24. May 2024
Coinbase Anmeldung

Coinbase registration explained step by step

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When it comes to buying cryptocurrencies, Coinbase is usually the first port of call. Coinbase offers itself as it is a Fiat to Crypto Exchange. That means you can pay in euros here and thus acquire Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This is not as obvious as it may sound to one or the other. Most exchanges like Binance offer trading mostly between cryptocurrencies. That’s why Coinbase is an important resource for people who want to buy cryptocurrency in minutes. To make the registration process easier for you, we would like to introduce you to the necessary steps.

Coinbase registration in 6 steps

1. Register with Coinbase

To register at Coinbase visit the following website: www.coinbase.com. It is important that you log on to this official website. The official website recognizes her by the certificate on the left in front of the domain (Coinbase, Inc. [US]).

If you are on the website you click on “Get started”. A window will appear where you can register relatively quickly by choosing your name, e-mail address and a secure password. We recommend you to choose a longer password (at least 15 characters). In addition, a disjointed password with special characters and numbers would be the safest.

Coinbase registration

2. Validate confirmation mail

First you have to enter your name, e-mail address and a secure password. After confirming that you are at least 18 years old and have read the terms and conditions, you click on “Create account”.

Now you should receive a mail that you must confirm that it is indeed your e-mail address. If you do not find the mail right away, remember to check the spam order.

3. Confirm mobile number

In the next step, Coinbase asks you for your mobile number. You confirm this with an SMS code, which you will receive from Coinbase.

4. Confirm identity

Coinbase is a crypto exchange, which means that financial products are traded here. For this reason, Coinbase tries to keep the security as high as possible. To prevent identity theft or fraud, you must now confirm your identity. This is probably the most troublesome part for most people, but experience has shown that this part can also be completed in just a few minutes.

To prove your identity, you have the choice between an identity card, passport or driver’s license. You either take a photo of the document or scan it. It is important that both the front and the back are clearly visible.

Your submitted document will then be reviewed and approved by Coinbase. From experience, the process at Coinbase lasts less than an hour. Mostly, the exam will be confirmed to you a few minutes later.

5. Choose payment method

To already buy the first Bitcoins, you only have to choose the desired payment method. Here you have the choice between a regular bank transfer from your current account or the deposit via a credit card. We personally use the SEPA transfer. The money is usually received the next day.

Tip: If you are unsure whether to do everything right when transferring, then first try it with a small transfer, for example. in the amount of 1 €. If that works fine, then you can also transfer larger amounts of money without hesitation.

By the way, anyone who signs up via our link on Coinbase and invests at least $ 100 in digital currencies will receive $ 10 from Coinbase as a small bonus in Bitcoins!

In principle, with this step, you are verified enough to deposit money, trade cryptocurrencies, and make payouts.

6. Verify level 2

The current level of your verification would be Level 1 for Coinbase. But you can also verify at level 2 in just a few seconds. That can be really worthwhile!

coinbase registration

Benefits if you are also verified at level 2:

👉 You can use it at Coinbase Earn to receive cryptocurrency for free (currently total up to $ 146! Click here)

👉 You have no limits, so you can buy and sell unlimited cryptocurrencies

What is to be done for it?

All you have to do is state things like address or employer (which is not checked).

Level 2 verification is done in seconds, and you can claim for free coins and trade unlimited, so verification up to level 2 is recommended.

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