15. June 2024
OSOM Finance Erfahrung

OSOM Finance: Automated Bitcoin Trading with Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, artificial intelligence plays an increasingly important role, as it has the potential to make far better decisions than humans. OSOM would like to use this potential to make Bitcoin Trading more efficient. So OSOM uses a novel approach to multiply Bitcoins. Let us take a look at how the OSOM autopilot works exactly and why it can be worth taking a closer look at this Bitcoin Trading Bot. If you’d rather increase your bitcoins than just keep them, you should definitely read on, it’s worth it! We took a closer look at the bot and were very surprised at the new possibilities it offers.

For those in a hurry, the main features of OSOM Finance at a glance:

  • Automated Bitcoin Trading with the help of artificial intelligence (AI)
  • No trading knowledge required
  • Professional trading algorithm from the stock market
  • Free trading bot (only fees on profits made)
  • EU licensed provider
  • Previous return higher than the most famous crypto indices

How does OSOM Finance work?

The OSOM Trading Bot offers a unique selling proposition that has it all. The autopilot, which enables automated trading at OSOM, is based on a professional algorithm that was previously only available to institutional investors in the stock market. With the help of this artificial intelligence, OSOM wants to revolutionize crypto trading and make it as efficient as possible, but at the same time it should be easy to configure the so-called autopilot.

OSOM Finance

In contrast to some other providers, OSOM Finance is state-licensed and has an Estonian license, which means that the company is officially authorized to trade in crypto. OSOM was developed by the Polybius team, a FinTech company.

The team behind the revolutionary trading bot has the necessary experience and contacts to be able to offer Bitcoin traders, for example, the algorithm, which was reserved exclusively for institutional investors.

Although there are already numerous satisfied users of OSOM, this automated Bitcoin trading bot is still in the beta phase. So far, users can only be admitted to the bot via an invitation. The beta phase should be finished soon.

The aim of OSOM is therefore to make the professional tools available to users in the simplest possible way, in order to enable everyone to build up wealth with the help of Bitcoin. Bitcoin was chosen because Bitcoin simply owns the most trading pairs.

The autopilot, which increases your Bitcoin stocks on the. Entry is possible from 0.005 BTC. Registration and use of the trading bot are free.

How does the Crypto Autopilot work?

The autopilot is used to increase bitcoins. That means it is necessary to deposit bitcoins so that they can be increased. Recently it has even been possible to deposit euros. This means that users do not have to have any bitcoins to use the bot! OSOM wants to make trading even easier and accessible to everyone. In addition, credit and debit card payments have recently become possible.

To start you can either download the web version or simply the app from the App Store or Google Play.

OSOM Finance Trading

As mentioned earlier, OSOM Finance uses a trading algorithm that was mainly used by traditional investors in the stock market. The trading bot, called autopilot, deals with more than 30 altcoins, which have high growth potential. This altcoin trading allows you to grow your bitcoin capital.

The developers of this algorithm are employees of InvestSuite. The algorithm is based on the so-called Portfolio Optimizer and it is the first time that this is applied to crypto asset portfolios.

In order to minimize the risk when trading, the algorithm is based on the so-called iVAR (InvestSuite Value at Risk), it is a special form of VAR (Value at Risk). Value at Risk is a strategic model that can be used to measure risks in financial markets. This well-thought-out strategy means that the probability of the worst-case scenario is minimized.

The minimization of risk is also evident from the enormous diversification. The autopilot trades in over 30 carefully checked altcoins. The check is carried out on the basis of a number of quality criteria (such as project quality, regulatory security, high liquidity, high market capitalization, no derivatives, etc.). The specific list of traded altcoins is not published in order to avoid manipulation. After 30 days after the first deposit, every user receives monthly reports that reflect the development of assets.

According to its own information, the autopilot was extensively tested for 8 months before it entered the beta phase.

Would you like to know more about the autopilot? We recommend checking out the Autopilot FAQ’s.

How well is OSOM Autopilot performing?

OSOM Finance return

Although OSOM Finance is focused on minimizing risk, the autopilot generates an amazing return. On the website of OSOM you can find some statistics. The return achieved is set in relation to other crypto indices. The most recent annual return on OSOM Finance Autopilot was 56.5%. The second best return was achieved by CCI30, a crypto index developed by a math professor. This index rose 37.42% over the same period.

This return in relation to the most popular indices appears to be relatively high. We wanted to know the latest rate of return of the autopilot and asked OSOM Finance about it.

According to OSOM Finance, the return in August 2020 alone was 31.18% in Bitcoin and 33.338% in Euros (the differences are due to the currency difference). Since the return is meaningless without a reference value, we compare that again with the entire crypto market and crypto indices. Over the same period, total capitalization increased by approximately 8.49%. The CCI30 rose 11.77%. This means that there is currently strong outperformance.

