15. June 2024

Brave Browser user count reaches 8 million

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On 16.10.2019 announced the provider via social media that the number of users has now risen to 8 million. The BAT token-based browser platform thus achieves another important event.

Braves new highlight

According to the own published blog post not only the active user number rose to 8 million, but also the daily active number of users increased to an amazing 2.8 million.

In addition, there are now over 290,000 registered publisher Brave. So content creators, whom one can donate with BAT “tip”.

Why is Brave Browser so popular?

The company behind Brave Browser writes the privacy of users very large. This looks like Brave users will not be annoyed by annoying ads and any tracking and cookies will be automatically blocked. That makes tools like AdBlocker useless. In addition, users have the option of one-click surfing through the Thor Browser, which offers complete anonymity (with IP obfuscation).

But not only the benefits for privacy seem to attract so many users, but it is probably the opportunity to earn money with mere surfing. Yes, right, users of Brave not only surf faster, they are also rewarded for surfing. If desired, the option can be selected that pop-ups appear at predefined intervals. These do not even have to be clicked on. You get credited to each pop-up BAT token (Brave own crypto currency). So come together a few euros a month. Certainly not much, but another advantage speaks for Brave Browser.

Direct contact between content creators and consumers

In the present time, many see the monopoly position of Google and Facebook very critical, so a way out is very much sought after. Brave offers such a way out. You can reward a publisher for his content without a “stopover”, if you want to. In concrete terms: If you read something useful on a website, for example, you can take the BAT token you have received and treat it to the publisher as a “tip”.

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