24. May 2024
Bondora record

Bondora loan-retrieval in October 4% higher

Bondora continues to evolve and become more efficient. Not only the number of investors increases massively also fundamentally data such as the recovery rate increases significantly. Bondora’s loan repayments, that same recovery rate, may be a signal of more confidence in Bondora’s loans.

Bailiffs drive 4% more than in the previous month

In October 2019, 42,319 payments were withdrawn, which is around 3.7 percent more than in September. Most of the returns reached the bailiffs with a plus of 4 percent. A total of € 485,274 was confiscated.

Bondora loan win

From the feeling we would say that in September comparatively many payments had failed in our portfolio. However, October was a very good month, so we had a much higher recovery rate from October. This is also evident in our own statistics.

Bondora recovery

Our account has a recovery rate of just under 20% and this has so far continued to increase. What we’re trying to show is that Bondora’s drive for efficiency is actually directly reflected. This development will certainly increase confidence.

In addition, the trend can be seen ready for about 2 years, as the graph of Bondora shows.

Bondora recovery

Although the trend from 2014 to 2017 was rather negative, it has been positive for 2 years. But even more interesting: from 2014 to 2017, it fell by a few percent, whereas from 2019 it increased by double-digit percentages. Recently, the recovery rate increased from 45.61% to 63.85%.

The P2P provider Bondora is on the rise. More than 85,000 investors use the overnight alternative with 6.75% or invest in loans themselves and have an average return of 10.9%. You are not registered with Bondora yet? Then you can do that now and get 10 € starting credit*.

*5 € will be given directly after registration and another 5 € will be credited to the account after 30 days if more than 1000 € have been invested.

In Spain, the recovery rate has increased to almost 90%, reaching its highest level ever. Whether the relatively well-yielded Spanish loans are now even more attractive? At least this development creates a better sense of security. Maybe it could encourage some investors to invest in Spanish loans and tap into a higher risk premium.

Source: bondora.com

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