15. June 2024

P2P loans: Bondora in the 1000€ test!

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In search of a call money alternative you will find many curious offers. Which are really worthwhile and honest, we show you here.

We’ve already introduced you to ways to earn profits with Crypto (Trading, Lendig, Mining, etc.). But what do you do with the profits that you have achieved? Or what do you do with the money that you have parked between and with which you stand on the sidelines to buy in a favorable situation? Here we show you a way how we handle this! Namely with the popular P2P credits. The good thing is, EVERYONE can invest money in a few seconds on a P2P platform and collect interest after just one day! It is important to note that this is a reputable platform. Which reputable platforms are there and if the system is worthwhile, we show you here exclusively with our account and screenshots!

What are P2P loans?

P2P loans are forms of loan where both the borrower and the lender act as private individuals, so it is called “social lendig”. In such a case, there is no classic bank that is switched between, but a P2P platform acts as an intermediary

How does P2P work?

Pretty simple, to shorten it. Borrowers and lenders join the platform. As a lender, all you have to do is sign up and activate the Portfolio Manager. This virtual manager automatically invests in different loans. Here you can make settings, such as in which loans to be invested exactly or what maturity to have the loans and many other settings. The even easier way Bondora offers with their GO & GROW offer. You just transfer the money to the GO & GROW account and that’s it. Bondora takes care of everything else for you.

What realistic returns are expected?

As a crypto investor, we may want to park our money on the sideline so we can reinvest it at any time. For this we need an investment opportunity that is very liquid. One such option is offered by Bondora GO & GROW. What is Bondora GO & GROW? With this type of investment, you get an accurate percentage of 6.75% on your money, but be flexible, as you can withdraw the money at any time. Bondora continues to invest your money in loans, but you are not tied to repayment terms like the usual portfolio manager, but have the choice to withdraw the money at any time. Thus, this alternative is a popular overnight money alternative. Of course you can also achieve much higher returns by investing in loans yourself with the automated portfolio manager. There then returns of 10-50% are possible. However, we recommend GO & GROW just because of the liquidity. If you want to make individual settings, such as the Portfolio Pro Manager.

Here you can see the two alternatives in comparison:


Incidentally, your interest rates are credited to Bondora daily!

Which marketplaces are recommended?

We have tried a few market places and are particularly convinced of Bondora. Some will wonder why not, for example, the competitor Mintos? Unfortunately, our experience with Mintos was not very positive. We have e.g. to wait for a request to customer support 1.5 weeks each, which is quite a long time. Unimaginable, how the customer service is, if a lot should be going on. In addition, it came that the answer, not as promised, came back in the language as you wrote (German), but in English. Of course, it’s half as bad as we can speak English. But the whole leaves a certain Geschmäckle that just does not taste.

Tip: We recommend you to try the platform first with a small transfer of a few hundred euros or maybe 1000th Look how the whole thing developed and only if you completely agree you could after one or two weeks also transfer more money. Otherwise also applies: Invest only the money, what you are ready to lose! Of course, loans are subject to a risk of total loss, even if it is minimal by GO & GROW.

crypto-invest.io tests Bondora

We opted for our test to invest € 502 (initially € 2 to verify the bank account) in Bondora GO & GROW and invested € 500 in the Portfolio Pro. So it all looked like after almost 2 weeks:


As you can see, we took 1.55€ through Bondora GO & GROW. Revenues from the Pro Manager portfolio are 2 cents, although interest is actually paid on a monthly basis, as is repayment. The 2 cents we got, as the loan was rashly paid off.

This is what our settings for the Portfolio Pro Manager looked like:


An attentive reader will now see that the Portfolio Manager has even invested 510€. We can not explain why he invests more than money is actually there. So wait and see ;).

Here you can see our interest rate and the average repayment term:


Our strategy: We have a more conservative portfolio as well as a more progressive portfolio. According to our research, it seems more sensible to keep the loan amount per borrower small (1-2 €). In addition, we have often Spaniards excluded as a borrower, as it reports here and now times to loan defaults.

We hope to have given you a transparent and helpful insight.


Bondora currently offers a great overnight money alternative that is quite liquid (GO & GROW), but “only” offers a return of 6.75%. With the Portfolio Pro Manager, however, you can earn much higher returns (10-50%). You can reduce the risk by diversification and other settings, which will make the return more likely 10-20%.

Of course, even such an investment is subject to a risk of total loss. We hope to have shown you the possibilities and risks in a transparent way. We have decided on the investment, which should be increased over time (we will keep you up to date!). But this does not necessarily have to suit you, think well and write us happy in the comments!

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