1. April 2020

Bondora bonus exclusive: only for a short time 30 € BONUS

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P2P loans are enjoying enormous popularity, and not without reason. The return surpasses the conventional financial institutions by worlds. In addition, offers such as Bondora’s GO & GROW offer investors a kind of overnight money alternative that more than half of Bondora’s investors use. P2P platforms are tightly regulated and provide an efficient collection process. One of the most popular P2P platforms is Bondora. We have already told you about our experiences with Bondora and are very convinced of this platform. You are also interested in Bondora? We have an exclusive Bondora Bonus Deal for you!

Bondora Registration: BONUS for a short time!

You are looking for a sign-up bonus for Bondora? Here you are exactly right, because we have this. Exclusively for you! Why exclusive? Because everyone offers a 5 € sign-up bonus. We have negotiated a deal for you, with which we practically share the commission with you! You receive with our recommendation link whopping 30 € as starting bonus. We receive the same amount. Thus, we share the commission with you in equal parts!

Condition: To get the bonus you have to invest at least 1000 €. You will receive 5 € after the registration and if you have paid at least 1000 €, you will get a further 25 € after 30 days! This will give you a 30 € bonus at Bondora after 30 days.

If you want to invest not only in Bondora GO & GROW, but to achieve a higher return, then we recommend you to stop by our Bondora Blog.

We wish you a lot of fun with the deal and successful investing!

Bondora reached already more than 100,000 investors in early 2020! The platform grows enormously and records more and more records. The average return of all investors is currently 10.3%.

If you do not have any investment experience then Bondora GO & GROW is for you. Here you are completely flexible, receive daily interest and get 6.75% interest. If you already have some investing experience or your 6.75% return is too low, you can also invest in loans with Portfolio Pro. You can get much higher returns, but be less flexible than GO & GROW.


However you decide, please be aware that the risk in this type of investment is higher than in the traditional bank. The investment can lead to total loss. Whatever we think is unlikely at Bondora, but you should be careful about such an investment.

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