24. May 2024

The Best Cryptocurrencies to Bet With on EURO 2020

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As we gear up for Euro 2020, football lovers and gamblers are putting in place all that’s necessary to enjoy the tournament. With the initiatives and partnerships UEFA has entered, the tournament proves to be an exciting one that will keep the fire burning despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.

If you’re looking to bet on Euro 2020, you will need to choose the best sportsbook with impressive odds to maximize your wins. Not all sportsbooks offer you excellent gambling services to meet your needs. This makes it essential to know what to look for when choosing a sportsbook.

The first thing to consider is the odds quality offered by the sportsbook. Next, you should evaluate the efficiency of staking on the platform. For instance, 1xBit offers you a welcome bonus of up to 7 BTC to щspeed up your gambling journey. The platform also gives you complete anonymity, meaning all your financial transactions cannot be linked to the sportsbook. Doing this due diligence on the bookmaker you’re choosing will help ensure you’re making informed choices and not just burning your crypto.

Furthermore, preparing for Euro 2020 doesn’t end with just choosing a sportsbook. You also need to know the best cryptocurrency for betting. Although there are numerous cryptocurrencies, these coins are valued differently, making them more market-worthy than one another.

Top Cryptocurrencies in 2021 By Value

An effective way to evaluate the best cryptocurrencies is by looking at their market value and volatility. Certain coins have shown consistency more than the others over the years. While these coins are also volatile, they have been able to increase in market capitalization. For instance, it will take long before an altcoin arrogates the top two positions from Bitcoin and Ether. That’s because the two coins have done solid numbers.


Bitcoin is a valuable coin you can purchase for numerous reasons. Firstly, the coin is greatly established and has enjoyed wide support for various years. While Bitcoin has been volatile during the years, it has also increased greatly. A few weeks ago, the coin lingered at about $60,000. More so, the case enjoys impressive transparency in the community.

BTC currently has a market capitalization of $720.2 billion. It is the most famous cryptocurrency in the world and emerged firstly in 2008 from a person with the name “Satoshi Nakamoto,” and it came with a whitepaper called Bitcoin: A peer-to-peer electronic cash system.

Bitcoin works with a blockchain that allows BTC holders to transfer funds directly without third-party interference. This also increases the crypto’s anonymity. BTC’s currency valuation came from the recent bull run it enjoyed from November 2020. But as many have seen with Bitcoin, the value can equally be extremely volatile.


Ether (ETH) came into the cryptocurrency scene with a blockchain model similar to that of Bitcoin. To add its uniqueness, ETH added the functionality allowing users to create a smart contract and execute them on the go.

The blockchain network introduced Dapps, which are decentralized applications that make for effective distribution on the network. The Dapps have also formed the basis of the growing NFT and DeFi market.

Because Ether supports these operations, it enjoys support from a pool of users. This also means that it has many use cases, making owning it a smart option at this point in time. With a market capitalization of $303.8 billion, ETH is currently one of the most valuable coins.

Binance Coin (BNB)

Launched in 2017, Binance coin belongs to the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance. The coin has risen in value across the years, doing impressive numbers in the market. It can be used for both trading and payment of transaction fees. BNB is looking to attain some use cases offered by both Bitcoin and ETH. For instance, BNB is looking to become a player in the NFT scene just like ETH. Its market cap is currently at $53.5 billion.

Tether (USDT)

What mostly sets Tether apart is its stability. It’s a stable coin, which is based on a stable asset. It is the tokenized version of the USD. This means that, for every USDT you see around, there is a dollar in reserve. The value consistency makes USDT a highly preferable coin for exchanges and purchases. Its market cap is currently at $60.1 billion

1xBit: Where All Coins Work For You

Choosing the right sportsbook is how you enjoy your gambling experience. With 1xBit, you do not have to go through the difficulty of converting your cryptos to a particular coin to stake. The platform supports all the valuable cryptos listed above and 27 others. This offers you convenience and allows you to switch across different cryptocurrencies of your choice.

With instant payouts and access to live events, 1xBit brings the Euro 2020 to you in your comfort zone and allows you to put your cryptos to efficient use. Start here.

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