19. July 2024

Bondora experiences after 6 months – 25% return

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It’s been over 6 months since we started using Bondora. That’s why it’s time to update our Bondora experiences. If you want to assess a P2P platform, the long-term balance is all the more important. So let’s take a look at how our balance sheet has developed after over 6 months of Bondora experience. One thing we can tell you, we are still among the top 100 investors on Bondora.

Current status of revenue

Bondora Account value

As always, like our Bondora, we have experience with an up-to-date level of revenue.

Our account value is currently 4.784 € and so it is just over 2433 € more than in our last update after 3 months. Since the last update we added 2100 € to the account. In total, we have generated interest of € 248 so far. In the previous update after 3 months it was only 49 € of interest. So in about 3 months after our last update we received 199 € of interest on top. 

Bondora Top 100 Investor – XIRR has fallen slightly

Bondora XIRR english

The XIRR (Extended Internal Rate of Return) is the measure that interests us as investors the most. Although the gross yield is just as interesting, it is much more interesting to know how high the actual return is after loan defaults, etc., so the XIRR is a very important measure of the value of the return. In the meantime, our XIRR, that is our net yield, was a whopping 28.36%. In our experience, it is usually after taking out the loans so that they run the first months, above all, quite well and only then sometimes comes to arrears.

Nothing to complain about: Even after 6 months, we are above the 25% and achieve a return of 25.06%. We are very satisfied with that. Our ultimate goal was to achieve more than 20% of the actual return. Surely you can not make that return by using only GO & GROW, which gives you 6.75% interest, but remains fully flexible. Nevertheless, we also use GO & GROW for our portfolio.

Still Top Investor at Bondora

After 4 months, we have already managed to be listed among the top 100 investors for returns on Bondora. What is the development after 6 months? We were able to maintain our position in the top 100 despite the slight decline in the yield. At the moment we are in the 80th position of the investors after yield. Previously, we had managed to finish in 67th place.

Bondora Top Investor

From an adjusted 25% return, Bondora is one of the top investors. At the moment, according to the illustration, around 2.2% of investors achieve this.

Do you have to choose only loans with the highest risk in order to possibly become top investor? Clearly: NO.

Bondora Loan rating

In the above presentation, our credit rating is very high. As you can see, the greenish part is about 1/4 of the whole portfolio. And these are all very well rated loans ie AA, A, B and C. Really high-risk loans (ie red and orange) are even slightly less than 1/4 of the portfolio.

So it is not necessary to take only high risk loans! Much more is a balanced portfolio with a clear strategy of the benefit of our experience. Which Bondora strategy we will follow you in the near future.

The P2P provider Bondora is on the rise. More than 85,000 investors use the overnight alternative with 6.75% or invest in loans themselves and have an average return of 10.9%. You are not registered with Bondora yet? Then you can do that now and get 10 € starting credit*.

*5 € will be given directly after registration and another 5 € will be credited to the account after 30 days if more than 1000 € have been invested.

Development of the monthly cash flow

As some of you already know, our optimistic goal is to build $ 1000 monthly cash flow at Bondora. It does not seem like impossibility to invest a fortune. But with such a high return, it can also develop very quickly over a few years.

How has our cash flow developed compared to the first 4 months? For December 2019 an amount of € 67.03 is forecast. However, from experience, the actual amount will be lower. Nevertheless, we are getting closer and closer to our first stage goal of getting € 100 monthly in interest.

Bondora Cashflow Dezember 2019

We believe it is realistic to earn around 400-500 € per month by the end of next year, ie in 2020, which is exactly the same as the income from a part-time job. But are optimistic to be able to generate additional income beyond.


The development could almost not be better. Although the yield has fallen slightly, but it is so high that you can only rejoice about it. All in all, it’s fun to invest in Bondora. Our Bondora experiences are always positive even after 6 months. It is important to address critical issues too, but so far we have been very positively impressed. In our opinion, Bondora does a very good job. Last but not least, this can be seen in the development of the collection of arrears.

Nevertheless, we will continue to monitor development critically. After all, we are interested in the long-term development of our portfolio. Only after some time will the quality of our loans be revealed. But as long as we keep our returns above 20%, we are very positive and optimistic about the future.

If you are interested in the popular GO & GROW product and would like to learn more, we recommend that you visit the GO & GROW Guide by Bondora to learn more about the GO & GROW product.

We wish you a lot of success and fun investing.

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