1. April 2020
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Coinbase Earn Free Coins Worth $ 176 in Crypto!

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Yes you have read correctly Coinbase gives in co-operation with Stellar Lumens, EOS, OXT and other crypto currencies up to $ 176 to anyone who informs about the respective cryptocurrency. Now at coinbase registration is worth more than ever! If this really works and how exactly that works you will learn if you keep reading.

Is that a scam?

➤ Crypto-invest.io has reconsidered the action, there is an official press release from Coinbase, it’s not a scam

➤ Crypto-invest.io took part in the campaign, it works, you get the coins credited after some time

➤You can sign up here or register or read on and learn more about how you can participate

How can you participate in it?

First you have to sign in or register on Coinbase.

Tip: If you are not registered with Coinbase yet, then it’s worth it even more. With our referral link, Coinbase gives you $ 10 in Bitcoin (BTC) for registration.

If you’ve logged in or registered and are on your dashboard, scroll down a bit and you’ll see:

coinbase registration

If you click on “Earn crypto” then you will be redirected to the Coinbase Earn Campaign where you can also join the campaign of other cryptocurrencies. What looks like this:

coinbase registration free coins

As you can see, there are quite a few coins that are currently available for free at Coinbase.

Now you click on “Start course” and you can now choose which coins you want to get for free.

By the way, as soon as you do that, you’ll be offered other cryptocurrencies that will give you money to keep you informed.

Attention: Our tip is to try the best bitcoin faucet freebitcoin and bonusbitcoin. Get more bitcoins for free!

Here you can see all the coins that you can get for free:

Overall, you can get up to $ 176 for free in minutes. Most of the time you just have to watch some videos and answer questions. We have already collected all the questions and answers for you, so that you can save time and directly have the right answer ready.

If you want, you can also sign up via our referral link, and you’ll get an additional $ 10 and so will you once you’ve deposited at least $ 100.

So all in all this will give you a whopping $ 176, safe and easy.

You want more free coins? No problem!

If you want more Bitcoin for free then Bitcoin Faucet is the answer! With just a few mouse clicks you can collect the payout (Bitcoin) at regular intervals (for example, every 15 minutes). In addition, you can earn additional Satoshi’s by, for example, looking at advertisements, answer polls etc.

We’ve written you a separate post, we’ve tested several Bitcoin Faucet sites and introduce you to the most serious and lucrative ones. (Click here)

The advantages of such Faucet pages are obvious:

  • completely free
  • relatively little time
  • If you get a certain amount of coins you get interest, but here it is a self-run
  • Possibility to invite friends and earn even more

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