4. December 2022
Free Bitcoins get free crypto coins

5 Ways for Free Bitcoins

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Are you looking for free Bitcoins? We’ll show you how to safely and legally receive cryptocurrency worth up to $ 125 completely for free, and that with just one option! How to get Free Bitcoins and how to do that can be found in our mega Guide! We’ve tested all the options for you and just present the possibilities that actually work! You will receive free Bitcoin in just a few minutes. We will explain how to act! All you need to do is just click & collect free Bitcoins. So let’s get free coins!

For those in a hurry, the options in a nutshell:

Options Advantage /Bonus Visit website
Brave Browser ✅ Faster than classic browser (+ anonymity)
Get rewarded with cryptocurrency for viewing ads
Crypto.com ✅ Crypto exchange with up to 18% interest on cryptocurrency
50$ Bonus Use the code: q5bwry2bj9
✅ Free purchase of cryptocurrency by credit card
✅ 100% Cashback on Netflix, Amazon, Spotify etc.
Bitcoin Faucet Free Bitcoins every hour
✅ Additional earnings through surveys etc. possible
✅ Our Top 3 Faucets: Cointiply, Freebitco.in, Bonus Bitcoin
GetNode ✅ Operate Bitcoin masternode in community
✅ On average 45% Return
Coinbase Earn ✅ Second largest crypto exchange worldwide
Up to $ 125 in Crypto for Free
✅ Simply watch educational videos and be rewarded in crypto

Most people probably use Chrome or Firefox as their browser. But there are also alternatives that are worth a closer look. Such an alternative is the Brave Browser. It stands out by focusing on privacy.

Not only that makes it unique, but it also has other special features. You will be rewarded for browsing with the Brave Browser with crypto-currency.

This is what it looks like:

brave browser

Here you can see the blocked advertisements and trackers, as well as the time saved because the browser loads significantly faster than comparable browsers.

Surf fast, be rewarded and stay anonymous

If you want to receive rewards for surfing, you just have to activate it in the settings and then you’ll get pop-up alerts with ads. You have the choice of whether you want to receive advertising and how often. You do not even have to look at this advertisement, you can click it away and still receive the reward for it.

The reward is paid in BAT (“Basic Attention Token” its own cryptocurrency). For example, you can send them to Coinbase and trade or change them to another cryptocurrency or sell them. If you like a website you can also treat your reward as a tip on the website (if the website is a registered Brave Browser Publisher).

This is how the rewards look like:

Brave browser rewards

Good to know: You even have the opportunity to surf the Internet completely anonymously. You can choose browsing via the THOR network in the settings of the browser. This will make your IP address anonymous.

Our experience:

Brave Browser rewards

In our first month about half a year ago, we received almost 45 BATs (see picture). A BAT was worth just under $ 0.25, so we earned a little over $ 11 completely passively. Brave Browser works with Uphold. It is a crypto exchange, on which you get the coins credited and can then either have them withdrawn so it is exchanged for Fiat money and booked into your bank account or you can transfer it to another wallet.

$ 50 Bonus + Cashback on Netflix, Spotify, Amazon and co.

Crypto.com currently offers one of the best bonuses on the crypto market. This opportunity is getting more and more popular because of the benefits to get free Crypto. We show you why this is the case and why we also use Crypto.com.

What is Crypto.com?

The company is a crypto bank account with integrated crypto credit cards. There is a big name behind the credit cards, namely VISA. With the credit card, it is possible to pay with cryptocurrency anywhere in the world. By the way, buying the cryptocurrency with a credit card is free here, which we personally do not know from any other company. But the company offers other enormous advantages that no other stock exchange offers, which is why over 2 million users use the service. One of the advantages that no other provider currently offers is the cashback function. This will give you 100% cashback on your Netflix, Amazon, Spotify accounts. Your Cashback depends on what credit card you choose. You will get it credited to your account in the form of cryptocurrency.

Other advantages of Crypto.com:

  • Trade over 50 cryptocurrencies
  • Interest income on the cryptocurrency received up to 18% p.a.
  • $ 50 Starting Bonus
  • Free purchase of cryptocurrency with the VISA credit card
  • Up to 5% cashback on EVERYTHING with credit card payment
  • 100% cashback on Netflix, Amazon, Spotify etc.

