19. July 2024
Bondora Sign Up Bonus

Bondora Sign-Up Bonus 2022 : € 200 Bonus for Registration!

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With our exclusive Bondora Sign-Up Bonus Deal you can secure the currently best Bondora new customer bonus! Bondora has changed the terms and conditions since July 2020 and all new customers receive only € 5. But we want to share our commission with our readers! With our exclusive Bondora Bonus Deal you can secure 2% on all your deposits in addition to € 5 starting credit! On average, you will receive € 200 Bondora Bonus in addition to € 5 starting credit.

Bondora BONUS DEAL: Secure € 200 starting credit [EXCLUSIVE]

P2P loans are enjoying enormous popularity, and not without reason. The return surpasses the conventional financial institutions by worlds. In addition, offers such as Bondora’s GO & GROW offer investors a kind of overnight money alternative that more than half of Bondora’s investors use. P2P platforms are tightly regulated and provide an efficient collection process. One of the most popular P2P platforms is Bondora. We have already told you about our experiences with Bondora and are very convinced of this platform. 

Attention: Bondora has changed the bonus conditions since July 9th, 2020. All new customers only receive € 5 starting credit. BUT NOT WITH US!
We continue to give a 2% BONUS + 5 € to our readers!

Are you looking for a sign-up bonus for Bondora? You have come to the right place because we have this exclusively for crypto-invest.io readers. You receive a 2% bonus on the deposit and an additional € 5 as a starting bonus. At the moment, all advertisers only receive 5% and those referred get nothing or only receive 5 €. We would like to continue to give our readers the opportunity to receive an additional 2% bonus as before. And share our commission with you guys! We guarantee you will receive 2% of your deposited amount as a bonus!Bondora Bonus Prämie

The average amount invested at Bondora is € 2,500. If you take advantage of our bonus, it means that you will not only receive € 5 after registration, but also an additional € 50 bonus (2% of € 2,500). Your bonus would amount to an incredible € 55 if you invested € 2,500!

So you have it in your own hands how high your bonus is. The more you invest in the first 30 days, the higher the bonus. For example, with an investment of € 10,000, the bonus is € 200 + € 5 starting credit.


  • After registering via our link, you will immediately receive € 5 in your Bondora account. We receive a commission on the amount you invest in the first 30 days.
  • If you invest at least 500 €, you can write us a message and we will share the commission with you. You will receive a bonus of € 5 and an additional 2% bonus on all your deposits within the first 30 days
  • In order to be able to assign this, please write us an email to: info@crypto-invest.io with the subject Bondora Bonus Deal. The email should also contain your full name and the date of your registration. This is the only way we can pay you the due commission on time.

We will contact you as soon as possible and explain how to proceed.

We wish you a lot of fun with the deal and successful investing!

More than 120,000 investors have already joined Bondora. The platform grows enormously and records more and more records. The average investment total is € 2,500 and the average return of all investors is currently 10.2%.

If you do not have any investment experience then Bondora GO & GROW is for you. Here you are completely flexible, receive daily interest and get 6.75% interest. If you already have some investing experience or your 6.75% return is too low, you can also invest in loans with Portfolio Pro. You can get much higher returns, but be less flexible than GO & GROW.


However you decide, please be aware that the risk in this type of investment is higher than in the traditional bank. The investment can lead to a total loss. Whatever we think is unlikely at Bondora, but you should be careful about such an investment.

Bondora Bonus FAQ

What conditions do I have to meet to receive the bonus?
For this welcome bonus you only have to be a new customer at Bondora. It is important that you open your account using the link we have provided. This is the only way you are entitled to receive € 5 and an additional 2% bonus on your deposit. In addition, your investment should be at least € 500.
Why do I have to give my name?
We need your name, of course, to understand the bonus and to be able to pay you out.

Why do I have to enter my registration date?
We need the date so that we can pay you your bonus as early as possible.

What is the maximum Bonus I could get?
The maximum bonus that you can receive is € 200 and would be reached with an investment of € 10,000. You can of course invest more, but your bonus does not exceed € 200. The limitation of the bonus is based on the new General Terms and Conditions of Bondora, according to which the max. Unfortunately, the premium has been limited since July 9, 2020.

Siehe: https://www.bondora.com/en/referral-terms-and-conditions

What is the minimum amount to invest in general?
With Bondora you can invest from just € 1. In order to receive the 2% bonus on your deposit, you should have invested at least € 500.
How is my Bonus calculated?
You will receive the 2% as a bonus on the sum of all your deposits within the first 30 days after registration. You can only make one or any number of deposits within these 30 days.

When do I get my Bonus?
You will be credited € 5 immediately after registration.

We will pass the commission on to you as soon as possible. That is our top priority. After all, you put a little trust in us, and we want to give that back to you by keeping you up to date, responding to you within a few hours and ultimately paying out your commission as soon as possible.

However, the process of paying the commission has become longer since Bondora changed the terms and conditions. So we ourselves only receive our commission for the placement after 120 days.

How it comes?

According to the terms and conditions, our commission is paid 90 days after the calculation day (this is the day on which the commission is calculated, i.e. the first day after the 30 days after registration have expired). That means you have the opportunity to deposit money for 30 days. The commission is determined after 30 days and paid to us after a further 90 days.

When do we pay out?

We will pay your commission after 270 days. If you wish, we will always keep you up to date.

Why is it now 270 days?

Bondora reserves the right to claim back the paid bonus within 180 days of the payout. Since we do not know or control what you do with your Go & Grow credit and how it rates Bondora, we would take a risk if we pass the bonus on directly. In the meantime, a bonus that had already been paid out has been withdrawn from our Go and Grow account several times.

See: https://www.bondora.com/de/referral-terms-and-conditions

You see, here we both have to exercise patience.

By the way: As soon as you have received your commission from us, we would be very happy if you could leave a comment and let other users share your experience!

Does it matter whether I put the money in GO & GROW or invest it through the Portfolio Manager?
Yes, you will receive the bonus regardless of whether you invest it through GO & GROW or the Portfolio Manager.

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