31. January 2023

Freebitcoin Lottery: Jackpot cracked with just 2 tickets!

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Last week, probably the most spectacular freebitcoin lottery win (of all time?). A user managed to crack the jackpot with a puny bet of just 2 lottery tickets (worth under 1 cent!).

Freebitcoin lottery

The popular Bitcoin Faucet freebitcoin.io not only gives away bitcoins every hour, but also offers other ways to get or win Bitcoins for free. Among other things, a lottery is operated, this is completely transparent. You can even see the servers, so that manipulation is excluded. One can buy lottery tickets with the paid in or won Bitcoins, but one receives also for each time Bitcoins pick up lottery tickets for free. Every hour, 2 tickets will be added. All in all, each lottery lasts one week until it is randomly drawn. The more tickets you own, the greater the chance you will be among the top 10 winners.

Probably the most spectacular win came last week in round 232.

freebitcoin lottery

The user with the ID: 5584920 thus landed at # 1 of the winners of the round 232 and can look forward to 0.28655484 BTC. Insanity sum, considering that the tickets cost the equivalent not even a penny. Converted the user won about today’s course about $ 2,500. At the next login, the user will certainly be a little surprised, where the high sum comes from.

Opportunities to increase its bitcoins

We see, you do not necessarily have to invest a lot of money to earn profits. However, there was good luck here, which does not accompany every person in life.

But we also told you about the possibility to increase your coins on freebitcoin.io with the help of the multiplier. You can deposit your Bitcoins at freebitcoin.io and multiply them there. We do not recommend transferring your entire Bitcoin inventory there. That would be too risky! Rather, it’s more fun somewhere. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, have a look over here, we’ve presented a way for you to configure the settings to let the multiplier run completely and save your winnings.

Alternatively, you can also switch to licensed Bitcoin Casino. Such as bitstarz or bitcasino.io.

You want to know more ways to get free coins? Then take a look at our article “5 Ways for Free Bitcoins“.

Free Bitcoin and the tax

If you want to try the Bitcoin Faucet, or are already there, you do not need to worry about the tax return. You can document donated coins using (free) tools. We recommend cointracking.info, because up to 100 trades is completely free! Even with over 100 trades, the fee is relatively manageable.

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