Crypto.com Cards Cashback

Crypto.com Zinsen

Depending on how much you stake of the company’s own coin MCO (rank 90 at coinmarketcap.com), you have different advantages. The more of the coins you have, the better the benefits. So it is worth stacking MCO, because on the one hand the coin has recently gained a lot of value and you also get higher interest and cashback bonuses.

So if you are looking for a solid crypto exchange where you can buy coins and collect cashback, you can do it at Crypto.com now, since January 2020 it is also available for Europe!

You will already receive the $ 50 Bonus if you hold at least 50 MCO. Simply enter the code when signing up to claim the bonus: q5bwry2bj9

We see the only disadvantage of using Crypto.com personally is that it can only be used via the app. If that doesn’t bother you, you can generate a lot of passive income, be it through interest income, cashback or the $ 50 bonus.

Bitcoin Faucet – Easiest way to get free Bitcoins

If you want more Bitcoin for free, then Bitcoin Faucets (digital money taps) are the answer! Bitcoin Faucet is very popular in the crypto scene. You simply log in on the appropriate pages and with a click of the mouse you can collect the payout (from Bitcoin) at regular intervals (for example every 15-60 minutes). You can also earn free bitcoin by, for example, looking at advertisements, answer surveys etc.

This option is particularly suitable for crypto beginners. Without having to spend any money, you get to know many processes of the crypto universe.

The advantages of such Faucet pages are obvious:

  • completely free ✅
  • small amount of time ✅
  • from a certain number of coins you get interest, from here it goes by itself ✅
  • possibility to invite friends and earn even more ✅
Which providers are there?

There are actually quite a few providers of Bitcoin Faucets in the meantime. We’ve already tested pretty much all known providers. Not all of them are recommended. We have 3 providers summarized for you, which can be recommended without further ado.

Here are our favorites:

Provider Free Bitcoins Recommendation To the provider
✔️ Bitcoin Faucet (1x per hour)
✔️ Answer surveys
✔️ Other offers (for example, download and test app, etc.)
✔️ Watch videos
✔️ Coins multiply by multiplier (gambling)
✔️ Play games
✔️ Look at advertising
✔️ Interest on the credit already starts at 0.00035 BTC
✔️ Bitcoin Faucet (1x per hour)
✔️ Lottery
✔️ Bets
✔️ Multiply Coins (gambling)
✔️ Interest on the balance already starts at 0.0003 BTC
✔️ Many more interesting actions
✔️ Bitcoin Faucet (1x per 15 min.)
Is it worth it?

Of course yes, it is still free bitcoin! But you have to be aware that you will not get rich with it. The effort with a few clicks is very low and the yield completely okay, if you also consider the eventual increase in the value of Bitcoin. In our opinion, it can pay off the whole long term to operate, because you can benefit from the loyalty bonus and while surfing the Internet can actually earn something.

Operate Masternode with GetNode

Masternodes for free Bitcoins

If you operate masternodes, you deposit coins as security and receive interest in return. You could roughly compare it to staking. So staking is holding cryptocurrency in a particular wallet to support the blockchain network. In contrast to classic staking, masternodes give you significantly higher yields. The only challenge is rather the amount of coins that you have to own to operate a masternode and possibly the technical know-how.

This is where GetNode comes in. Because here you invest as a community in a masternode. For example, you currently need 1000 DASH for a DASH masternode, which currently corresponds to around $ 75,000. That’s quite a lot of money for an individual. However, if you join a community that invests together in masternodes, you also participate in the block rewards. So you get rewards for checking transactions on the respective blockchain.

GetNode takes over the complete administration and administration of the coins. 75% of the income is then distributed to the community and 25% covers the operating costs including their profit.

Experience has shown that yields of 10 – 100% are possible here. If you read most of the reviews, an average return of around 45% per year is realistic.

Understand GetNode in 2 minutes:

We are not aware of any other provider in this field who has been on the market for as long and acts as seriously as GetNode. You can certainly create masternodes with other providers, but you should carefully consider which provider you entrust your money to.