We were also interested in the most recently favored coins as this will likely interest most readers. According to OSOM, the top 5 altcoins in August were: KNC, SNX, LINK, XRP and ERD.

NEW: Even more returns with the help of Polybius tokens (PLBT)


OSOM Finance has its own token, the so-called Polbius token (PLBT). Since the latest update, there is the possibility of generating even more returns with the help of these tokens. The provider wants to reward those who hold this token. The users get the chance to benefit even more from the autopilot technology. There is also the so-called PLBT autopilot. As soon as you have at least 100 PLBT on the OSOM wallet, you can start the autopilot.

The big advantage is: Even if the bot should lose money, you will get your full PLBTs back at the end of the period! Otherwise, as usual, a 10% fee is due on the profit. This gives users an advantage in terms of loyalty.


OSOM Finance compared to the classic Bitcoin Trading Bots

Some might wonder how well is the bot performing outside of the return on investment compared to other bots? We found an interesting article about this.

During our research, we discovered an exciting comparison of OSOM Finance with the classic trading bots (such as 3 Commas, Cryptohopper and Coinrule). Although the contribution comes from OSOM itself, it contains extensive facts that highlight the advantages of OSOM over the usual trading bots. Take a look and form your own opinion!

Autopilot charges

Most Bitcoin trading bots charge either a monthly fee or a one-time fee, which can then be quite expensive. This means that , you pay for the trading bot, no matter if you loose money with your trading.

OSOM Finance has a different fee structure: There are no fees for using the autopilot. At OSOM Finance, fees only apply to the profits generated. That means, if it is the case that the autopilot does not bring you any profits, you will not pay any fees for it! If a profit is reached, a fee of 10% of the profit is due. In addition, there are fees from third-party providers, such as the transaction costs on the crypto exchanges.

Is OSOM Finance safe?

Schild, Sicherheit, Schutz, Sicher, Datenschutz

Security plays a big role when it comes to money. So we checked how OSOM Finance cares about the security of customer funds. That is why OSOM Finance writes that the company takes care in advance to select well-known business partners.

The special feature mentioned at the beginning is also noticeable: The Autopilot Trading Bot is an EU-licensed provider. That means there are legal templates that the provider must comply with, as well as review of the business activity by the competent authority.

Our research also showed that OSOM is very concerned about security. In response to our request, we learned that OSOM itself regularly audits the system and has a hack bounty program running, whereby outside hackers can search for security gaps and report them to the company for a reward.

Overall, it sounds promising and makes a serious impression. However, we point out that Bitcoin trading does not mean it is free of risks. OSOM also points this out openly. For example, market manipulation, regulatory intervention, economic collapse, etc. could result in a loss. We therefore recommend that you get your own picture of the product.

What do users say about OSOM Finance?

After we looked at the theory of the whole thing, it was exciting to see what the practice looks like. What do real users say about the trading bot? We looked at the reviews on the App Store, Google Play and Trustpilot to get an overall impression.

  • In the App Store, users give an average 5 stars (4 ratings)
  • On Google Play users give an average 4.5 stars (58 ratings)
  • Trustpilot rating is 4.6 stars (34 ratings)

So overall a pretty solid rating of the platform, although the number of ratings is still relatively low.

OSOM registration – only on request

Since the Bitcoin Trading Bot is still in the beta phase, registration is only possible by invitation. To do this, you have to request an invitation on the homepage. Our test showed that you receive an invitation after a few hours. We also asked when the beta phase will be over: It should be over in a few weeks. This means that there is no need to request an invitation in the future.

To request your invitation, visit the provider’s website: osom.finance and click on “Request invitation”. You will then receive your invitation in a few hours and can use the bot either on your PC or smartphone. If you want to use the app, you can use both the iOS and the Android app.


The OSOM Finance autopilot leaves a very curious impression. On the one hand, the bot continuously outperforms all known indices, on the other hand, it pursues a novel approach to Bitcoin trading.

OSOM Finance is obviously pursuing a revolutionary concept in trading bitcoins. With the help of artificial intelligence, which has already achieved success for institutional investors on the stock market, successful Bitcoin trading is possible for everyone who is interested in building up wealth. That means you don’t have to analyze courses and have a technical understanding to operate the bot. This makes the bot suitable for practically everyone, whether a beginner or a professional trader.

Another positive aspect is that the fee structure is mainly based on profit. If the customer does not make a profit with the autopilot, no fees are due for the autopilot. You don’t take any chances with that.

The EU license also ensures more trust in the project. However, that alone does not offer 100% security. Despite the excellent balance sheet and the safety precautions, a loss is still possible.

As always, crypto currencies hold enormous price gain potential, but these are also subject to regulatory uncertainties, for example. If you still want to try bitcoin trading, the bot presented could be a smart way to increase your bitcoin capital.

We recommend making your own picture of the provider. You can visit the blog as well as the social channels. The Facebook page and the medium channel from OSOM Finance are particularly interesting.

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