19. July 2024

HaasOnline: Bitcoin trading with HaasBot in the test!

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HaasBot is one of the best known Bitcoin trading bots on the market. Bitcoin trading bots are great for building passive revenue streams. Why? Because these bots are automated for you. This makes trading bots an ideal passive source of income. Trading cryptocurrency has the advantage that it is more volatile than standard financial products such as stocks. That means the price fluctuations are stronger and happen in less time. Let’s take a closer look at HaasBot and see if HaasBot could be a scam or a reliable trading bot.

HaasBot: One of the most popular Bitcoin trading bots in the test

Is HaasBot serious or a SCAM?

➤ Crypto-invest.io has tested the trading bot. The bot is serious, there is nothing wrong with it.

➤ HaasBot is not a scam, all processes are very trustworthy (deposit and withdrawal work fine)

Crypto-invest.io recommends the package “Simple”, it is ideal for beginners in the price / performance ratio

You can test the bot here or read on and learn more about the trading bot

If you read through the internet opinion on the HaasBot so you come across many positive reviews, but also a single negative rating found. This article should clarify whether HaasBot can be recommended, or whether you should keep your hands off it.

Why trading bots at all?

The fact that a trading bot can tirelessly trade for you overnight is only one advantage of a trading bot. Bots like HaasBot can be very valuable, especially for new traders. For a crypto novice, the sheer volume of new information that’s consumed can be overwhelming. Therefore, using a bot can help automate some initial trades so that a new crypto enthusiast can calmly view the bot’s actions and learn about its activities.

Benefits of Trading Bots

👉 Trading bots can also make a profit on falling prices

👉 Trading bots are tireless (they do not need sleep, etc.)

👉 Operation is very easy

👉 The price for a bot is worthwhile after a short time

Why HaasBot?

HaasOnline Software, the company behind the Haasbot, was founded in January 2014 by Stephan de Haas. The company name has been used since the 90s and its flagship is the Haas Online Trade Server (HTS for short). HTS is a fully functional cryptocurrency trading platform developed for the automation of trading. Haasbot (currently in version 3.0, then 4.0 at the end of 2019) is the flagship.

In addition, there are no hidden costs or a trading fee. You only pay for the bot, then the whole win goes into your own hands.

Attention: We could arrange a deal for you so that you get 10% on the Trading Bot via our link!

Simply select your desired package and in the shopping cart you will receive our exclusive coupon code, which you can then apply to get a 10% discount, have fun!

Benefits of HaasBot

✅ Functionality

HaasBot is a software that can be installed on a PC or laptop. The software features an intuitive interface and customizable dashboards that appeal to both seasoned and novice traders. The platform supports both Windows and Linux operating systems. Users can configure the bots to trade automatically around the clock. In addition, numerous trading indicators are included.

✅ Variety

The platform includes more than 50 technical indicators and a set of test tools that enable backtesting in the past and in real time. Users can also “protect” their trades by specifying conditions that must be met for trades to be executed. Thus, for example, the trade can only be executed if all specified indicators are rejected and not just one.

Exchange variety

HaasOnline is currently compatible with 21 leading exchanges:

HaasBot HaasOnline

Currently there are 16 pre-made bot types, both experienced and inexperienced traders will find:

Trading bot haasbot

16 bots are actually very much, there are few providers offering so many ready-made bots. Once again, HaasBot shows that they want to open up to both beginners and pro’s. The platform also supports fully programmable script bots written in C # so that advanced users can configure their own custom bots.

Customer Support

Users can contact the team by submitting a support ticket in support or interacting with their social media accounts. The team maintains an active Twitter account, a telegram group, a Facebook page and a YouTube channel. The team also offers a FAQ section as part of their wiki page. You can find explanations, tutorials, guidelines. So there is a lot of help. This support is not self-evident. While most endeavor to help the user, rarely is this “help” worked out so well. By directly integrating the software into Telegram, users can follow live updates.

✅ Price

In general, HaasBot offers 3 packages. The different packages are “Beginner”, “Simple” and “Advanced”. The payment takes place monthly, you can book the packages either for 3, 6 or 12 months.

There are differences in the number of packages:

  • Bots that you can run at the same time

  • Insurances that can be specified for the execution of trades

  • Collateral that also protects your trades

  • Trading indicators
  • Features

Monthly price when booking for 3 months:

haasbot price 1

Monthly price at booking for 6 months:

Haasbot price 2

Monthly price when booking for 12 months:

Haasbot price 3

Which package is most worthwhile for how many months?

Of course, the provider offers lower costs per month for a longer period. Purely after the percentage decrease, the “Simple” package is worth the most for 12 months, because here is the most discount: a hefty 34.6%!

crypto-invest.io tests HaasBot HaasOnline with 500 €!

We from crypto-invest.io chose our test for the package “Simple” for 12 months. We usually have a few bots that test like at the same time. Thus, we also want to test how the bot performs in the long term.

The payment is quite simple, but please take into account that the payment is only in Bitcoin (BTC). So it makes sense that you already own Bitcoin. If you do not have one, we recommend Coinbase *, currently you get up to $ 76 for registration. If you want to know more about how you get $ 76 then click here.

If you already own a Bitcoin Wallet, you can start right away. When registering, only first and last name, e-mail address and place of residence are requested. Thus, the registration is quite simple and should not be too challenging for beginners.


The user interface is very simple and intuitive to use. We looked at some pre-made bots and tried some directly. First, we tried the Ping Pong Bot, since we already knew this kind of bot, we looked at more advanced bots and tried it out. Among others, the bots that have promised us the most: Market Making Bot and the Flash Crash Bot. Especially the latter is very exciting because a small “crash” occurs quite often.

Conclusion After a week, our total return was 6.7%. But we were also lucky, as we’ve seen a boom especially in the last few days when Bitcoin broke out of its comfort zone ($ 3000- $ 4,000). In the second week, the yield was 17.9% with the last bots presented. It should also be pointed out here that it is difficult to say how much of this benefits the bot, because of course the upswing is also noticeable in trading. In the third and last week we achieved a return of at least 8.6%. At the end of the test, we were able to earn a whopping € 683 from € 500.

This money we let the bots continue to trade and tell you the long-term experience in the near future! So stay tuned and write us your experiences with the bot. Which settings did you choose? What is your preferred strategy?


HaasBot is one of the most detailed bots on the market. HaasBot offers the most ready-made bots. In addition, many useful tools are included, such as the possibility to specify insurance for the trades. We can say from our own experience that the bot is very well worked up. He is not the cheapest on the market, but he can be worth his money in the long term.

Overall, we are very satisfied with the bot, the only possible improvement would be perhaps the price. Of course, a long-term investment for 12 months is most worthwhile, but you have to be sure. Only for “trying out” the price for 3 months seems rather expensive. Make yourself a picture and be aware of what you want to achieve with the investment!

What about the tax?

Are you worried about the tax if you decide to trade? There are now good ways to track the trades. Our tip is to use cointracking.info*, if you click on the link you will receive 10% on all account upgrades. Cointracking.info puts you together with a tax report, which you can use for the tax return.

At the end should be pointed out again, pay attention to your money! Invest only what you are willing to lose, because the risk of losing capital also remains with trading, even if you can minimize it.

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