22. April 2024
Freebitco.in Lotterie Gewinn Jackpot

Freebitcoin lottery jackpot! $ 2000 with one ticket

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A real sensation occurred on the Bitcoin Faucet freebitcoin. A user surprisingly won the jackpot with just a single tick! You already get free tickets for free participation when collecting free bitcoins. This is probably what happened to the user. Still, he won over $ 2150!

Freebitcoin lottery

freebitco.in logo lottery

The popular Bitcoin Faucet freebitcoin.io not only gives away Bitcoins every hour, but also offers other ways to receive or win Bitcoins for free. Among other things, a lottery is operated, which is completely transparent. You can see the servers yourself, so that manipulation is excluded. You can buy lottery tickets with the deposited or won bitcoins, but you also get free lottery tickets for every claim of the bitcoin. There are 2 tickets every hour without having to pay for what. In total, each lottery round lasts a week before the draw is made at random. The more tickets you have, the greater the chance that you will be among the top 10 winners. There is no such kind of lucrative lottery again at other Bitcoin Faucet providers!

It has often happened that users were among the top 10 winners who only had a few tickets. So it is not necessary to buy tickets. The hourly claim for free bitcoins alone enriches free lottery tickets. But what happened to the faucet at the end of last week is a sensation. A user wins the jackpot with just one ticket.

freebitco.in lottery win jackpot

The lucky user with the ID: 2072217 has apparently accomplished the impossible and hit the jackpot! The exact profit can be seen in the picture and is 0.34342113 BTC. That’s about $ 2150 at the time of winning! Nice win considering that the stake was free.

If you want to claim bitcoins for free and want to take part in the lottery, please do so carefully! It is still a game of chance. Because freebitco.in offers a lot of possibilities not only to get free bitcoins, but also to increase them.

Freebitcoin offer

So far, the faucet seems to be reasonably serious. The deposits and withdrawals work smoothly. Interest is also credited daily. In our experience, the faucet with cointiply is one of the most reputable, if you can call it that.

Of course, it is designed so that you can play the HI LO Game and thus increase and win Bitcoin, but also lose it. It’s just a game of chance. So if you decide not only to play with the free bitcoins earned, but also to deposit bitcoins on the platform because you want to have around 4% interest, it would be smart to start with small amounts and test your trust.

Yes, you can increase bitcoins and yes, quite quickly. But let’s say one thing, it can also go wrong. We have also earned almost 1BTC from HI LO Games in our tests from 0.01 BTC, but we lost a lot afterwards. The bottom line was that we were clearly in the plus, but the possibility of total loss should not be forgotten.

What exactly does the platform offer?
  1. Free Bitcoin 1x per hour
    Every hour you can claim bitcoins for free and get up to $ 200 in bitcoins. It’s completely free. You get a few satoshi’s (cents in Bitcoin every hour). However, the amount of free Bitcoin increases significantly when you play the HI LO game. With our 3rd account we were able to increase our free amount to over 500 Satoshi every hour.
    freebitco.in roll win jackpot
  2. HI LO Game to increase Bitcoins
    Curse and blessing at the same time the bitcoins by tapping on the next number. On the one hand, you can use it to increase your bitcoins quite quickly, and on the other hand, you can quickly lose them again. Here, a healthy measure should ensure balance. Satisfy yourself with a few wins that you regularly earn. Set a limit for losses and then don’t continue betting! We have developed a strategy for the automated multiplication of bitcoins. This strategy works for us in just over 90% of the cases. But you should have a certain buffer at BTC to use this strategy.
  3. Lottery
    As already described above, you can also take part in the lottery. You need tickets like a classic lottery. Some of these tickets can be obtained free of charge when claiming the free bitcoins, and others can be purchased. 1 Satoshi = 1 ticket applies. As you can see from winning the jackpot, just a few tickets are enough to win the jackpot. But the more tickets, the higher the chance of winning.
  4. Interest 4.08% per day
    This function is a very interesting function. This allows you to increase your bitcoins without taking a risk like gambling. The interest is also credited daily. You can also use the calculator to calculate how much the daily payment looks like for a certain account balance.
  5. A lot more …
    You have the feeling that you cannot summarize everything that freebitco.in still has to offer. There are many little things that have a certain charm. So it is possible to win a Lamborghini, take part in the lottery every day, receive 50% commission from referred friends and much more. Most of the participations are passive, because by playing the HI LO Game you already collect points and so you can collect tickets for the car as well as for the daily jackpot.

How serious is the whole thing?

Well, from our experience we have not been able to report anything negative so far. We were particularly skeptical about the payment. After all, it was about 0.5 BTC, of which we earned the most. But that was no problem. The interest is credited regularly. What we don’t like is the fact that you don’t have a contact person. So if you have a question, you cannot contact the freebitco.in team. In addition, the HI LO Game always creates an incentive to play with it. You should keep this under control, even if you have mostly had a positive experience, because it can sometimes backfire.

The lottery draw should be understandable. The provider writes:

This lottery is provably fair. What that means is that there is no way the site can cheat you by picking a lottery winner who we favour. All winners are picked randomly and the method for picking the winners is described below.<span class="su-quote-cite">freebitco.in</span>

The exact procedure for the draw can be found at the provider. Basically, the provider accesses random servers that randomly choose user IDs, this can also be tracked. So it is reasonably serious.

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