29. March 2020
Free Bitcoins get free crypto coins

5 ways for free Bitcoins >> Here you go!

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We’ll show you how to safely and legally receive cryptocurrency worth up to $ 176 completely for free. How to get free bitcoins and how to do that can be found here! We’ve tested all the options for you and just imagine the possibilities that actually work! You will receive free bitcoin in just a jew minutes. We will explain how to act! All you need to do is just click & collect free Bitcoins. So let’s get free coins!

Most people probably use Chrome or Firefox as their browser. But there are also alternatives that are worth a closer look. Such an alternative is the Brave Browser. He sets himself apart by focusing on privacy. But not only that makes him unique, he also has other special features. You will be rewarded for browsing with the Brave Browser with crypto-currency. But not only because of this possibility, the browser is so popular, so that the user numbers since the launch of the browser (2016) explode. Brave wants to act safer and faster than the competitors. Behind the browser is the former boss of the Mozilla Foundation. Brave basically blocks any advertising for you and allows you to surf the internet without being tracked.

This is what it looks like:

brave browser

You can see here the blocked advertisements and trackers, as well as time saved.

Surf fast, be rewarded and stay anonymous

Brave Browser is also a very fast browser. Blocked advertising allows much faster loading than traditional browsers.

If you want to receive rewards for surfing, you just have to activate it in the settings and then you’ll get pop-up alerts with ads in between. You have the choice of whether you want to receive advertising and how often. You do not even have to look at this advertisement, you can click away and still receive the reward for it. The reward is paid in BAT (your own cryptocurrency). For example, you can send them to Coinbase and trade or sell them to another cryptocurrency and have them pay you off. If you like a website you can also treat your reward as a tip on the website (if the website is a registered Brave Browser Publisher).

This is how the rewards looks like:

Brave browser rewards

Good to know: You even have the opportunity to surf the Internet completely anonymously. You can choose browsing via the THOR network in the settings of the browser. This will make your IP address anonymous.

Bitcoin Faucet – Easiest way to get free Bitcoins

If you want more Bitcoin for free, then Bitcoin Faucets (digital money taps) are the answer! Bitcoin Faucet is very popular in the crypto scene. You simply log in on the appropriate pages and with a click of the mouse you can collect the payout (from Bitcoin) at regular intervals (for example every 15-60 minutes). You can also earn free bitcoin by, for example, looking at advertisements, answer surveys etc.

This option is particularly suitable for crypto beginners. Without having to spend any money, you get to know many processes of the crypto universe.

The advantages of such Faucet pages are obvious:

  • completely free ✅
  • small amount of time ✅
  • from a certain number of coins you get interest, from here it is a self-runner ✅
  • possibility to invite friends and earn even more ✅
Which providers are there?

There are actually quite a few providers of Bitcoin Faucets in the meantime. We’ve already tested pretty much all known providers. Not all of them are recommended. We have 3 providers summarized for you, which can be recommended without further ado.

Here are our favorites:

Is it worth?

Of course yes it is still free bitcoin! But you have to be aware that you will not get rich with it. The effort with a few clicks is very low and the yield completely okey, if you also consider the eventual increase in value of Bitcoin. In our opinion, it can pay off the whole long term to operate, because you can benefit from the loyalty bonus and while surfing the Internet can actually earn something.

Coinbase Earn

Coinbase is the world’s largest crypto exchange and now has over 30 million customers. On this stock exchange it is possible to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. For some time now, the Crypto Exchange has launched a campaign that is all about it. This campaign is called “Coinbase Earn”. With Coinbase Earn it should be possible for the user to look over Coinbase information about Coins and be rewarded for it. For example, it’s about watching videos about the coins, getting to know the concept, and getting a percentage of the coin for it. After each video, you can answer a short question and get cryptocurrency. (We’ve taken the trouble to collect the answers so you can get the coins with even less effort, read on and learn the answers).

Which cryptocurrency do you get and how do you convert or pay for it in Bitcoin?

Here you can see all the coins that you can dust off for free:

Overall, you can get up to $ 176 in crypto for free in minutes. Most of the time you just have to watch some videos and answer questions. We have already collected all the questions and answers for you, so that you can save time and directly have the right answer ready and can take your free bitcoin & other crypto.

If you want, you can also sign up via our referral link, and you’ll get an additional $ 10 as soon as you buy cryptocurrency for at least $ 100.

How to participate – explained step by step (including all answers)

First you have to register or register with Coinbase. (👉 Coinbase registration explained step-by-step)

If you’ve logged in or registered and are on your dashboard, scroll down a bit and you’ll see that:

coinbase registration

Now you click on “Earn crypto”. After that, the coins that are participating in this campaign will appear and you will see how much you can get paid. It will look like that:

coinbase registration free coins

As you can see on the picture, you can get $ 50 each in XLM and EOS, plus additional coins.

