15. June 2024
Bondora App

Test Bondora APP for GO & GROW – Be fast

Another milestone is being targeted by Bondora. The speech is nothing short of an app for the much sought-after product GO & GROW. The interest of the community in such an app has been around for a long time. Bondora wants to meet the needs of investors and first published the beta version of the app. For now, not everyone is allowed to use this app. How you can claim their use, we explain now.

Bondora GO & GROW

The basic idea of ​​Bondora is to offer a simple opportunity for the broader population to invest. Bondora uses this idea primarily with the very popular product “GO & GROW”. Well over half of all investors use GO & GROW. No wonder it seems, because investing is made very easy and the return can also be seen. Thus one achieves an annual yield of 6.75%, whereby the interests are credited daily. Bondora has opened the doors for all sections of the population to invest, because this product does not require special financial expertise.

At GO & GROW you do not invest directly in certain loans – you practically invest money with Bondora and Bondora takes care of everything else. In other words, Bondora invests in loans on its own and pays interest at 6.75% per annum.

Although GO & GROW is a very simple and user-friendly investment opportunity, in today’s digital world, an app is probably essential. With an application, the investment can be even easier to operate, even on the go.

GO & GROW app

Bondora has announced on 15.11.2019 to release a beta version of the GO & GROW app before the end of 2019. This app will initially only be available to a select group of people. In fact, 1000 investors will be given the opportunity to test the app before the final version of this application appears accessible to all.

The P2P provider Bondora is on the rise. More than 100,000 investors use the overnight alternative with 6.75% or invest in loans themselves and have an average return of 10.9%. You are not registered with Bondora yet? Get 2% BONUS on your deposit now! In additional you will get 5€ after the registration.

That will be the app

For the time being, the application will show the total balance of GO & GROW, how much money you have deposited and how much you have already earned. It’s not much, but Bondora has already announced that additional features like depositing money or withdrawing money (and other features) will also be integrated from 2020 onwards.

Be quick if you want to test the app

The beta version will be tested by 1000 investors before it will be final for everyone. Thus, Bondora can catch up with further feedback and optimize the app even further. To be able to test the app you have to be fast. You do not have to do any more than enter your email address.

After registering with the email, you will receive an email that you (if you are fast enough) have secured your place to test the app. Then it’s just waiting, because Bondora will contact you independently.

In addition, Bondora is giving away € 250 to one of the testers.

Once we are unlocked for the app, we will report about you features.

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