Coinbase Earn

Coinbase is the world’s largest crypto exchange and now has over 30 million customers. On this crypto exchange it is possible to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. For some time now, the Crypto Exchange has launched a campaign called “Coinbase Earn”. With Coinbase Earn it should be possible for the user to look over information about some  Coins like EOS e.g. and be rewarded in crypto for it. For example, it’s about watching videos about the coins, getting to know the concept, and getting a percentage of the coin for it. After each video, you can answer a short question and get cryptocurrency. (We’ve taken the trouble to collect the answers so you can get the coins with even less effort, read on and see the answers).

Which cryptocurrency do you get and how do you convert it in Bitcoin?

Current Coinbase Earn List 2020 for Free Coins worth $ 125:

Coin Logo Information about the Coin Value of the Free Coins
EOS Creates an ecosystem for decentralized apps (dApps) and smart contracts (very similar to Ethereum) $ 50
Stellar Lumens (XLM) Platform that wants to make money transfer across borders faster, more transparent and cheaper $ 50
ZCash (ZEC) Enables completely anonymous transactions $ 3
(Currently not available)
Basic Attention Token (BAT) Advertising platform for publishers, which is transparent and decentralized $ 8 (Currently not available)
0x (ZRX) Enables a trusted and smooth exchange of Ethereum based assets $ 3
(Currently not available)
DAI DAI is a so-called stablecoin, because it depicts the US dollar and always has the value of 1 US dollar $ 20
(Currently not available)
Tezos (XTZ) Tezos is an intelligent contract platform similar to Ethereum. However, the blockchain should correct or change itself $ 6
(Currently not available)
Compound (COMP) The algorithmic compound protocol allows users to earn interest on cryptocurrencies and also to borrow cryptocurrencies. $ 9
Orchid (OXT) Orchid is a peer-to-peer tool for data protection. OXT is based on Ethereum and is intended to help protect data on the Internet $ 46
(Currently not available)
Kyber (KNC) The Kyber network aims to decentralize the exchange of cryptocurrencies and make it more trustworthy through trading. $ 6
(Currently not available)
CELO Via Celo it is possible to make digital payments linked to fiat money via an app. Sending and receiving payments should become easy and accessible to everyone in developing countries. $ 6
BONUS: New customer Coinbase You can sign up via our referral link, and get an additional $ 10 as soon as you buy cryptocurrency for at least $ 100. $ 10
TOTAL $ 125

Overall, you can get up to $ 125 in crypto for free in minutes. Most of the time you just have to watch some videos and answer questions. We have already collected all the questions and answers for you so that you can save time and directly have the right answer ready and can take your free bitcoin & other cryptos.

How to participate – explained step by step (Including all Quiz-Answers)

First you have to log in or register on Coinbase. (👉 Coinbase registration explained step-by-step)

If you’ve logged in or registered and are on your dashboard, scroll down a bit and you’ll see that:

coinbase registration

Now you click on “Earn crypto”. After that, the coins that are participating in this campaign will appear and you will see how much you can get paid. It will look like that:

coinbase registration free coins

As you can see in the picture, you can get $ 50 each in XLM and EOS, plus additional coins.

Here are the answers:

EOS [$ 50]
  1. Answer: A blockchain protocol for fast, scalable applications
  2. Answer: Delegated proof of stake
  3. Answer: Fast, free transfers
  4. Answer: Stake EOS tokens
  5. Answer: Upgradable smart contracts

Answering the 5 questions will already give you $ 10 in EOS. To get another $ 40 in EOS, you need to invite 4 friends to Coinbase. Each of the invited friends will bring you $ 10 each.

Stellar Lumens (XLM) [$ 50]
  1. Answer: A decentralized protocol that unites the world’s financial infrastructure
  2. Answer: Facilitating low-cost, universal payments
  3. Answer: Transactions are fast, inexpensive and global
  4. Answer: To issue, exchange and transfer quickly and efficiently
  5. Answer: It relies on the cooperation of trusted nodes to confirm transactions

Answering the 5 questions will already give you $ 10 in XLM. To get another $ 40 in XLM, you need to invite 4 friends to Coinbase. Each of the invited friends will bring you $ 10 each.

