19. July 2024
cryptohopper in the test: experience and review

Cryptohopper Review: Experiences with the Bitcoin Trading Bot


$ 19 - 99



User friendliness









  • Low monthly contribution ✅
  • Demo version available for 7 days ✅
  • Payment in Paypal possible ✅
  • Algorithm and social trading possible ✅
  • Cloud-based (does not have to be installed on the computer) ✅


  • Monthly costs (even if low)
  • Free trading signals tend to be of poor quality
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Why we are writing a Cryptohopper review and our Cryptohopper experiences? Let me explain. Many people are looking for lucrative sources of income. Undoubtedly, cryptocurrencies can be such. But what happens if the price moves sideways or even falls for a long time? Many then let the coins just rest or sell in panic. Both are not ideal. A Bitcoin Trading Bot can provide the solution. This so-called crypto trading bot (not just bitcoin) run completely automatically. That means you can turn to other things and let the trading bot work. The interesting thing is that even in a bear market, this bot can make a good return on falling prices. A well-known trading bot is that of Cryptohopper. So let’s take a look at what our Cryptohopper review has shown and how our experience with the trading bot turned out.

Cryptohopper Review: How good is the Bitcoin Trading Bot?

Is Cryptohopper reliable?

➤ Crypto-invest.io has tested the bot. The bot is serious, there is nothing wrong with it.

➤ Cryptohopper is not a scam, all processes are very trustworthy

➤ Crypto-invest.io recommends the medium package, it is ideal for beginners in the price / performance ratio

You can test the bot here or read on and learn more about the trading bot

Bitcoin Trading Bot

There are many Bitcoin trading bots, so how do you choose one? There are some websites claiming that a particular return of xx percent is possible with the bot. Of course that is nonsense.

A Bitcoin Trading Bot is not a goldmine that will give you some return of xx percent. Do not be blinded by such promises!

Nevertheless, the Trading Bot can offer you a nice source of income. The return depends on many factors and can not be generalized. It is quite possible to make a lot of money with it and quite passively.

The risk of losing money is much lower in the Trading Bot than just holding the coins, because as already mentioned, money can be made well in the bear market. But again, invest only money, which you are willing to lose. Now let’s take a closer look at Cryptohopper’s trading bot.

Why Cryptohopper?

Cryptohopper is probably one of the most famous trading bots on the market. The operation is very easy and the entry to profitable trading could not be easier.

You have the possibility to “copy” strategies of experts and that fully automated. That means even the adaptation of the strategy makes the bot by itself. Especially if you try this for the first time it is difficult to decide on a specific strategy, so it might be of great benefit to profit from the experience of the professionals.

In addition, Cryptohopper is cloud-based, so your computer does not have to be on 24/7, as is the case with non-cloud-based providers.

You can also join “signal groups” and react to trading signals. The Trading Bot is thus particularly well suited for beginners.

If you want to learn how to trade yourself and get to know important trading indicators, you will find here the most important trading indicators.

Further, Cryptohopper can connect with almost all common Exchanges. For this, only the API key of the Exchanger with trading rights must be created and entered in Cryptohopper. This does not allow money to be sent to someone else.

Nice to know: The bot may only trade and not withdraw money or things like that. The connection to your crypto exchange is very secure.

If you do not have an account on an exchange then you can check out Coinbase* and Binance*. It is with the largest & safest stock exchanges. All of crypto-invest.io have had very good experiences with these exchanges.

What’s the price?

You pay at Cryptohopper monthly. There are 3 different packages to choose from. Moreover you have the chance to test Cryptohopper for 7 days for free. The price range of the 3 packages is between $ 19 and $ 99 monthly. Here are the prices in detail:

The packages therefore differ in the maximum number:

  • open positions
  • selectable coins
  • adjustable trigger (which is something like a condition that a trade is executed, e.g., increase in price over a certain limit)
  • and finally time intervals in which to be traded

Which package is best for you, you have to decide for yourself. The medium package worth $ 49 a month is pretty good on the price / performance ratio (compared to the competition and the cheapest package).

The medium package should therefore be completely sufficient for a normal. If you are still unsure, we recommend testing the bot for free first.

For professionals, the pro version is certainly worth $ 99, anyone who is not one of them, the medium version is enough.

Tip: We have written a detailed article for you about the settings at Cryptohopper. Find out here how you can easily configure the bot.

crypto-invest.io tests cryptohoppers

Crypto-invest.io has tested the trading bot of Cryptohopper. The pro package was used for $ 99 for this test because we can trade the most coins here and build a lot of positions. At first we had set the strategy multiple technical analysis, as a sell signal we had set Stoch RSI, RSI and Bollinger as required. This procedure was so acceptable, but not perfect, as it turned out later. Although we had a yield of 3.77% after 4 days, the indicators stood in each other’s way.

That’s why we changed the settings afterwards. We joined several “signal groups” and received very complex settings. At least on the first day of recruitment it was possible to make a return of 4.39%. Not bad at all! 

The further weekly average was then about 4% daily. In our experience 1-2% are really easy to reach, if you get a reasonable package and at least free signals to trade. Does not sound like much for you? But that’s not so much. It’s quite a bit, if you keep it that way throughout the year, you can soon retire!

Example what is possible with $ 1000 investment

Small calculation example at the end (taxation is omitted in this example for reasons of simplification).

So you invest 1000$ and then you gain for example 1% daily. After a year your  compound interest is whopping your invest to 37.783,43$. That’s amazing! Not to mention what you could get out of it, you should create a higher return per day than 1%. But it is questionable whether it is possible to keep such a return constant over months or perhaps years.

What about the tax?

Are you worried about the tax if you decide to trade? There are now good ways to track the trades. Our tip is to use cointracking.info*, if you click on the link you will receive 10% on all account upgrades. Cointracking.info puts you together with a tax report, which you can use for the tax return.

At the end should be pointed out again, pay attention to your money! Invest only what you are willing to lose, because the risk of losing capital also remains with trading, even if you can minimize it.

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