19. July 2024
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Braver Browser Update: Android Version now even Faster

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Brave browser user numbers are literally exploding. The browser specializing in data protection, which rewards its users with cryptocurrency, has now published an update. The update affects the Android version and is intended to save data and energy when used.

Brave browser – What is it?

Brave Browser product

Brave Browser is a browser that blocks all tracking. This allows users to surf without having their behavior analyzed. There is also the option of surfing completely anonymously, since the Thor browser is integrated. In addition, Brave Browser offers the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency in the form of its own “Basic Attention Token (BAT)” coin. Brave rewards users for watching advertising. Users can have this cryptocurrency paid out to their wallet or they can spend it  for a website if they like the content, for example.

Brave Browser shines not only because of the focus on data protection, but also because of its speed. Because a lot is blocked, the browser is extremely fast. On average, the browser is twice as fast as the competition (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.).

The new update should further improve performance

The new Brave app for Android (version 1.5.120) is now available for download from the Play Store. This new version enables a seamless transition for Brave users because the user interface remains unchanged. However, the update does offer performance improvements. So the battery savings from the mobile phone should be 5%. In addition, there is a saving of 3% in data and CPU compared to the previous update.

Overall, Brave is currently supposed to save about 30-50% of bandwidth and battery compared to the competition such as Chrome, Firefox or Opera. Greenspector said Brave Browser is the most powerful browser.

With every new Brave Browser update, the new version is tested against the old one. In addition, you test Brave Browser against other top browsers . The test includes also to load the top 10 news pages one after the other. The results then look like this:

Brave Browser im Vergleich mit anderen Browsern
Source: brave.com

To compare the savings in mobile data, Brave is oriented towards its strongest competitor: DuckDuckGo. The test looks at how much MB is used when calling up a URL:

Brave Browser Vergleich der Mobilfunkdaten
Source: brave.com

Brave Browser is constantly gaining new users

The explosive increase in users is also worth mentioning. Brave now has over 13.5 million active users per month. About a month ago, the number was about 12 million, as we reported.

The almost exponential increase in user numbers is not without foundation. Data protection is playing an increasingly important role for users. In the past, many users did not realize that Google, for example, was analyzing their behavior in the search engine and accordingly displaying customized advertising. Most are now informed and want their privacy back. Accordingly, one looks for alternatives. Brave Browser seems to be a suitable alternative.

It can be assumed that Brave Browser will continue to grow so strongly, because with new updates the browser becomes all the more powerful and stands out from the competition.

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