15. June 2024
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StormGain Review – Our StormGain Experience 2021

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StormGain is a user-friendly platform for traders who want to invest in cryptocurrency. This trading platform has provided the cryptocurrency markets with an innovative turn, making it easier to invest in crypto and attracting a more general audience as well as serious crypto traders. Traders benefit from huge and erratic crypto markets with a leverage of up to 200x. StormGain allows users to access the platform on any device and is continuously improving its tools and instruments to serve as the most user-friendly crypto trading platform. Although founded in 2019, it is already renowned amongst frequent cryptocurrency investors as one of the best brokers. But every new thing has to be tested carefully. Even if StormGain rewards you with a USD 25 bonus for registration, let’s first look at what the provider offer and what advantages and disadvantages it brings. That’s why we’re writing this StormGain review. Let’s see what came out of our StormGain test!

What makes StormGain so popular?

StormGain credit card

It is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows its user to sell, buy, and invest in cryptocurrency. What’s so unique is that it has been equipped with such features and tools that it can assist beginners in the crypto market as well. Serious investors using the 17 different features of the platform could benefit up to 200x leverage.

It settles all contracts in stablecoin Teather (USDT) which is more appealing to traders in comparison to Bitcoin etc. Users can invest in crypto with credit cards. In this StormGain review we will discuss its features and tools, friendly interface, customer services, and advantages of using this platform.


StormGain has many features with which it stands out from classic exchanges. Overall, you can see a lot of advantages for the trader that StormGain is constantly expanding or upgrading. In the following, we go into the features in detail and look at what advantages or disadvantages we have as a user of StormGain.

Registration and Log-in

StormGain registration and login process is as easy as it can be, just like signing up for a google account with even lesser details to fill in. Signing up for a new account it will ask for email id, a phone number and a password. Without any further ado, you’re set to trade and invest.

In case of credit card usage, verification is required to buy or invest in a cryptocurrency that doesn’t apply to those who are trading in cryptocurrency or purchasing altcoins. For verification of registered email id and phone number, one needs to click the links so that a verification email and a message is sent to your phone number. Wait patiently as it may take time to receive the email.

Friendly user-interface

Stormgain interface

StormGain provides the most user-friendly interface after login, all kinds of surprisingly useful features lined-up for excellent trading experience. Features such as:

  • Crypto assets
  • Live price charts
  • Wallet balances
  • Open positions

The main interface features a coin selection bar for traders to choose from, after selection, it will provide opportunities of open trades for the coin selected. If the user isn’t interested in something specific, a bar on the side enlists popular coins so users can choose their favorite cryptocurrency pairs out of all.

StormGain mobile trading app

StormGain trading platform is easily accessible on mobile phone screens, giving users the luxury to trade and invest where ever they are. The app is available for download for iOS and Android users.

Full-screen mode

For frequent crypto investors, the StormGain platform also inculcates a full-screen mode that displays a detailed view of the charting window. With just right-click, users are allowed to monitor and draw trend patterns, lines, and add indicators to the chart. Even after exiting full-screen mode and switching between various cryptocurrency pairs, your added changes will remain intact.


A green “Open trade” button is present on the side, by simply clicking the button users will have proceeded to a new order window. The order window will be displayed along with a technical analysis, which allows users with an overall view as they fill in the order details which include: type of order, margin amount, limitations of profit and loss and size of the position.

While filling in the details of your order you are allowed to change time frames to meet certain desired criteria. This StormGain review got you covered on how to make your first trade before signing up.

Trader training

On top of being user-friendly, genuinely for ease of its clients, StormGain provides a series of audio-visual aids and in-app news and reviews so that consumers can profit from and take over the crypto markets on their own. Thus, it is the easiest way for beginners to step into the world of trading being in the luxury and security of their own homes.

Usage of credit cards

Partnered with Simplex – a fintech company assuring to provide a fraud-free payment process, StormGain offers its users to purchase crypto with a credit card. A 5% fee or $10 USD is applied to each credit card purchase.

