2. March 2024
Bitcoins verdienen

10 Ways to Earn Free Bitcoins

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Due to the high demand for more opportunities to earn bitcoins for free, we have created this post. We have personally tested all of the options presented. The 10 ways you can earn free Bitcoins seriously are the result of weeks of testing. We looked at more than 100 options. In the end, we chose 10 which really work and are serious.

Earn free bitcoins with surveys and minitasks

A good and easy way to earn a bit of free bitcoins are websites where you can get money or bitcoins for surveys and mini-jobs.

Timebucks.com is such a website. There it is possible to do all kinds of work and be rewarded for it. For the registration you get 1 $ credited and can start with answering surveys, playing quizzes, watching videos etc..

what is timebucks

Under “Payments” you can choose which type of payment you prefer. Among other things, you can also select Bitcoin as the payment method here.

Brave Browser – Be rewarded for surfing

A very serious and worthwhile way to earn free bitcoins is to use the Brave Browser for surfing the Internet.

Brave Browser is a browser that specializes in user privacy. All tracking is blocked. Even completely anonymous surfing is possible by using the integrated Tor Browser.

But the browser also has other advantages, so it is many times faster than the competition (Google Chrome, Firefox etc.). It is therefore not surprising that the number of users is continuously increasing (approx. 10% growth per month). The number of users is now almost 13 million.

What we are also interested in is the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency. The browser rewards users with their own coin, the Basic Attention Token (BAT). All advertising is blocked, but if you decide to allow the browser to display advertisements, you will be rewarded each time. You can either keep this cryptocurrency or, if desired, convert it to Bitcoin. The browser can be used both on the desktop and on the mobile phone and can be downloaded free of charge from brave.com.

Experience has shown that you can earn around $ 10-15 a month from normal surfing. In principle, it is completely passive and you have zero effort.

Our experience:

Brave Browser rewards

In our first month about half a year ago, we received almost 45 BATs (see picture). A BAT was worth just under $ 0.25, so we earned a little over $ 11 completely passively. Brave Browser works with Uphold. It is a crypto exchange, on which you get the coins credited and can then either have them withdrawn so it is exchanged for Fiat money and booked into your bank account or you can transfer it to another wallet.

Tip: It is possible to earn even more cryptocurrency. If you use presearch.org as a search engine in the Brave browser, you will also receive coins for the search in this search engine. You have to search somewhere anyway, so you get additional coins. Simply register and then install the extension under Brave Browser and you will already collect double coins, both via Brave and for every search via presearch.

Collect Bitcoin rewards through cashback

This method is not yet too well known: collecting free bitcoins through cashback. No matter when you buy something, you can usually get cashback for it. Whether Amazon, Expedia, Spotify or Netflix, don’t give away your cashback! In some cases, the full refund for Netflix, Spotify, etc. is possible. Get a percentage back in Bitcoin for every purchase. In our opinion, the following providers are very serious and worthwhile:

Crypto.com is not just a crypto exchange where you can trade over 50 cryptocurrencies. In addition, the provider offers the possibility to take out loans, or to lend and thus receive up to 18% interest on your own cryptocurrency. However, a special feature makes the provider so unique, because with the credit card from crypto.com you not only get up to 5% cashback on pretty much all online purchases, but you also get the fees for Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Prime refunded! VISA is the partner behind the credit card.

Registration is only possible via the app. There are already over 1 million downloads with an average rating of 4.2 stars. Our registration and verification worked in a few minutes.

To get started, you will receive $ 50 if you enter the code: q5bwry2bj9 during registration.

Lolli.com is a very simple and popular way to collect cashback. Registration is very quick. You can get started right away and collect cashback in the form of bitcoins, for example at Expedia, Groupon, Nike etc.

Lolli can simply be added to the browser as an extension.

Recently, many large portals reported about the provider, since you can now apply for the cashback card. At the moment, the company is aimed exclusively at the US market. That’s why you can receive the cashback only for Amazon US, Burker King US etc., but it will be expanded further. New customers receive 30,000 Satoshis for free at the start.

Airdrops – Easy way for free coins

In the case of an airdrop, a specific cryptocurrency is distributed either completely without consideration or for a small amount of effort. This gives you free cryptocurrency with relatively little effort.

For example, crypto exchanges sometimes host an airdrop to reward users for certain actions. A crypto exchange that frequently performs airdrops is Binance, for example. The exchange aims to ensure that users either share information or are rewarded for their trades.

