19. July 2024
Stellar Lumens

Stellar Lumens Airdrop: 2 billion XLM will be given away

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Through Twitter, the Foundation announced behind Stellar Lumens that they will distribute 2 billion XLM to users of the Keybase platform. The fair value of Stellar’s biggest airdrop amounts to an incredible $ 120 million. Incredible $ 400 per person will be distributed!

Details about the Airdrop

Keybase is a not so small platform designed for team chat. The users of the platform receive the said 2 billion XLM distributed over 20 months. There is good news for those who were / were users of Keybase even before the announcement, because only these are entitled to receive XLM.

Incredible $ 400 payout per person!

Amazing to note is the reduction of Airdrops per person. Depending on the source, 300,000 to 400,000 users are currently registered with Keybase. If you now the $ 120 million by the number of users of the platform partly so come out $ 300- $ 400 per person (at current price of $ 0.06 per Coin)! An unbelievable amount, but distributed over 20 months.

However, this remarkable Airdrop is firmly committed for the first 3 months, after which Stellar will evaluate the Airdrop and open the way forward.

Why does Stellar do that?

Apparently Stellar wants to push the adaptation further and invests enormously in this project. Previously it was already possible to get $ 50 in XLM at Coinbase. But the current approach far exceeds the Coinbase Earn campaign.

It remains to be seen whether this procedure actually helps with the adaptation of the coin, or does not lead to a dump of the price …

Attention: If you plan to sign in to Keybase now, you can save it. All registrations made after this Airdrop announcement are unfortunately in vain. The new users go out empty. If you have not already done so, you can get XLM at Coinbase for free.

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