22. April 2024

Freebitcoin Multiply BTC Trick 2022

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You can multiply Bitcoin in many ways. Probably you’ve just come across Bitcoin Faucet and started collecting Bitcoin for free and wondering if you can easily and automatically grow your Satoshi’s on freebitco.in? Yes you can, because with the Multiply this is possible. But here it is necessary to approach with strategy and not to make arbitrary adjustments. We’ll show you our Multiply Bitcoin trick with which we at freebitcoin have been able to make substantial profits so far.

What is freebitco.in?

Freebitcoin is one of several Bitcoin Faucets. It’s very popular because not only can you collect bitcoins every hour, but you can also participate in the lottery, make bets, and even collect 4.08% interest starting at an account balance of 0.0003 BTC. There are many more ways to earn even more Bitcoins on this site.

Multiply – Our settings for automated success

To multiply the bitcoin faster on freebitco.in, the Multiply is well suited as long as you approach the matter with strategy. We are interested in the possibility to run the Multiply automated to save time. There are enough people who deposit their bitcoins on freebitco.in just for interest. Although the interest rates for today are relatively high at over 4%, many of you are interested in further opportunities with the earned free Bitcoins. This profit could be achieved with the multiplier, but you must not be too greedy! In our experience, it makes sense to play something regularly rather than playing the multiplier all day long.

If you decide to deposit your bitcoins at freebitco.in, we recommend that you start with a relatively small amount if at all, to understand the system. If you manage to double 1 bitcoin, you shouldn’t be too greedy, although you will receive enormous additional bonuses for playing with the multiplier, but there is always the risk of total loss. Our tip: If you manage to multiply 1 Bitcoin, for example, so you can earn two from one Bitcoin. Then withdraw your deposited Bitcoin and only continue playing with the Bitcoin you have earned, so you have nothing to lose.

Now we will show you our preferences for multiplying Bitcoin. But please note: This trick does not work 100%. But in over 90% of the cases we have made profits. This is why we think it is useful to tell you about it. We recommend a small buffer of at least 5000 Satoshi’s to play with the Multiply. You can also deposit bitcoins on freebitco.in and collect additional interest. The larger the buffer, the higher your win rate will be.

Freebitco.in Settings 2022 – Manual

We have marked the important settings in the picture and go through them step by step.

freebitcoin multiply
1. Bet Odds

Here you set first instead of 2.00 to 1.40.

2. Bet on

Here we put either HI or LO, we would not choose ALTERNATE. We just set LO.

3. Stop betting after

Here you indicate when the bot should stop betting. The higher your buffer (account balance at freebitco.in), the higher the values ​​can be. We prefer the setting that the bot stops betting when a certain win has been made. For example, if you have an account balance of 0.00005000 BTC, then you can specify 500 Satoshi’s at Profit (0.00000500 BTC).

4. On Lose

Click on “ON LOSE” here. Then you cross “INCREASE BET BY”. Here it worked best with 380%. You then enter this.

5.  Randomize client seed

At the end we recommend you also to hack, so that the seed is always chosen randomly.

👉 Finished !

Now you can run the bot and collect winnings! We’re running the bot every day and have been able to get the most profits from the settings so far. We are talking about a period of more than half a year!

Try the settings and tell us about your results, we are curious!


Recommendation: The currently best alternative for call-money with 6.75% interest (can be withdrawn at any time)

82 thoughts on “Freebitcoin Multiply BTC Trick 2022

  1. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing! I’ve been looking for a strategy like this for literally months and it seems like no one ever wants to share what works. I just tried it doing only 20 rolls and made 537 sats!! Thank u so much for sharing your wisdom 🙂

    1. Thank you very much for your nice words!
      We are glad to hear, that this strategy helps you.

      We wish you much luck and all the best

      Valentin from crypto-invest.io

  2. Thanks for the strategy!

    A few questions for you:
    – Does the strategy work only with base bet = 1 sat?
    – Is there an optimal number of rolls for the strategy to work best (e.g. 100, 1000, 9999)
    – How many times per day do you play?

