22. April 2024
Bitcoin bald nur 999$ ?

Bitcoin soon at $ 999? Bloodbath continues! Minus 45%!

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The price of Bitcoin has dropped dramatically since March 12, 2020. After the price has already dropped 45%, some will see the price at $ 999 soon!

How far does the panic go?

As we recently informed, the Bitcoin price initially fell drastically on the morning of March 12, 2020, at midnight March 13, 2020 it got even harder and the price continued to drop. Overall, the price dropped a whopping 45% in just a few days! When was the last time you experienced something like this?

The corona crisis not only affects the stock markets extremely, the digital currency is also suffering enormously from the virus. But the panic is now in the next round, because the crowned crypto luminary Julian Hosp has recently expressed himself very pessimistic and explains that soon a price of $ 999 per Bitcoin would not be unexpected.

How realistic is the scenario? Hardly anyone can answer that, because nobody could have foreseen such an enormous drop in the course. For example, the BitMEX CEO Hays saw that Bitcoin would soon drop to around $ 6,000, but no one expected it to be just under $ 4,500 so quickly. And the crypto optimist Hosp of all places is now putting such a pessimistic forecast on the table.

It remains to be seen and to remain calm.

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