15. June 2024
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Cointiply Bonus: Earn 7% more by completing offers

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The biggest Bitcoin Faucet is celebrating its 2nd birthday! To celebrate the day, all users receive 7% more for 7 days when taking surveys and other offers.

Bitcoin Faucet Cointiply: How does it work?

A Bitcoin Faucet is an ideal way to get some free Bitcoins. At Cointiply, you can solve a captcha once an hour and receive a reward in the form of bitcoins. In addition, you can complete surveys, test games, watch videos and much more and are also rewarded for this in bitcoins. In our experience, an hourly wage of around $ 15 is possible. So you don’t become a millionaire, but you can still earn a lot.

In addition, from 0.00035 BTC account interest of 5% is received. These are credited weekly.

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Unser Kontostand und Zinsen

You can also play HI LO games and thus multiply your bitcoins. However, you should handle it carefully, as it can also go wrong. If you want to be on the safe side, use the Faucet and answer surveys, test games etc.

The Cointiply Bonus: 7% for 7 days more!

If you consider that some surveys offer 10,000 Satoshis (Bitcoin cent amounts) for approx. 10 minutes and you now get 7% more until February 6th, 2020, then instead of $ 15 an hour you now get about $ 16 an hour for a short time , It’s not much more, but it’s nice if you are already looking to collect as many coins as possible.

It is therefore worth answering as many surveys as possible in the coming days. Beginners also get the 0.00035 BTC very quickly, in order to collect interest.

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