    1. Hi Gaetano,

      first of all thank you for your comment.

      About your questions:
      1. The strategy works also with different base bet, but in our opinion it is better so start with the lowest (1 sat)

      2. There is no optimal number of rolls, because it depends on your account value. For example: If you have about 1 BTC you can choose 10000 rolls with no problem. But if your value under 1 BTC you need to be more carefull because your buffer is less. So to come to a end: The more is your claue the more rolls you can choose.

      3. We actually play 2 times a day. Each time we play, we let the strategy works for few times, for that we select 1000 rolls.

      If you have more questions, you can ask any time.

      All the best,

      Valentin from crypto-invest.io

      1. Now, playing game multiply will seem to be easy. But in fact it’s so scary When your earn from the game and did not strategic for paly. It will be lost immediately. Even if you have more than 1 btc. Remind! You have not greedy when you win whatever bet you have to stop at once. Nowadays server service on website have AI bot to control log for each of users. Although sever game announced the game quite Fair.
        Mutilplay x loss rate BET FUND 20x accumulated loss BTC
        BET 100X20Times 1.048576 49484.52 $ 1.048576
        BET 50X20times 0.52428800 24742.26$ 0.52428800
        BET 10X20 times 0.1048576 4948.45$ 0.1048576
        BET 5×20 times 0.0524288 2474.23$ 0.0524288
        BET 2X20 times 0.02097152 989.69$ 0.02097152
        BET 1X20 Times 0.01048576 494.85$ 0.01048575

        Remind GAME FREE BIT COIN
        Bet 1 at a time is the safest.But bet 13th your aware if fail or missing
        1 0.00000001
        2 0.00000002
        3 0.00000004
        4 0.00000008
        5 0.00000016
        6 0.00000032
        7 0.00000064
        8 0.00000128
        9 0.00000256
        10 0.00000512
        11 0.00001024
        12 0.00002048 0.00004095
        13 0.00004096 0.00008191
        14 0.00008192 0.00016383
        15 0.00016384 0.00032767
        16 0.00032768 0.00065535
        17 0.00065536 0.00131071
        18 0.00131072 0.00262142
        19 0.00262144 0.00524284
        20 0.00524288 0.01048575

        1. Do not write nonsense! What other bot? Their casino edge is 5% which is enough for you to lose. Other dice have 1% and you will lose quickly. They do not need to twist anything, no one has yet been able to deceive the theory of probability. Their zero zone is too big. In fact, you can play at least the whole day and win 1 million satoshi, or you can take breaks a week and lose everything the first time. By default, there is a win or a loss, making many attempts you do not come close to winning, the percentage at a certain coefficient remains the same as it was initially, regardless of the number of losses. It is foolish to believe that after a long series, a win is more likely to fall. Their casino is honest and it has been proven for a long time, it’s just that their game is initially sharpened so that you lose in the long run. A smart person will find a way out, and an uneducated person will start accusing them of some kind of bots and a worldwide conspiracy, thereby not checking anything in practice and not providing reliable evidence of their fraud.

    1. Hi BTCMaster,

      we let the Multiply Strategy run 10-40 times in a row. It depends on how risky you are and how big the buffer is (i.e. the amount of BTC in the account).

      We play the whole thing twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Statistically, it shouldn’t make any difference when you play again, but from experience it works much better for us to play 10-40 times in the morning and afterwards in the evening.

      Hope i could help you.

      Valentin from crypto-invest.io

    1. Hi coco triche,

      thank you very much for your feedback.

      All the best,

      Valentin from crypto-invest.io

  3. It works. My question is:

    1. How many losses are you got?
    2. When is the good hour to play this?
    3. What does minimum amounts for using this trick?

  4. Thanks for this tip.

    A word of caution to others:
    Safest way to make profit is to avoid Multiply-game completely.

