Highest return in history: 310 million percent in just 11 years!

It is one of the greatest mysteries of our time. A facility that has it all and that so much like no other, not even rudimentary! What is the talk about? It is also considered the revolution of the financial world of the 21st century. Already a hunch? Recently, this sensational facility celebrated its 11th birthday. To this day, the creator of this revolution remains a mystery.

Sensational return: 310 million% in just 11 years

At the end of 2008 the Bitcoin whitepaper was published and a sensation was born. Initially Bitcoin was not yet traded on a stock exchange and thus the price was very low. The first transaction on the stock market was $ 0.003 (source: Wikipedia). To put it bluntly, the price was not even a single penny! At today’s price of just under $ 9,300 (as at 07.11.2019), it is an increase of as much as 310 million percent! But, if you put the low price in the beginning in relation to the maximum price of Bitcoin (20,089 $ on 17.12.2017 Source: coinmarketcap.com) then this would even increase by almost 670 million percent! The purest madness. No other asset class achieves a better return.

Note: Changed on 07.11.2019

Our readers pointed out a small mistake in the article, thank you for the feedback. It was about calculating the daily return of Bitcoin since the first trading day. The correct calculation leads to the conclusion that Bitcoin has a daily return of 0.43% since the first trade until today (07.11.2019).

What does that tell us? The Bitcoin has proven itself in the long term until now, even if he could register some strong price declines. It seems like Bitcoin is unstoppable. We are curious how the further development will be.

That’s the investment

Incredible return of over 300 million percent! What exactly does that mean? Quite simply, if you had invested in the initial time only a single Euro in Bitcoin, you would have today (November 2019) over 3 million. It has never been easier to become a millionaire with a Euro bet. If you take the Bitcoin price from its all-time high of 2017/18 as a speaker, you would be almost a millionaire in the double-digit range.

As early as October 31, 2008, the Bitcoin whitepaper was published by the infamous Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin should turn the financial world upside down and give every average citizen in the world access to money. So the idea of ​​Satoshi. You know next to nothing about the creator of Bitcoin. It is not even known if it was just one person or group of people who wrote the algorithm and brought Bitcoin to life. Everything so mysterious, as only the best thriller would give. A technology is born that may decisively shape our future: the blockchain.

Blockchain: The technology of the future?

Blockchain can be thought of as a kind of network. A network consisting of computers that are distributed decentrally. This is also the linchpin of this technology. Decentralization offers the possibility of very high security. Information in this network is not that easy to hack, as it is spread across all machines. As soon as a certain critical mass of “participants” in the network has been exceeded, security increases. It is theoretically feasible to hack 50 computers, but at 1 million it is practically impossible.

More and more states and companies are testing Blockchain application, whether in medicine, internet of things, identity or financial products. The Blockchain could revolutionize our lives and become a dominant technology. Whether this is interspersed but is still unclear, since the technology is not only since yesterday, but only now seriously investigated.

Bitcoin is the good that brought Blockchain to life. Transactions of the bitcoin ecosystem are based on the blockchain. Bitcoin already exists for 11 years and it has not been able to hack Bitcoin once. Although there were hacks in connection with Bitcoin, these are mostly hacked exchanges, which is why Bitcoin is put in bad light. It remains to be seen if Bitcoin technology will catch on.

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The Battle of the Giants: Bank Vs. Bitcoin

Bitcoin continues to grow and become a serious threat to banks. Why? True to the motto “Be your own bank” progresses Bitcoin. That means you keep your own bitcoins and you do not want a third party to stick to the terms of the contract and deliver the promised service. Imagine, a crisis breaks out and the bank is still closed after the weekend, then what? All this is redundant with Bitcoin. Of course, you have many responsibilities, such as custody, but you get back some “power” back. Often the power of the banks is criticized, which is partly abused. There is no dependency on Bitcoin.

Money is printed like crazy these days, it’s basically a mass-produced item. Unfortunately, most citizens do not know that money has no value except the paper on which it is printed. Money used to be covered by gold or oil. That’s been long forgotten. The economy is currently being artificially kept alive as central banks pump more and more money into the economy.

Bitcoin is different

Bitcoin is the opposite, just because it’s deflationary. In other words, less and less new bitcoins are coming into circulation over time. Every 4 years, the reward of the miners is halved, and so only half of the Bitcoins comes into circulation. Is that the solution? No one knows that right now, but it could be the solution.

That devaluation can happen from one day to the next, many Germans probably still know the stories of their grandparents (hyperinflation 1923). You go with a wheelbarrow full of Reichsmark to buy bread and then you are robbed. What has disappeared? Yes the wheelbarrow, the money is there but the wheelbarrow is gone. The money was worth nothing, it was used for heating, as there were hardly any places have accepted the money. With Bitcoin something seems unlikely. But whether Bitcoin is suitable for the payment system, is not clear. At the moment, it’s probably more of a store of value. So it remains to be seen whether Bitcoin, Ethereum or Libra will revolutionize our world. But one must be curious, because one thing has Bitcoin proved: One should not underestimate this technology and should take it seriously.