24. May 2024
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BlackRock invests in crypto – 11% stake in DASH

It’s a small sensation because, amazingly, the world’s largest asset manager invests in crypto. More specifically, BlackRock invests in DashNeptune, the largest stake in which Dash Masternode acquires companies.

What is Neptune DASH?

With Neptune Dash you can participate in the Masternode network without owning a master node. This can be the Neptune Dash Technologies share (WKN: A2JCAL) purchase. The value of this stock largely depends on the monthly rewards from the Masternode Network. In this way companies, without having the technical know-how, can participate in Krypto by acquiring these shares. By the way, the company keeps for a long time not only Dash, but a number of crypto currencies (including Bitcoin (BTC), NEO, QTUM, etc. read here).

According to a blog post by Dashnews, BlackRock now owns 11.47% of that stock, more than Fidelity (10%). As a result, investment companies own approximately 21% of Neptune Dash. But that could only be the beginning, if such a great player has just made the beginning. After all, BlackRock is the largest asset manager in the world with almost $ 6.8 trillion. So it could still make big waves.

At the time of writing, the stock shot up 17.69% on a daily basis. (Source: wallstreet-online.de)

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Is that just the beginning?

In early 2018, there was a very cautious opinion of BlackRock. So it was said that the market was not mature enough yet. In the middle of the year 2018 BlackRock heard that a separate team had been put together to check if it might be worth getting started in BlackRock. It seems like the time has come for BlackRock to recognize the opportunity. Would a crypto ETF be the next step from BlackRock? After all, BlackRock is the parent company behind the ETF provider iShares.

Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, said in 2018 that a crypto ETF is not out of the question. It would be considered if the market becomes “legitimate”. Is the market perhaps already “legitimate”? What could be the next steps for BlackRock? A Bitcoin ETF has always been hotly debated and seen as the market breakthrough. The investment in Neptune Dash may point in this direction, but it remains questionable why BlackRock does not operate a masters’ market, instead of investing in a company. It’s clear that Larry Fink will surely know what he’s doing.

The move certainly has a positive effect on the crypto-ecosystem. Finally, institutional investors are eagerly awaited by the crypto community.

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