  5. Thanks for the trick but it didn’t work for me. It may be that my account is low or less than 5000 sats.

    1. Hi and thank your for your feedback.

      Yes i guess the balance is really low.

      I can tell you how i did it by myself. I took BTC worth about 100$, transfered them to freebitco.in and did about 30.000 Satoshi every day with this HI LO Game. Thats enough balance to make this amount of money. If your balance is low, so wait until you have at least 100.000 Satoshi and then make about 5.000 satoshi per day with the multiply game and you will have a lot of BTC after year.

      The higher your balance the more money you can do with the multiplier. But dont get greedy!

      All the best,

      Valentin from crypto-invest.io

  6. Hi,

    And thank you for sharing this. What formula did you use to determine that 380% is the most suitable option for increasing the bet? If I understand correctly, a higher percentage would result in few rolls but a higher amount wagered, correct?

  7. thanks for sharing, the method works when the highest daily wagerer amount is high the multiply uses large amount in betting … what i try to say we can lose in a row 1-4-16 … 12720 .
    On the other hand, when the amount is small the multiply does not reach this sum.
    Personally I have 250k satoshi and my highest daily wagerer does not exceed 40,000 sat and I win around 2500 / day and the biggest bet session is around 1060 sat

  8. Hi,
    This strategy seems to be working well.
    I would just like to ask a few things please.
    My balance is 25000 satoshi
    Therefore, leaving all the strings the same what would you say that I should put my profit figure at??
    I have run this twice today and have had the profit set at 500 satoshi, should I increase this??
    How many rolls should I put for this??
    How many times a day should I play this strategy??
    Please advise.

    1. Hi Sam!

      Thank you very much for your feedback.

      I would not increase your profit, to play safe. Try not to play to many times a day. In my opinion it is better to play continuously.

      Valentin from crypto-invest.io

  9. Hello,
    This is working really well for me, thank you for this strategy, it is really good.
    This morning I have run this strategy 20 times and my balance has gone from 25,000 satoshi to 47,000 satoshi.
    Thank you for this I just hope it keeps working like this for a long time.

  10. Hi,
    I have now got my freebitco satoshi to 50,000 satoshi.
    What I would like to ask is that I have this showing when I go to multiply btc:

    You are eligible for a bonus of 0.00391902 BTC for playing MULTIPLY BTC! Click here to claim your bonus.

    Would you advise me to take this and try the multiply btc to get this bonus amount?
    Please advise

    1. Hi again Sam!

      Wow very nice. You just doubled your balance!

      Well the thing with the bonus for multiply is that you have to wager it 25 times before you get the coins back. That means you are forced to play a lot. I personally am not a fan of it. I prefer to leave it because I have not had a good experience with it so far. I think I have a bonus of 0.3 BTC and still not accept it because it only leads to risky games.

      Hope I could help you.

      All the best,

      Valentin from crypto-invest.io

    2. Yeah, its going to be a lot of multiplying games, but its doable. I have never lost any of them.
      My strategy is easy.


      Bet odds : 2.4
      Bet on HI
      Profit I usualy take 10-100k
      On win – return to base bet
      On lose – increase bet by 90%.

      I would advise to have 100k balance first though.

      But yeah, I make like 600k-1m sat in a week!

  11. from your experience what’s the highest losing streak you can get with this set up? i have low balance so around 5 to 6 lose streak would drain all my satoshi.

    1. Hi first and thanks for the mail.

      I am happy to answer your question. So since it’s a game of chance, an infinite streak is theoretically possible. But practically not. Since we have been playing for years and have recently won 1.4 BTC, I can tell you exactly what was our highest streak. It was a losing streak of 14 times in a row.
      Although it is theoretically wrong, with every wrong number the probability of a correct number increases (in our experience).

      I will soon publish a detailed article on our 1.4 BTC win with 2 strategies we used.

