15. June 2024

Orchid (OXT) for free at Coinbase – Coinbase Earn Coins

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Again there is a new coin for free at Coinbase: Recently Orchid (OXT) has been available free of charge from Coinbase. In total, you will receive up to $ 52 of Orchid free. With additional free coins such as EOS, BAT or XLM, a whopping $ 204 are now available free of charge from Coinbase and all in a few minutes. How to get Orchid and what the correct answers to the Orchid quiz are in this article.

Get Free Orchid (OXT): You have to do that

Did you want to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum? Then it is worth making the purchase at Coinbase all the more. The exchange is not only one of the largest and most reliable exchanges, it also offers customers the opportunity to receive free coins. Free coins or money is always a very interesting thing. In the past, you could get a number of coins for free from Coinbase. From now on Orchid (OXT) is also available free of charge. The previously unknown coin allows participants to receive coins of up to $ 52 free. You can either leave the coins on Coinbase or convert them immediately into Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. You can find out how to convert here.

To receive Orchid, you first have to answer three questions about the coin correctly and invite friends to earn free coins as well.

Tip in advance: In order to claim free coins at Coinbase smoothly, you should be level 2 verified. To do this, click on “Account levels” under “Settings” and carry out level 2 verification. Experience has shown that you end up on the waiting list. After about a day you can claim the free coins.

Back to Orchid: As soon as you have registered / registered with Coinbase you go to “earn crypto”.

coinbase tezos

You can already see all the cryptocurrencies that you can get for free. And Orchid has also been included recently.

Coinbase earn Orchid (OXT)

Now you click on “start course”. After that you have to go through 3 lessons. That means you have to watch short videos (2-3 mins) about Orchid (OXT) and then answer questions in the quiz. If you want to speed up the process, read on and get the right answers to the questions asked to get $ 4 for each question, for a total of $ 12. (Time expenditure approx. 1-2 minutes)

These are the right answers

1. What is Orchid?

a) A new service for connecting crypto wallets and banks

b) A peer-to-peer privacy tool

c) A fast way to send and receive Bitcoin

d) A video game built on Ethereum

e) A decentralized finance (“defi”) application

Answer B


2. What do you need to use Orchid?

a) A basic understanding of computer programming

b) Experience writing smart contracts

c) The OXT token, a Web3 wallet, and the Orchid app

d) At least 0.05 BTC

e) A personal blog or website

Answer C


3. What’s one way that Orchid keeps data private?

a) By collecting payments via credit card

b) By using ASIC-resistant mining algorithm

c) Support for multihop configurations between bandwidth providers

d) By using satellites and undersea cables

e) By using virtual reality to obscure your identity

Answer C

Invite friends and get another $ 40

If you want to get another $ 40, you can invite friends. For every invited friend who also uses Orchid free coins, you will receive $ 10 and you can invite up to 4 friends. After answering the questions and successfully inviting your friends, Orchid will give you a total of $ 52.

If you are not yet registered with Coinbase, you will receive an additional $ 10 if you buy crypto for at least $ 100. Ideal if you plan Bitcoin and co. to acquire.

The Coinbase Earn concept

With Coinbase Earn, the user should be able to view information about coins via Coinbase and will be rewarded for this. Specifically, it’s about watching videos about the coins, getting to know the concept and getting a certain proportion of the coins for free. After each video you can answer a short question and get cryptocurrency.

Previously it was possible to get XLM, BAT, EOS, DAI and Tezos for free. Orchid is now also available for authorized persons. Coins with a value of $ 204 are currently available for free. Want to know how to get the remaining $ 152? Then click here.

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