Here are the answers:


  1. A blockchain protocol for fast, scalable applications
  2. Delegated proof of stake
  3. Fast, free transfers
  4. Stake EOS tokens
  5. Upgradable smart contracts

Procedure at EOS

To get another $ 40 in EOS, invite 4 friends to Coinbase. Each of the invited friends brings you $ 10.

Stellar Lumens (XLM)

  1. A decentralized protocol that unites the world’s financial infrastracture
  2. Faciliating low-cost, universal payments
  3. Transactions are fast, inexpensive and global
  4. To issue, exchange and transfer quickly and efficiently
  5. It relies on the cooperation of trusted noed to confirm transactions

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

  1. There are too many ads and data trackers
  2. It is a free, open-source web browser built for privacy
  3. Users get paid BAT for viewing opt-in ads, and publishers get rewarded when users pay attention to their content

DAI (Currently not available)

  1. A decentralized stablecoin that aims to be worth one US dollar
  2. Decentralized and borderless
  3.  Open a CDP with Maker

Procedure at DAI

You have to do the following:

– Download Coinbase Wallet on your smartphone (link will follow the “Start Tutorial”)

– Create a new wallet in the app

– Connect the app to your Coinbase Accont

– now Coinbase sends you some ETH (duration up to 10 min)

– Follow the further tutorial

– After the tutorial, you will be credited with your $ 14 and can withdraw it, if you want

We tried it for ourselves and it took maybe 5 minutes altogether.

P.S. On the wallet remain $ 2.60 in ETH, which you can transfer to your Coinbase account, directly from the wallet.

Free Bitcoin mining

Another very popular option that many do not know is the free mining of bitcoins.

Simply put, bitcoins are created by computers acknowledging bitcoin transactions. For this confirmation, the so-called Miner Bitcoins receive as a reward. This process is called mining. Classic mining looks like people are getting powerful computers to confirm transactions. But for quite some time, so-called cloud mining is possible. One rents computers from a pool of computers. This then mines the bitcoins for one. You rent, so to speak, a part of a giant computer network. This can be anywhere in the world. However, this process also costs money.

But there is an insider tip: It is possible to mine bitcoins completely free of charge. This is done with the Crypto Tab Browser. This browser uses your computer capacity to mine bitcoins. You do not have to do anything more than download the browser and continue surfing normally. The browser is extremely fast, so you will not notice any limitation in the performance of your computer.

Crypto Tab Browser

You can also invite friends and earn a share of the scraped Bitcoins of your friends. It can be worth it as soon as you have some friends who follow the whole thing as well as you.

In our experience, about $ 5-10  per month are possible if you do not have any friends who also use the browser via your own invitation link. You can have your “income” calculated on the page. According to the website you earn up to $ 40.000 per month already with 5 friends. Because you earned over 10 levels.

Sports Betting on Cryptocurrency: Anonymous + 7 Free Bitcoins

1xbitAnonymous betting platforms are becoming increasingly popular. One of the most up-and-coming providers is 1xBit. The provider offers the deposit in 24 cryptocurrencies and has a huge selection of offers ready. The website can be changed to 60 languages. The customer support is available 24/7 and the registration is completely anonymous in a few seconds.

Free Bitcoins are available at this provider, especially for new customers not too little. For new customers receive for the first deposit 1 free Bitcoin. You receive a 100% deposit bonus and a maximum of one Bitcoin as a bonus to your deposit. Similar bonuses you get on the first four deposits, which theoretically eager to take up to 7 free Bitcoins. Please note the conditions for the bonus. So you have to convert your deposit 40 times within the first 30 days to get the bonus on your deposit.

Tip: When registering, enter the code: 1xb_13115 for the new customer bonus.

Bonus: Blockchain-based gambling (highest transparency)

Gambling is popular and fun. Nevertheless, one sometimes wonders if the system behind it is not somehow fake. For blockchain-based gambling, you do not have to ask yourself that question. Why? Because the whole system in the blockchain is publicly visible. You can keep track of whether, for example, a payout of the grand prize has actually taken place, or whether the lotto numbers have actually been drawn randomly.

Popular and very professional gambling sites are bitcasino.io and fairplay.io. You will not find more transparency than with these providers in this industry. Often there is a deposit bonus that doubles your deposit.

The only thing that we can complain about here is that you can deposit only crypto currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.). Although it takes little effort to buy bitcoins, for example, at Coinbase and then transfer them to the jeweile gambling platform, but it may deter some.

Why do providers give away  free bitcoin at all?

First of all yes, it is actually possible to get bitcoins for free. Some people wonder how this is possible. Finally, Bitcoin is very high priced and a further increase in value is not exactly unlikely. So why do you give away bitcoins?

Of course, the providers do not just donate coins to you. The providers provide the opportunity to get free Bitcoins, which attracts many customers, which in turn is reflected in a lot of traffic (high visitor numbers). Some platforms then earn money by placing banner ads on their pages. That is, the more customers have such a provider, the higher his revenue.

Other providers want to market their coins (such as Coinbase). The Crypto Exchange rewards you with free coins, just to let you know, for example, a specific cryptocurrency. (Of course, nice marketing)

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