.

The security of an exchange  is high among the companies that are long on the market and know exactly what they are doing. There have been quite a few hacker attacks on Exchanges. To minimize this risk, it makes sense to register with established companies. We recommend Coinbase* (currently you get $ 76 starting credit! Click here and learn how to get it) and Binance*.

Why these two? There has not been a single successful hack of the stock markets so far. The companies are the big players and have an enormous team, which immediately reacts to problems. In addition, the two Exchanges are a good combination. Because you can transfer the Coinbase purchased Bitcoins to the Binance account and buy almost all Altcoins.

Please note that you need a wallet for the coins. Of course you have the opportunity to leave the coins on the stock market, but there is a risk. The stock market could be hacked and your coins would be gone. So that you do not have the risk crypto-invest.io recommends a safe wallet. The safest wallet is the hardware wallet. If you want to get a wallet, then look at the common and safe. These are for example Trezor* and Ledger Nano*.