Compound (COMP) [$ 9]
  1. Answer: Earning interest on your crypto
  2. Answer: Supply a crypto asset as collateral
  3. Answer: COMP token Holders
Celo [$ 6]
  1. Answer: Making crypto available on mobile phones
  2. Answer: Staking, governance, and stability
  3. Answer: Using the Valora mobile app
Kyber (KNC) [$ 6]
  1. Antwort 1: Exchange one Ethereum token for another
  2. Antwort 2: Ethereum (ETH)
  3. Antwort 3: Liquidity
Orchid (OXT) [$ 46]
  1. Answer: A peer-to-peer privacy tool
  2. Answer: The OXT token, a Web3 wallet, and the Orchid app
  3. Answer: Support for multihop configurations between bandwidth providers

You will already receive $ 6 in OXT for answering the 3 questions. For another $ 40, you can invite friends to Coinbase Earn. You will receive $ 10 for each friend.

Tezos (XTZ) [$ 6]
  1. Answer: Formal verification
  2. Answer: A decent computer, an internet connection and 1 roll of Tez (8,000 XTZ)
  3. Answer: The formal governance process
Basic Attention Token (BAT) [$ 8] (Currently not available)
  1. Answer: There are too many ads and data trackers
  2. Answer: It is a free, open-source web browser built for privacy
  3. Answer: Users get paid BAT for viewing opt-in ads, and publishers get rewarded when users pay attention to their content

For answering the 3 questions you will get $ 3 in BAT.

Proceed further:

For another $ 5 in BAT you have to download and install the Brave Browser.

DAI [$ 20] (Currently not available)
  1. Answer: A decentralized stablecoin that aims to be worth one US dollar
  2. Answer: Answer: Decentralized and borderless
  3. Answer: Open a CDP with Maker
Procedure at DAI

You have to do the following:

  • Download Coinbase Wallet on your smartphone (link will follow the “Start Tutorial”)
  • Create a new wallet in the app
  • Connect the app to your Coinbase Account
  • now Coinbase sends you some ETH (duration up to 10 min)
  • Follow the further tutorial

After the tutorial, you will be credited with your $ 14 and can pay it off or whatever.

We tried it for ourselves and it took maybe 5 minutes altogether.

P.S. On the wallet remains $ 2.60 in ETH, which you can transfer to your Coinbase account, directly from the wallet.

Bonus: $ 10 extra via our invitation link

If you want to have another 10 $ for Free in Bitcoin, you can register via our invitation link. As soon as you buy cryptocurrency for at least $ 100, you will receive $ 10 credited in Bitcoin.

Bonus: Multiply your Bitcoins – anonymously and with high Bonuses

You can also get additional bitcoins by increasing your existing bitcoins. You can use Crypto.com as described above and e.g. receive interest. For a faster process, there are providers in the crypto sector who lure with high bonuses. Owing to the anonymity and high bonuses, the offers are most attractive to new customers. This involves, for example, predicting the correct number or placing bets. If you use your bitcoins cleverly, you get the new customer bonuses as well as additional profits. However, you should of course be particularly careful by multiplying your bitcoins here and not put everything on one card.


Gambling is popular and fun. Nevertheless, sometimes one wonders, if the system behind it, is not fake. For blockchain-based gambling, you do not have to ask yourself that question. Why? Because the whole system in the blockchain is publicly visible. You can keep track whether a payout of the grand prize has actually taken place, or whether the lotto numbers have actually been drawn randomly for example.

Popular and very professional gambling sites are bitcasino.io and bitstarz.com. You will not find more transparency than with these providers in this industry. Often there is a deposit bonus that doubles your deposit.

The only thing that we can complain about here is that you can deposit only cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.) on bitcasino.io.  If you don’t want to use crypto for gambling, then you can visit bitstarz.com it is possible to deposit Dollar/Euro there. Although it takes little effort to buy bitcoins, for example, at Coinbase and then transfer them to the respective gambling platform, it may deter some.

In addition, new customers in particular will receive high bonuses upon registration. With Bitstarz it is possible to either receive up to € 500 or up to 5 bitcoins free of charge for the deposit.

