19. July 2024
kostenloses Bitcoin Mining mit CryptoTab Browser

Bitcoin Mining for Free – CryptoTab Browser explained

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A very popular option that not many know about is the Free Bitcoin Mining. But how do you get the free bitcoins and what is the best way to earn free bitcoins?

Free Bitcoin Mining explained

Simply said, bitcoins are created by computers acknowledging bitcoin transactions. For this confirmation, the so-called “miner” receive Bitcoins as a reward. This process is called mining. Classic mining looks like people are getting powerful computers to confirm transactions. But for quite some time, so-called cloud mining is possible. One rents computing power from a pool of computers. This mines the bitcoins for one. You rent, as it were, a part of a giant computer network. This can be anywhere in the world. However, this process also costs money.

But there is an insider tip: It is possible to mine bitcoins completely free of charge. This is done with the Crypto Tab Browser. This browser uses your computer capacity to mine bitcoins. You don’t have to do anything more than download the browser and continue surfing normally. The browser is extremely fast, so you will not notice any limitation in the performance of your computer.

Crypto Tab Browser

You can also invite friends and earn a part of the scraped Bitcoins of your friends. It can be worth it as soon as you have some friends who follow the whole thing as well as you.

In our experience, about $ 5-10  per month are possible if you do not have any friends who also use the browser via your own invitation link. You can have your “income” calculated on the page. According to the website you earn up to $ 40.000 per month already with 5 friends. Because you co-earn over 10 levels.

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