19. July 2024
Bondora record

Bondora GO & GROW record: Over 15 million euros invested!

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Bondora broke a record for the second consecutive month. Bondora’s efforts now seem to be paying off. The number of investors is rising almost exponentially and this is now also reflected in the investments made on Bondora. In total, more than € 20 million was invested in a single month in the month of October 2019. A remarkable achievement and just another proof that Bondora is doing a lot right.

One record after another

Only recently was the record broken with 10 million investments per month. But October 2019 surpasses this record. In October, € 20,611,382 was invested, of which € 15,796,523 alone in the popular package GO & GROW. Thus, the investment volume of GO & GROW recorded an increase of more than 40% compared to the previous month! It seems that more and more people are looking for an alternative to their call money account and have found a way with GO & GROW.

Popularity of GO & GROW

Due to the low-interest-rate policy, many investors have no choice but to take some risk in order to generate a return. The Bunds give negative interest rates, banks demand from customers money, that they store their savings on the bank. If you want to know more, you are welcome to read our article about the current interest-free yield.

The way out?

Alternative investment options such as P2P loans. This is where Bondora comes in, because Bondora has created an actual alternative to daily and fixed money, namely the popular product GO & GROW. What is so special? It offers maximum flexibility, because you can always withdraw your money partially or completely. In addition, interest is credited daily and you have a tax advantage. This arises from the fact that taxes are only due when you withdraw more money than you have deposited. Apparently, it is also the criteria that investors are looking for. The number of investors is rising rapidly and does not seem to stop. More than 85,000 active investors with an average investment of € 2,500 have already invested and are earning a return of 6.75% on GO & GROW.

It remains to be seen how Bondora will perform in the heavy load. At the moment, there are no difficulties in terms of good credit. The question remains whether Bondora can cope with the great demand of investors.

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