Tip: You can also multiply your Bitcoins with the Bitcoin Faucet freebitco.in. There is the so-called “Multiply” game. You just type whether a randomly generated number will be higher or lower than a certain one. You can do your own research about the hash that the numbers are really drawn at random. We have already deposited a few bitcoins on this platform and recently won 1.4 BTC (with a deposit of almost 0.5 BTC) but it doesn’t have to be the same for everyone! We will soon write a post about the strategies we have used. Among other things, we have used our already described Freebitcoin Multiply Strategy, for example.

Betting platform

Anonymous betting platforms are becoming increasingly popular. One of the most aspiring providers is 1xBit. The provider offers the deposit in 24 cryptocurrencies and has a huge selection of offers. The website can be changed to 60 languages. The customer support is available 24/7 and the registration is completely anonymous in a few seconds.


Free Bitcoins are available at this provider, especially for new customers not too little. New customers receive for the first deposit 1 free Bitcoin. You receive a 100% deposit bonus and a maximum of one Bitcoin as a bonus to your deposit. Similar bonuses you get on the first four deposits, which theoretically eager to take up to 7 free Bitcoins. Please note the conditions for the bonus. So you have to convert your deposit 40 times within the first 30 days to get the bonus on your deposit.

Tip: When registering, enter the code: 1xb_13115 for the new customer bonus.

FAQ about Free Bitcoins

🧐 Why do providers give away Free Bitcoin at all?

First of all yes, it is actually possible to get bitcoins for free. Some people wonder how this is possible. Finally, Bitcoin is very high priced and a further increase in value is not exactly unlikely. So why do you give away bitcoins?

Of course, the providers do not just donate coins to you. The providers provide the opportunity to get free Bitcoins, which attracts many customers, which in turn is reflected in a lot of traffic (high visitor numbers). Some platforms then earn money by placing banner ads on their pages. That means, the more customers such a provider has, the higher his revenue.

Other providers want to market their coins (such as Coinbase). The Crypto Exchange rewards you with free coins, just to let you know, for example, a specific cryptocurrency. (Of course, nice marketing)

💰 What is the easiest way to withdraw Bitcoins to my account for free?

The easiest way to do this is to use Coinbase. Since you can get free cryptocurrency at Coinbase anyway and register there, it makes sense that you can also have the money paid out via this exchange. We have summarized for you exactly what you have to do in this article. There you will find out how you can convert cryptocurrency into dollar/euro and withdraw it to your bank account.

📊 Should I keep the Free Bitcoins or sell them immediately?

That decision is entirely yours. We cannot offer financial advice. So it depends on how much potential you see in the cryptocurrency. If you think Bitcoin could go up in price, then the next logical step is to keep Bitcoin. In the long term, it has always paid off to hold bitcoins. But of course, the price can drop in the short term. So if you are not necessarily dependent on the money, it might make sense to wait.

🔎 Are Free Bitcoins “legal”?

Yes, getting free bitcoins is legal. If you want to document trades or cryptocurrency received free of charge, you can use the coinracking.info service for this. You will receive a tax report for free if you want.

📢 How can I get the most Free Bitcoins?

You will get the most bitcoins if you take advantage of all of the offers listed here. If you are looking for other offers, please be careful, as there are unfortunately many fraudsters in the crypto sector. It took us a long time to write this article because we put all of the options listed here through their paces before we wrote about them.

Here’s what you could do to get bitcoins in the long term and also generate passive income. First of all, it is worth registering with the Crypto.com and Coinbase exchanges, as this is where you get most of the coins + interest on them. At Crypto.com, for example, you get up to 18% interest on your coins and additional cashback on Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime etc. in the form of cryptocurrency. That means your wealth there will also grow in the long term. In addition, it could make sense to operate a masternode at Getnode if you want to generate passive income in the long term. Because even there you get weekly payouts. After all, it is worth visiting Bitcoin Faucets every day and collecting free Bitcoins there by either playing the multiplier or answering surveys. In this way, you not only receive one-time free bitcoins, but also create a passive income for yourself in the long term.

🎁 If I also want to buy Bitcoin, which crypto exchange currently offers the best Bonus?

Our research revealed that these are currently the best crypto exchanges in terms of bonus:

Exchange Fee Bonus Website
0,075 % $ 90
0,08 - 0,25 % $ 25
1,49 % $10
0,1 % Exclusive: Save 5% of the fees via our link

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