Most of all, there is an airdrop when new crypto companies want to establish themselves. The problem with which many crypto projects start is the lack of awareness. With free offers, these companies can increase their awareness. Sometimes there are small editions, such as following the company on Facebook, Twitter etc. or like their post to get free coins. In general, however, the effort here is very low, that’s why it is worth taking part in some airdrops.

Sometimes it happens that random owners of Ethereum, for example, get any cryptocurrency for free. Since many crypto companies are initially often based on Ethereum, it makes sense to increase awareness in this way.

Bitcoin Faucet – Bitcoins free every hourbitcoin faucet für gratis bitcoins

A very popular way of looking for free bitcoins is Bitcoin Faucet. Simply put, they are “digital taps”. Sounds strange, but it basically explains the influx of free bitcoins. You get free bitcoins every hour. Depending on the platform, you also receive interest on the sum above a certain amount and can increase the coins with HI LO games or mini-tasks.

It is important that you do not register for all possible pages, because there are now really many of them. Most lure with the free bitcoins, but in the end it turns out to be a scam. That is why our recommendation is based on experienced providers. Providers that we like to use are freebitco.in and cointiply. Both have millions of users and so far we have only noticed them positively. We tested the payout for both and it went smoothly.

Earn Bitcoin with clicks

A very relaxed way of earning money is to collect Paid to Click (PTC) bitcoins. As the name suggests, it’s about clicking on ads and just watching those ads is rewarded with bitcoins.

earn bitcoins with paid clicksIn order to avoid scam websites in this area and to securely receive the money you have earned, you should rely on experienced providers who have been on the market for a long time. A more well-known provider in this area is btcklicks.com. We have already tried several providers. In our opinion, Btcklicks.com is the most reliable provider that we have been able to test. In addition, handling is very easy.

Earn new customers bonuses in the form of bitcoins

Many platforms today reward new customers in particular with attractive premiums for registration. This method is popular, for example, with the crypto exchanges. For example, the second largest crypto exchange Coinbase offers $ 10 in the form of bitcoins to every customer as a gift as soon as they buy for at least $ 100 cryptocurrency. There is also the possibility to participate in Coinbase Earn. A project where you get to know cryptocurrency and are rewarded in cryptocurrency. It is currently possible to earn up to $ 176 in crypto.

Earn free bitcoins with games

There is also a fun way to earn bitcoins. There are now a number of games on the Internet through which you can earn some Bitcoin for free.

These games are often financed by advertising. If the advertising does not restrict the gaming experience too much, you can try it out. By this way you earn bitcoins and have fun playing games.

Well-known games are the Satoshi Quiz Show or Rollercoin. Many other providers lure with many small games like crypto-games.net.

Note: Please be careful when you register on not well-known providers! Many promise to pay out the collected bitcoins, but do not. There are just a lot of scammers in this area. It is worth reading a short review before deciding on a game.

Earn interest with Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency can also be used to make even more money and develop its full potential. For example, many people buy Bitcoin and then wait months and even years to sell it again to receive a profit. But the meantime can be used far more sensibly than leaving bitcoins in your wallet and checking the courses every day.

The solution is called crypto lending. In the meantime, this process has become the standard on the crypto exchanges. For example, on the world’s largest crypto exchange Binance, it is possible to lend its coins in the meantime at attractive interest rates. Not to forget that this is also possible on the crypto exchange crypto.com.

Outside the crypto exchanges, there are companies that specialize in this process. We have had good experiences with the German company coinlend.org. The interest payment came on time and the withdrawal worked flawlessly. Support is also available at all times.

A very large company that also specializes in this is BlockFi. The interest here is up to 8.6% per year.

Earn dividends from cryptocurrency

A very interesting and another way to passively receive free Bitcoin is to hold cryptocurrency, which pays a dividend for holding. You can call this also staking. That means you should choose a cryptocurrency that is based on the proof-of-stake algorithm.

To give a few examples of which cryptocurrency can be used: NEO, VeChain, Atom, Neblio, etc.

You get additional cryptocurrency for all of these cryptocurrencies. Let’s take the best-known cryptocurrency as an example: NEO. GAS is rewarded for holding NEO on the crypto exchange or in a wallet. This cryptocurrency can be exchanged for Bitcoin on Binance and thus has additional income.

Here is an example of NEO’s current dividend:

dividend from NEO

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