24. May 2024
Bitcoin rating weiss rating new 2020

Weiss Rating upgraded Bitcoin to “Excellent” (A-)

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The US rating agency Weiss Rating now rates Bitcoin significantly better than a few months ago. Bitcoin receives an A rating, making Bitcoin “excellent”. You can find out what that means and how it comes about in this article.

Bitcoin with the best rating from all coins

Bitcoin received a B rating just over 2 months ago. Due to the current fundamental data and the price development, Weiss Rating is now upgrading Bitcoin to A-. Other cryptocurrencies are also getting an upgrade.

As it appears from the post of Weiss Crypto Rating, Bitcoin gets a very good rating, which makes it the best crypto investment. Bitcoin already receives this assessment before the halving (date: May 2020). Because of the halving, it would be conceivable that the rating would improve further.

Overall, the evaluation looks like this:

Weiss crypto Rating Bitcoin Best Investment
Source: weisscrypto.com

The current top 5 coins are therefore Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano and IOTA.

Change from last rating

In the last rating, the first two places were also reserved for Bitcoin and Ethereum, but the next three places were occupied by other coins. Back then, Ripple dominated in third place, EOS in fourth place and Tezos in fifth place.

Ripple and Tezos are currently slightly behind in 6th and 7th place. Because EOS was downgraded to a C due to centralization and is currently in 23rd place. From fourth to 23rd place within a few months is remarkable.

Not only interesting that the last 3 places have changed from the previous rating, the rating of Bitcoin and Ether also improved. For example, both had a B rating some time ago and both cryptocurrencies are currently receiving an A-.

China-rated Bitcoin

China also issues its own crypto ratings. The rating is created by a government-sponsored group of technology workers, the Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID).

Interestingly, Bitcoin ranked ninth in CCID’s last published ranking in December 2019. On the other hand, at the top are EOS, Ethereum and Tron.

China Crypto Ranking EOS TRON BITCOIN
Source: Twitter

Bitcoin has already climbed 2 places, because in September 2019 there was already a CCID ranking, with Bitcoin ending in eleventh place. One can only speculate that due to increasing adaptation and the price increase of the past few weeks Bitcoin will probably continue to rise in the next rating.

Buy bitcoin?

There is probably nothing wrong with buying Bitcoin at the moment. We make a monthly payment and use it to buy Bitcoin every month (regardless of the rate). Why? Because we are convinced of Bitcoin and believe that Bitcoin will increase significantly in price in the coming years. The signs are also good in the short term if you look at the chart.

You can trade Bitcoin on almost every stock exchange. We recommend Coinbase, because not only do you get $ 10 free when you sign up and you can also collect coins worth up to $ 186, Coinbase is one of the safest exchanges and offers the best storage options for cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin the best investment?

According to Weiss Crypto Ratings, Bitcoin was and is probably the best investment. In general, you can hardly go wrong with an investment in Bitcoin, because this is probably the biggest adaptation so far. Bitcoin is becoming more and more hardened as digital gold. It will be exciting to see whether Bitcoin’s demand will continue to rise due to a crash, epidemic or similar. This is how Bitcoin would have an actual use case. The stock markets recently reacted very tense to the corona virus, whereas Bitcoin showed strength and rather increased in price. In China, for example, companies incur losses because the virus sometimes means that no one dares to work or take to the streets. This is how stock prices collapse, which in turn is transferred to the western world.

Do you think Bitcoin is the best investment in 2020? Which coin could catch up with bitcoin? Let us know!

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