4. December 2022

Freebitcoin Lottery: With only 37 tickets won over $ 1500

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In the last round (round 223) of the freebitco.in lottery, a user already won over $ 1500 with just 37 tickets! A considerable sum, with the tickets probably not even bought, but earned the Bitcoin Faucet.

Freebitco.in lottery

The popular Bitcoin Faucet freebitco.in offers some ways to earn free Bitcoins. One possibility of this is the lottery. You get free tickets if you use the Bitcoin Faucet and collect Bitcoins for free. In addition, the purchase of such ticket with the earned or paid bitcoins is also possible.

At the moment you get about 40 Satshi’s (Bitcoin Cent) per hour at freebitco.in. Additionally you get 2 tickets per Faucet Roll. With that you can already collect a few tickets in one week. Because the lottery runtime is one week and then played completely transparent. So the user with the ID: 19742626 with only 37 tickets cleared the 2nd place of the lottery. Altogether about 0.151 BTC, which corresponds to a value of almost $ 1500!


Transparent and verifiable lottery makes it possible

Freebitco.in advertises with a verifiable draw of the lottery. How is this possible? Freebitco.in reveals the seed that is being used in the draw. If changes or manipulation were made by freebitco.in, the hash would no longer match the hash of the seed SHA256. In short, the manipulation would fly up. For this reason, this lottery is much more transparent than the conventional lottery.


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