      Best regards,
      Valentin from crypto-invest.io

  12. Do you have any suggestions for those who play manually besides martingale system? I have used autobet and the system has actually ignored my settings on many occasions, namely stop loss. One recommended setting bet at 2 Satoshis, odds at 2.5 and stop at a profit of 1 satoshi. On loss increase 100% You will typically get 3 satoshis or more. However one day the spin got to where I was down 16k satoshis and the next high number was a win where I should of received 40k in Satoshis but got 3 and it kept rolling from thereon. Customer support is downright rude and basically with screenshot offered no assistance.

    1. Hi there and thank you for your message.

      That is really strange about your situation…

      I am writing an article about our 2 strategies, how we won 1,4 BTC recently. There I will explain in detail what is necessary for the Martingale System to be successful. Please be patient a little longer 🙂

      All the best,
      Valentin from crypto-invest.io

      1. Hi crypto-invest.io,

        Your strategie works great thank you for that.

        I was wondering when you revele your other 2 strategies.
        Think you will share it white us?

        All the best

        1. Hi Johan,

          thanks a lot!

          I am really sorry for the delay. But hopefully we can finish this article this month!

          Crypto Invest

  13. Hey, so far it’s been working but I started getting greedy and began losing BTC. Is there a certain amount you set for the “stop betting after” for losses? I set it at 10% of my balance for both wins and losses but i feel that if I take it out for losses, I could actually end up making up my losses. Thoughts??

  14. Good strategy revelation is what you’ve got! Is over two weeks ago playing it.
    Is being working for me so far playing twice daily. With 0.00005000 min. Mornings and evenings. The profits grows steadily but slowly. Keep us posted when you make improved discoveries. Thanks for the good thinking and the work you’re doing. More power to your elbow

    1. Hi crypto hommie!

      We are working on the article. We will release it this week.

      Stay tuned!

      All the best,
      Valentin from crypto-invest.io

    1. Hi Miko!

      We are working on the article. We will release it this week.

      Stay tuned!

      All the best,
      Valentin from crypto-invest.io

  15. Hi. Thank you for the trick. I have 150,000 sats and run 3 times continuously with your settings. The third one is a bigger win, but after that I am too scared to do another cycle. Do you think I can actually do another run?

    I run continuously in morning then afternoon.

  16. I tried this and it worked for me so far for 2 days straight, I hope it will keep going like this. But of course I’m playing safe, since my balance is still low (10000 satoshi) and I stopped after I made 200-300 worth of satoshis. Thank you so much, please keep us updates for this!

  17. Hi.
    So, you give the example of betting one satoshi.
    If you bet only one satoshi with odds at 1.44, then you will not win on a winning roll as the formula you are putting in suggest .4 satoshi as a possible payout.
    Only under the increase of 380% to 3.8 satoshi would payout occur, and then a less than optimal 1.
    Multiply BTC is basic input output, and the explanation of the formula is hilariously similar to a snake oil salesman. Its fancy nomenclature oohs and ahhs is nothing more than a script. Doing one by hand would be the equivalent of quantitative analysis using multiplication and division–hardly quantum.
    You must bet at least 3 satoshi at 1.44 odds to receive any base win reward.

  18. Hello
    I wanted to tell you first of all congratulations on yours and its quality content.
    But I also wanted to ask you a few things about multiply:
    1) what browser do you use if I may ask
    2) if you delete the history
    3) if once the automatic bet is set then I simply click on star for 10-40 times as you said or exit and enter the site
    4) After trying the first time in the evening and it gave me a lot, but from the second and third times (of the following days) it always comes out very little, why?

  19. Hello well this strategy does work however when I earn quite a lot it loses quite a lot I dont know why maybe it’s a freebitco.in trick. Whatever I choose high or low it’s always wrong. What would you suggest if this happens?

  20. Tried this for two days and working well.
    Thank you so much sir.

    When is the article on your 2 strategies coming out?

