19. July 2024

Bitcoin Profit: How you can benefit the most from Bitcoin!

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Is there a trend around us? The Bitcoin climbs to just under $ 5,000 and it seems that even the 200 EMA resistance can not stop him. Speculation over a price of well over $ 50,000 are called by many experts as a target. Is the next boom coming? Here’s how you can benefit from Bitcoin and the ways to take the most profit at the beginning of the boom.

What options do you have to benefit from Bitcoin?

1. Buy and hold cryptocurrency

The easiest and easiest way to benefit from the Bitcoin boom is to sign up for a safe exchange and buy and hold cryptocurrency there. Optimal is a holding period of one year, because under German law, the sale is tax-free after one year.

Note: Be sure to note which stock exchange you are signing up to! Many such exchanges have been hacked in the past and the owners of cryptocurrencies relieved of their assets. We at crypto-invest recommend the combination of Coinbase and Binance. At Coinbase you can deposit euros and buy for example Ethereum or Bitcoin. But if you want to buy other cryptocurrencies (Altcoins) then just send the deposited money from Coinbase* to a Binance* account. There are just about all crypto currencies tradable. Binance has proven time and time again what high security measures are being taken with regard to customer accounts.

Tip: If you are not yet registered with Coinbase, then you will receive 10 $ for the registration via our link, as well as you can currently participate in the Coinbase Earn promotion and receive up to $ 76 from Coinbase!

Tip: If you are not yet registered with Coinbase, then you will receive 10 $ for the registration via our link, as well as you can currently participate in the Coinbase Earn promotion and receive up to $ 76 from Coinbase!

2. Trading bots for passive income

If Buy & Hold is too boring or not promising enough then you can trade cryptocurrency as well. You can leave the trading to a robot that trades for you: a so-called trading bot. You specify settings, such as which strategy the bot is to use and already trades the bot for you continuously. Your income will therefore be completely passive in this case. Because you have to do nothing more than to opt for a trading decision, experimenting with the settings and already this could become an optimal passive source of income. Why necessarily trade crypto currency? Cryptocurrencies are much more volatile than stocks or the like, meaning the price fluctuates more. This allows larger and faster profits.

If you choose to trade, then take a look at our Trading Bot comparison.

Crypto-invest has tested two such trading bots (once the margin trading bot and once that of cryptohopper). On average, we achieved a return of 2% per day, but over a fairly long period of time. If you are a little familiar with it, know that 2% a day is very much. Because who manages to keep this rate of return daily throughout the year. Has a return of almost 1400% after one year. Thus, one would increase his investment fourteen times.

Tip: If you know a bit about the basic trading indicators, this will help you to interpret the signals.

>> Top 5 Trading indicators <<

3. What many do not know: You can lend coins and collect interest

Some of you will be familiar with the term P2P loans. The same is true for cryptocurrency. So you give your coins and get interest on them. What is possible here in return, depends on the lent coins. The yield currently is up to 30% annually. On established cryptocurrency such as Ethereum, however, there is 0.08%. It does not sound like much, but keep in mind that it’s a bonus for keeping the coins anyway. It is especially suitable for people who are convinced to keep their coins for a longer period of time. So why just leave them lying around? As long as you do not intend to sell them anyway, you can generate additional income.

Here are her latest annual interest rates:


But beware: Again, take care where you register! Crypto-invest has had good experiences with Coinlend *. It’s the most popular platform offering a bot that will give you your coins. The whole thing happens so completely automated. Thus, you have hereby another possibility of a passive source of income.

4. Coins hold but collect dividends

Trading is not your thing? You want to buy coins and then leave months or years? Then you should look at coins that are based on the concept of proof of stake. Meaning, you will receive another coin for holding these coins. A well-known example is the crypto currency NEO. For holding NEO you will receive GAS. For 10 NEO’S you get 1 GAS per year. At the moment, the return is about 4%. Not so bad if you keep the coins but only to later sell them profitably. So you can also “claim” GAS and earn a little more.

Tip: Investing in a cryptocurrency for dividend is a long term investment, so be sure to pay attention to what coins you buy. It makes sense to choose coins for this type of investment that have already proven their worth. Look at the team behind the cryptocurrency, look at the reports on it (did the team keep to everything that was promised in the past?). Such and similar questions should be asked and only then invest.

Learn more about dividend from cryptocurrencies.

What about the tax?

Are you worried about the tax if you decide to trade or lend coins? There are now good ways to track the trades. Our tip is to use cointracking.info*, if you click on the link you will receive 10% on all account upgrades. Cointracking.info puts you together with a tax report, which you can use for the tax return.

At the end should be pointed out again, pay attention to your money! Invest only what you are willing to lose, because the risk of losing capital also remains with trading, even if you can minimize it.

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