15. June 2024
Trade Santa test experience

TradeSanta Review – Our Trading Bot Experience

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TradeSanta trading bot is an efficient day trading tool. If you are not much familiar with day trading, let me explain it to you. Day trading in the tradable assets marketplace has been a time-honored tradition. The business is not only limited to marketable securities like inventories. It now applies to cryptocurrencies, which offer traders plenty of opportunities to generate profits by price fluctuations concerning properties.

However, as easy as day trading could be to make a steady income, it is just as time-intensive. This halts many from turning to exchange even with the many benefits that it brings to the plate. Fortunately, the trading bots solve this trouble and thus ease the work burden. These automated bots are not only available for traditional security markets, e.g., stocks but also for cryptocurrencies. TradeSanta trading bot is one such automated trade bot that promises to make day trading for its members more efficient and convenient.

Even though it sounds like daydreaming and self-delusion, but you have the potential to earn money while sleeping, and you really do not need to make substantial investments. If you are still of the view that it sounds wooly, keep learning, you will change your thinking once you educate yourself about cryptocurrency.

This blog post is specifically designed to review TradeSanta trading bot and TradeSanta experience and its services and all the benefits that it is offering to its users. Read on. Catch on. Read on.

1. What is TradeSanta Trading Bot? An Overview!

TradeSanta trading bot is a cloud-based automated crypto trading bot that you can avail to automate your cryptocurrency trading approach and generate massive passive income. This programmed trading tool enables you to switch your trading strategy into a self-running system that keeps running on a 24-hour basis and trade coins even in your absence. However, keep in mind that this and any other automated bot are not magical money-grabbing machines. If your strategy, your plan, and your approach to trading are not good enough, you won’t make money, and you might potentially lose it just as you would in manual trading.

2. TradeSanta Features

The users who have Trade Santa experience claims that TradeSanta stands at the top in a comparison of other automated trading solutions because of its friendly and straightforward interface. In general, it holds the following seven features:

  1. Long and Short Trading bots
  2. Technical Metrics and Tools
  3. Martingale Orders
  4. Top Pair
  5. TradeSanta virtual Trading
  6. Calculator
  7. Telegram notifications


  1. Long and Short Trading Bots

Here is a visualization of the Long and Short Trading Bots:

Long and the short trading bot is one of the best-known features of TradeSanta trading bot because this feature administers its most famous market strategies. A long trading bot purchases coins that are expected to upsurge in value at a lesser price; subsequently, you can sell these coins later at an increased rate. While a short trading bot sells tokens that are projected to decline in value at a higher cost with the intent of purchasing the equal quantity back, nonetheless, at an even lower expense — the TradeSanta test substantially leaves you with a similar sum of cryptocurrency along the additional profit generated.

  1. Technical Metrics and Tools

You can set two separate groups of bots, i.e., Grid and DCA using technical indicators sequentially with available metrics from TradeSanta trading bot. For you, Trade Santa experience is for must, in case, if you want to enter in the crypto trade market in an ideal way.


Grid Bot
  1. Martingale Orders

So are you on TradeSanta test mode? Not sure? If you are going to use it for the first time, you are. Imagine your initial plan would not work, and the market is against your hopes. The price is different from what you expected. For additional orders, that is the situation. TradeSanta bot will allow you to request further orders to mitigate the impact of unforeseen market fluctuations. With TradeSanta, if you go efficiently, quality TradeSanta experience is guaranteed.

trading bot strategies review
Source: tradesanta.com Martingale strategy
  1. Top Pair

This feature displays the statistics on the highly efficient performance of a trading pair logged over the last few hours.

  1. Virtual Trading

If you want to try out the trading bot first, you can use the so-called “Virtual Trading”. You can make all the settings you would otherwise make, but trading would only take place virtually. So you can check your settings and understand how the bot works. You can find this setting in the sidebar.

  1. Calculator

An in-app calculator is also available in TradeSanta trading bot to assist you to see whether you have enough balance in the form of coins to be successful with your trading or not.

  1. Telegram Facilitated Notifications

Telegram messenger feature is built-in and is there to assist you when it comes to getting exchange notifications. You can apply notification settings in the bot’s Settings menu. It keeps you notified about the following happenings:

  • A new order placement notification.
  • A notification about partial execution of the order.
  • A new additional order has been placed on updates.
  • A notification about the closing of the order.
  • A notification about order price changings.
  • The order has been executed successfully.
  • Errors occurred.