Using StormGain to buy crypto using a credit card is simple, after logging into your account, you’ll see the option “Buy crypto with a car” on the top menu. Click on it and select a credit card as a payment method and proceed to enter the amount of coins you want to purchase and hit the deposit button.

Wallet App

StormGain facilitates its users with its multicurrency wallet for users to store their cryptocurrency. The wallet is secured by encryption and two-factor authentication for the security of users’ assets.

A wallet is built-in and can store up to six different cryptocurrencies. StormGain Wallet App is available in both iOS and Android devices and is easily accessible after a short registration process.

Major Cryptocurrencies

StormGain deals in all major cryptocurrencies such as: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, Ripple, XRP, and USDT. Hence the StormGain experience serves its users with the feature of instant swap from one cryptocurrency into another. Instead of accessing another platform to swap cryptocurrencies, users exchange currencies within the platform by tapping the “Exchange” button in the navigation menu.

Free demo account

This feature allows users to start off with 50,000 USDT and a free demo account, providing a safety net for its users to practice and warm up to the crypto market.

Clear and minimal fee

StormGain experience makes the complex crypto trading world easier as well as the commissions. While making a trade, commissions are displayed in the order window. There are no hidden commissions for using the StormGain platform.

Trading and exchange fees are minimal; lesser than 1%, different for each cryptocurrency for which we suggest you must check the StormGain website. There is no deposit fee, however, a withdrawal fee of 0.1% applies while sending cryptocurrency to either a hardware wallet or a different platform.

Account types and benefits

Similar to various platforms, StormGain benefits its users based on a loyalty program. There are five different account types: Standard, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and VIP. Recently (June 15th, 2020) StormGain introduced further account types. These are VIP 2 and VIP 3. StormGain probably has the most comprehensive and lucrative loyalty program of all crypto exchanges.

StormGain loyality program

As can be seen in the graphic, the advantages depend on the available balance on the exchange. For example, users with a VIP 3 account (this requires a credit of USDT 99,999) get a 20% bonus on the deposit. In addition, they get paid 12% interest per year and the trading fees are a minimum.

Customer Service

Customer service is an important concern for investors and traders, keeping that in view it offers a 24/7 live chat box where users can ask questions and are likely to get a response within five minutes. It also provides support through telegram, emails, and phone.

A knowledge base is also available providing useful guidelines and answers for frequently asked questions. Being relatively new as a cryptocurrency trading platform the help section is still constantly improving and is growing to fill in any gaps present if any.

StormGain review and feedback

StormGain review Trustpilot

Even though it is recently launched but it is making heads turn in the trade market and managed to get itself a 4.3 rating out of 5 by the Trustpilot review website.

For example, Coinbase receives 2.0 out of 5 possible stars as a rating at Trustpilot.

Feedback has been outstanding with minimal negative response. StormGain does everything practically possible for its clients to succeed in the crypto trade market, however, it is necessary for traders to be vigilant, observant, up-to-date and use their skill set to minimize risks.


  • Is StormGain safe?

For StormGain its clients’ safety is a top priority. StormGain provides security to its clients by providing 6 security points:

  1. Checking to make sure you’re using the correct domain address i.ie. https://www.stormgain.com
  2. Enabling the two-factor authentication to keep your account safe.
  3. StormGain urges you to use a unique email and complex password for your account for your safety.
  4. Enable app-locks and fingerprint or passcode on your digital devices and don’t open unknown links and attachments.
  5. Keep your computer safe by installing updated antivirus software.
  6. Do not share your passwords and other personal information with anyone else.
  • Is StormGain legit?

StormGain is a legit cryptocurrency trading platform based on research and feedback. Founded in 2019, with an exclusive partnership with a UK based football club, called Newcastle FC. StormGain is a member of the Blockchain Association within the Financial Commission. StormGain’s CEO, Alex Althausen is transparent and active on social media and the platform also offers moderate levels of transparency.

  • Why should I choose StormGain?

StormGain is a constantly improving trading platform for both; beginners and pro traders. It continues to satisfy such a wide range of consumers and provides the necessary tools and features to aid its clients in the best way possible. With an easy to use interface, it allows you to trade in a vast cryptocurrency market making you an expert with each trade you make.

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