3. December 2022
Bitcoin Sportwetten

Does cryptocurrency make sports betting easier and better?

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Sports betting has been around ages – horse racing, going to the bookmaker and placing your bets for your favourite team based on the odds. Or, it could be going to a casino and playing the slots. Whatever a player enjoys, there is undoubtedly a game out there. Now, until quite recently, slots and other sports betting was always done with physical cash. But, we’ve entered into a new age with the rise of cryptocurrency.

Where to get cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies can be mined, bought, or exchanged. In most cases, it would be easiest to have an online wallet and buying the currency. It’s pretty simple – deposit dollars, euros, or whatever money you have and exchange the physical currency for cryptocurrency. Now, it was mentioned that the currency can also be exchanged.

The word exchange here refers to exchanging one cryptocurrency for another. Of course, that would really depend on which cryptocurrency one has and which one a player wants to use – getting Bitcoin is easy. Take note others may not be so easy to obtain by an exchange. But, if buying or exchanging doesn’t seem to fit, the final option is mining. That requires a bit of an investment, but it can provide high returns in the end as you get deeper and deeper into it.

Advantages of betting with cryptocurrency

Imagine having the opportunity to sit right in the comfort of your own home and betting on your favourite sports team? Well, that’s entirely possible thanks to cryptocurrency. Betting with cryptocurrency provides players with an opportunity to play anywhere in the security of their own home. There is also a double meaning of security.

Playing securely also means playing in a secure online environment where transactions are verified, virtually instantaneous and transparent. Oh, and not to mention, they’re often free too. That’s right – no transaction fees. What’s more is if a player wishes to remain anonymous, most platforms allow players to play anonymously.

If you’re not yet convinced that cryptocurrency has many benefits, here is one last one that is worth considering. The odds are usually better than those odds in traditional sports bets.

Where to play?


As with any betting, players need to place their bets with a platforms like 1xBit, one of the most interesting and fast-growing gambling platform out there. Players can play with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies choosing regular games like slots or trying their luck in a tournament. And, in doing so receive bonuses that are fair and have easy to understand rules. This type of platform provides players with a chance to play any time and receive online support in up to 52 languages. Each new player can receive a Welcome Bonus up to 7 BTC. And the promo code “1xb_13115”  will give you an additional bonus of 125% on your first deposit. Choose your favourite sport, place bets and win.

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