22. April 2024
Bondora Gewinnspiel

Bondora raffle: € 25,000 will be raffled!

The popular P2P provider Bondora launches a huge raffle where there will be several winners. A total of 25,000 € will be raffled. The terms of participation are very simple: Invest in the promotion period. In addition, new customers expect an extra bonus.

The Bondora raffle

Bondora is growing more and more and wants to accelerate its growth. With meanwhile more than 80 thousand active investors and an average investment of € 2,500, the average return is 10.7% (Source: Bondora).

Those who invest in the pre-Christmas period will automatically take part in the raffle. A welcome opportunity for those who wanted to try Bondora or invest anyway monthly. 1000 € will be raffled for the next 13 weeks. In addition, there will be a main winner of the so-called “platinum price”. This winner will receive 1000 € every month for 12 months, so a total of 12,000 € will be transferred to his Bondora account. A nice incentive to invest in the future.

Currently new customers receive 10 € start credit. The first 5 € are directly after the registration and another 5 € are, if at least 1000 € were invested. If you want to get this start credit and participate in the competition, then click here.

Conditions of participation

There are virtually no requirements. You just have to sign up and invest money. Participation is already valid from an investment of 1 €.

Tip from Bondora: The faster you invest, the higher your chances of winning.

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