15. June 2024
Trade santa Homepage review

Trade Santa Bot Contest: 1 month of free trading

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Have you always wanted to try Trade Santa’s Bitcoin Trading Bot? Then you now have a particularly good opportunity! The popular trading bot provider is holding a competition in which you will receive the “Maximum” package for one month free of charge and thus can use the full potential of the trading bot platform.

Trade Santa competition

The competition is very simple. All you have to do is trade diligently. The user with the highest trading volume wins.

Competition start: 18.02.2020

Contest end: 03.03.2020

Winner announcement: 04.03.2020

If you trade the most within these 2 weeks, you will win a “maximum” package worth $ 70 for one month for free. The biggest advantage of Trade Santa’s most expensive package is that you can use an unlimited number of bots. In contrast, the other two paid packages are limited to 49 bots. There are also 0% trading fees on HitBTC. However, there is currently a promotional offer, so the 0% trading fees on HitBTC are already included in the second most expensive package for $ 14 / month.

Trade Santa trading contest review

So it might be worth getting the second most expensive package for $ 14 / month and then trading on HitBTC. Trading fees usually eat up a non-negligible portion of the return. In this case, however, these are completely eliminated, so that it is twice as worthwhile for the trader. Both trading is more lucrative and there is also the prospect of winning the most expensive package.

Supported Exchanges

In addition to HitBTC, Trade Santa also supports Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, UPbit and Huobi.

BitMEX and OKEX are also being planned.

Is Trade Santa worth it?

Trade Santa is a relatively cheap trading bot. The price of the second most expensive package at $ 14 / month is very cheap compared to other trading bot providers. It is therefore not surprising that almost 26,000 active customers are using the relatively young trading bot.

Tip: If you use Trade Santa, it is worth downloading the app, because this way you can track and configure your bot while on the go, such a well-designed app is hardly offered by a trading bot provider.

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