    1. Hi mate,

      thank you for your feedback!

      I am really sorry for the delay. I hope we can finish this kind of article this month.

      Stay up to date and visit our site. Nice things coming next! 😉

      Crypto Invest

  21. First of all, thank you to share this strategy!

    I have few questions.

    Only the green marked settings sould be change? The others can stay basic? Example “On Win : Return to base set” is checked. “On hitting max bet win: Retun to base bet” is checked

    What is the stable minimum account balace what not too low to start/lose the game? 5000 satoshi with 1 satoshi bet is correct?

    Thank you for your patience! 🙂

  22. 2 of 5 rolls i got took for over 3k satoshi. Started with little over 100 usd with basically. 00002 worth. I used this it did win some. Nowhere near the talked about doubling coin. I had set the stop profit to 1001
    All the rest as the same as above article.
    Could be just hit random bad seed to settings. Yet still destroyed my little hundred bucks of bitcoin. It’s 1:46 am Monday 2/23/2021.
    Ive had no success at a steady strategy that will win consecutive.
    Best ive used was based on an article saying the further from the bet odds (2) more likely you loose.
    High bet was most favored. 1.99 used on win and loss original at 2
    1 satoshi for begin bet
    Profit stop at 100 sat
    Loss stop blank.
    On the win 49% increase
    1.99 odds
    On the loss 112%increase
    Odds 1.99
    Thus if your roll was on the low. The next win statistically stopped the bet being over 100 sat.
    From original 1 sat bet win
    Then increase of 49% being near .000000015
    Loose and bet is now .00000101 on the next roll as a win.
    But hey you could hit loss for loss and break a 2.99999999 bank in seconds.

  23. Thanks for this. It has worked for me.
    You say that you run it 10 – 40 times in a row.
    Do you mean that if you set it to stop at a profit of say 500 sats that once you have reached that and the auto-bet stops you start it again straight away?
    I have been just playing once and then stopping when it reaches the profit that I set.
    I am not sure how many times you can play in 1 day.

    1. Hey, have you tried more than once a day? For safety I’ve kept doing it once a day and it has worked so far, but I’m curious to know if I could do more

  24. Hi does your this still work.. I have transferred 33000 sat to freebitco.in .. would this work for me.. I’m really new so I don’t want to mess up..🤓👍

  25. This still works perfectly in 2021 , you just need some reasonable amount of Sat in your account.

    The 9999 roll script is available via

  26. I lost 0.01 satoshi on manual betting, but i earned back it all my lost balance. Thank you very much.

      1. Hello, mine was working and later took more than half of what I earned and told me to buy or deposit BTC to continue playing while I still have a balance of 0.0011

  27. Hi. Thank you for the strategy. I have a question..

    On step 5, what exactly do you mean “we recommend to “hack””?

    1. It has been working for me last month. From what I understand you only win after a LOSS bet. So, the more you are losing the more you’ll win on the next round (assuming you win of course).

      But I ask you to be careful with it, I’ve lost over 400000 satoshi being greedy…

  28. first time i win, but and then scond time i losss. and loss loss.
    but only loss 200 satoshi.i change stop being after to 100 satoshi. i think it work for a while, just dont deep pusssh it. just play only for a while.

  29. Best tricks and it’s working
    I have 0.00010255 satoshi then I am playing and I earn 0.00045,105 satoshi, but I play continuously and lost earned satoshi I have 0.00000000. You suggest me for playing timing and other strategy. I am ready for BTC deposit for multiply game.
    I m waiting for ur response.

  30. Hi,
    Thank you so much for this. Your technique is very interesting and I’m surprised that it works. How much do you usually set in the “Stop Betting after Loss?”

  31. My own strategie is you bet but all has to be wrong:)
    5x 0.00000001
    2x 0.00000008
    1x 0.00000032
    2x 0.00000064
    1x 0.00000256
    And then every time x3 👍 never lose

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