3. How Can You Join TradeSanta Trading Bot?

You can start using this bot within 5 minutes! The configuration is the simplest of all tested bots.

trade santa features

  1. Go to tradesanta.com, and in the upper right corner of the sign-up menu, click on the “Sign Up” button.
  2. Enter your full name, user name, email address, and other basic information. Set a password and register with Google or Facebook. To verify your account, check your email and proceed with the mailed link.
  3. Once you are done with verification, the TradeSanta dashboard will be automatically routed. You can select a trading bot, Gird or DCA, from the panel for a quick start.
  4. Choose the exchange to trade with your bot. You can create a HitBTC account with a single click. Next, you will be hooked to the selected exchange site by connecting to a default gateway. Get your API and secret key allotted to you for exchange and plug in the new default gateway to your exchange.
  5. Select pair and access. The selection of commercial pairs varies depending on the exchange you use. Delegate the filters if required.
  6. Select both volume and template design. Choose your bot (shorter or longer); a trading pair set the benefit level and cost of the first sum and other specifications. Choose among three choices when building a new bot:
    • A long bot template.
    • A short bot template.
    • A customized template.
  1. Manage risk efficiently. Select steps for martingale or extra orders.
Tip: You can download TradeSanta App to manage and track your bots anytime and anywhere.

4. TradeSanta Trading Bot Interface

There is very little scope for ambiguity with all the options in a custom layout, which is very polished and user friendly, and there is no trouble in using the interface even for a tech-reluctant person.

5. Pricing Plans

TradeSanta, at the moment, is offering four basic price plans to its clients. Below are the details:

Trade Santa pricing

  1. Free plan: You can operate with up to 2 bots with this plan and max. trading volume up to $ 3.000.
  2. Basic plan: With this plan, you can buy up to 49 bots. For this plan, you have to pay $10.5 a month.
  3. Maximum plan: This package provides you with unlimited access to bots. For this plan, you have to pay $70/month.
  4. Bonus Plan (HitBTC Promo): Set up to 49 Bots and pay 0% trading fees on HitBTC! This costs you $21/month.

The plans vary only in terms of the number of bots, with all the programs including trading pairs and restrictions.

6. TradeSanta Trading Bot-Supported Exchanges

Although TradeSanta is a cloud-based tool that is designed in a way that is compatible with many common exchanges. So while writing, its mechanism works with some of the most famous cryptocurrency exchanges such as HitBTC, Bittrex, Bitfinex, and Binance (You can see all exchanges in the picture below). Thus provides users with access via trustworthy exchanges to a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Further, it also enables the trading bot to add more exchanges to its list. For example, OKEX, Huobi, and BitMEX will, in the coming months, be added to TradeSanta’s list of supported exchanges.

Trade Santa exchanges

7. TradeSanta Customer Service Support

Users can get their queries and questions answered through live webchat or telegram. Reactions to users’ tickets and inquiries are opened and responded gently. Additionally, users can contact TradeSanta directly at team@tradesanta.com. Users can also review their TradeSanta experience at TradeSanta’s official website.

8. TradeSanta Experience – A Quick Security Overview!

In order to ensure TradeSanta security and keep the user’s TradeSanta experience, optimal TradeSanta tests are being performed on a regular basis. To secure the user credentials and sensitive information, and to enhance the user’s TradeSanta experience, the TradeSanta team makes every possible effort. They perform regular safety audits on the TradeSanta website; for instance, TradeSanta works only with exchanges that hold sound reputation standards.

The API keys allow trading solely for the bot, and the team cannot allocate funds or make withdrawals from the user’s wallet. You can also enable two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security. For setting two-factor authentication, visit the password manager or check your API permissions.

9. How Safe Your Coins Are When Using TradeSanta Trading Bot?

TradeSanta trading bot can access only to your tradeoff rights on any exchange that you have selected. This implies that no one can draw out your coins until you permit them. Accordingly, TradeSanta fakes no further risk to your coins, and they are as secure as the exchange that keeps them.

10. Pros & Cons of Using TradeSanta Trading Bot

Pros: TradeSanta is an outstanding trade bot for both veteran and new dealers. In the control panel, you can locate visual aids from HitBTC, Bitfinex, Bittrex, and Binance along with charts exchange rates, and video lessons.

A standard universal trading feature is also available for registered tool users. Simply select a currency, volume, and an access point. Furthermore, you can automatically purchase or sell coins from your control panel interface by using Grid or DCA bots, or place orders utilizing Smart Order. Currently, the TradeSanta team is working on adding many additional features for both beginners and experienced traders.

Cons: TradeSanta, like other common trading bots, is not free of cost service, except the free version. A monthly subscription fee has been introduced since 2019.


Even if this sounds great, a note of warning is due. Before entering the day trade, make sure that you understand it inside and out. Once you know it well that how and what the bot does, you can utilize the maximum potential of the tool and can enjoy the off-screen time while still not losing out on the trading advantages.

So, are you ready to trade with TradeSanta trading bot? Or you already are a TradeSanta experience person? If you are an experienced person, how was your TradeSanta testing experience? If you are going to try the TradeSanta trading bot, what are you excited about? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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