15. June 2024

Gunbot | Trading Bot experiences & results

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Many people are looking for lucrative sources of income. Undoubtedly, cryptocurrencies can be such. But what happens if the price moves sideways or even falls for a long time? Many then let the coins just rest or sell in panic. Both are not ideal. A Bitcoin Trading Bot can provide the solution. This so-called bot acts cryptocurrency (not just bitcoin) completely automatically. That means you can turn to other things and let the Trading Bot work. The interesting thing is that even in a bear market, this bot can make a good return on falling prices. A well-known trading bot is the Gunbot. This raises the question, among other things, which specific return is expected. You will find an answer, because we tested the bot and looked at what is possible!

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Gunbot: One of the best known Bitcoin trading bots in the test

Is Gunbot trustworthy?

➤ Crypto-invest.io has tested the bot. There were no problems

➤ Gunbot is not a scam, all processes are very trustworthy, the software has beed around since 2016

➤ Crypto-invest.io recommends the “Pro Edition“, it is ideal for beginners in the price-performance  ratio and currently for 0.15 BTC instead of 0.24 BTC (37.5% savings)

➤ You can test the bot here or read on and learn more about the trading bot

Trading Bot

There are many Bitcoin trading bots, so how do you choose one? There are some websites claiming that a particular Redite X is possible with the bot and the bot. Of course that is nonsense. A Bitcoin Trading Bot is not a goldmine that will give you some Redite X. Do not be blinded by such promises! Nevertheless, the Trading Bot can offer you a nice source of income. The return depends on many factors and can not be generalized. It is quite possible to make a lot of money with it and quite passively.

Why Gunbot?

👉 Long in the market, has already built a foundation of trust and community

👉 Support 24/7 (can be worth some gold in some moments)

👉 15 different ready-made methods to trade


👉 Lifetime license

👉 Gunbot offers amazing and helpful add-ons

👉 Gunbot is suitable for both beginners and advanced traders

👉 Software runs on Windows, Mac and also on Linux

What experience do other users report?

At least on their own website, there are over 70 reviews only a 3-star rating, the rest are mostly 5-star ratings and isolated 4-star ratings. It seems that the bot is getting more popular from the community. How reliable such reviews are on the manufacturer side, however, is questionable.

We looked at the German-speaking forums, here especially Coinforum. We read through the threads on Gunbot and found almost nothing negative. Most reports how much return they have achieved. Here is a section:


Little update:

At the end of march I put another 0.5 BTC on Polo for my test. Stand today …. 2.05 BTC at a total of 0.95 BTC

The remarkable result also results from the fact that I deposited a few ETHs in April and that they also multiplied very well through the bot.

Meanwhile, there is a separate website for the Bot, where this is presented in detail and all relevant topics are discussed.

Happy trading for everyone….

When there were difficulties, these were usually difficulties in hiring the bot.

What’s the price?

Gunbot offers its bot in three different packages:

➤ Gunbot v.12 Standard (0.1 BTC, currently 50% off)

➤ Gunbot v.12 Pro (0.15 BTC, currently 50% off)

➤ Gunbot v.12 Ultimate (0.25 BTC, currently 60% off)


The packages differ in number:

➤ Number of trading platforms (exchanges) that can be used simultaneously

➤ Number of add-ons available

In our opinion, the “Pro” package is already enough to be productive. With the “standard” package, we are bothered by the restriction of the choice of only one stock exchange. If you want something more professional, you can not avoid trading on several exchanges (for example, arbitrage trading is also possible).

Tip: If you would like to have the Tradingview add-on, but the package “Ultimate” is too expensive for you, you can also create a free account on Tradingview. 👉 Tradingview Account for free

How to pay GunBot?

Gunbot is one of the most popular and well-known trading bots. The only drawback that could be mentioned is the payment of the bots exclusively in Bitcoin. On the other hand, most of those who trade crypto probably have Bitcoin as well. If you do not own Bitcoin, you can buy Bitcoin from Coinbase. If you are unsure when signing up, we have a step by step guide for you.

What about the tax?

Are you worried about the tax if you decide to trade? There are now good ways to track the trades. Our tip is to use cointracking.info*, if you click on the link you will receive 10% on all account upgrades. Cointracking.info puts you together with a tax report, which you can use for the tax return.

At the end should be pointed out again, pay attention to your money! Invest only what you are willing to lose, because the risk of losing capital also remains with trading, even if you can minimize it.

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