29. November 2022
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5 crypto deals to multiply bitcoins in 2020

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The year is coming to an end and it feels like a completely new wind is blowing on January 1st. Now you could discover the best crypto deals for you. We have summarized the best and most lucrative deals for you at the moment and present them to you here. We wish you a lot of fun and a successful crypto year 2020!

Are you looking for a lucrative and fully automated trading bot that is easy to use and generates a good return for you? Then you have the best options for this with Cryptohopper. Cryptohopper is a very popular trading bot that is designed so that everyone can use it. In addition, the payment is made monthly, so that you can cancel after one month if you don’t like it. The price varies from $ 19-99 a month. There is also the possibility to try the bot free of charge for 7 days. But where’s the deal? At the moment you get a whopping 30% off Adventure and Hero Package! An absolute price hammer that can be worthwhile for those interested in trading.

cryptohopper features

If you are looking for a long-term trading bot, we recommend margin.de. It is not for nothing that BTC-ECHO himself (the largest crypto news portal in the DACH region) mentions in an article which trading bots you should definitely know. Margin is a German company based in Bielefeld. The project shines through excellent work, enormous know-how, transparency and ultra fast support. Every employee can be seen on the homepage and the Telegram Group offers almost just-in-time assistance. We are enthusiastic about margin.de and love to use the bot. Due to the demand for the bot, it was possible to negotiate a deal in which you get a 10% discount on each package when you enter “cryptoinvest10” in the order process. Have fun with it.

Coinbase Earn up to $ 204 FREE

Sounds incredible? Oh yes it does, but Coinbase is giving away coins worth up to $ 204. Admittedly, you don’t get the full amount in one fell swoop because you get a little over $ 100 via invite friends. However, in a few minutes you have between $ 50 and $ 100 in coins, which can be exchanged for euros or bitcoin if desired. There is no better deal! You will receive free coins for answering questions about the coins. To save you the work, we have summarized the questions for you so that you can get the free coins even faster. (Here are the answers: Part 1 and Part 2)

Surf anonymously and get paid for it

Everyone is talking about Brave Browser. The browser is reaching more and more users. Brave Browser blocks all tracking of your surfing, as well as advertising. You also have the opportunity to surf absolutely anonymously. You can do that with a click of the mouse. Because you can surf in the Brave Browser via the Thor network, which gives you an anonymized IP address. So you don’t have to spend a VPN on the contrary. If you download and install Brave Browser, you will receive the Brave Token called BAT (Basic Attention Token, place 30 on coinmarketcap.com) worth $ 5. You can collect them or exchange them for euros on Coinbase. In addition, you will continuously receive BAT Coins when you display advertisements. You don’t even have to click on it. In principle it is like a normal browser, except that you are paid for surfing. Because browsers are currently collecting enormous information about your surfing behavior, Brave only does this with your consent and rewards you for it. In our experience, this can generate about $ 5 in monthly earnings.

Brave browser rewards

Up to 7 bitcoins for free with sports betting with crypto

Another extremely lucrative deal. You will receive up to 7 bitcoins on your deposit (spread over the first 4 deposits). Why is? It’s about the fastest growing provider of sports betting in crypto: 1xbit. Why should you do sports betting with cryptocurrencies? Quite simply, you are completely anonymous. With 1xbit you don’t even have to enter your name or an email address (we strongly recommend this to restore the account, etc.) when registering. In addition, experience has shown that the quotas are often noticeably higher than with conventional providers. With our Procode you get 125% instead of 100% bonus on the first deposit: 1xb_13111.

1xbit test

Bitcoin Faucet: Free Bitcoins or Bitcoins multiply with the Multiply

If you want more free bitcoins, Bitcoin Faucets (digital taps) are suitable. Bitcoin Faucet is very popular in the crypto scene. You simply register on the corresponding pages and with a click of the mouse you can collect the payout (from Bitcoin) at regular intervals (e.g. every 15-60 minutes). You can also earn additional bitcoins by, for example, watching advertising, answering surveys etc.

The advantages of such Faucet pages are obvious:

  • completely free ✅
  • small amount of time ✅
  • from a certain number of coins you get interest, from here it is a self-runner ✅
  • possibility to invite friends and earn even more ✅
We use these providers
Provider Free Bitcoins Recommendation To the provider
✔️ Bitcoin Faucet (1x per hour)
✔️ Answer surveys
✔️ Other offers (for example, download and test app, etc.)
✔️ Watch videos
✔️ Coins multiply by multiplier (gambling)
✔️ Play games
✔️ Look at advertising
✔️ Interest on the credit already starts at 0.00035 BTC
✔️ Bitcoin Faucet (1x per hour)
✔️ Lottery
✔️ Bets
✔️ Multiply Coins (gambling)
✔️ Interest on the balance already starts at 0.0003 BTC
✔️ Many more interesting actions
✔️ Bitcoin Faucet (1x per 15 min.)

Cointiply currently offers very lucrative deals where you get quite a few coins for answering surveys. An hourly wage of around € 15 is realistically converted. You will also receive 5% interest with cointiply and 4.08% with freebitco.in. In order to increase bitcoins, both providers offer the possibility to play the multiplier. If you deposit bitcoins in order to receive the interest there and receive further free bitcoins, it is possible to increase these bitcoins further. But be careful, play with care! A total loss is not excluded. We have written you an article on how we use the freebitcoin trick automatically: Click here.

Bonus: 2% on the deposit at Bondora

Bondora has nothing to do with crypto. But is the most successful P2P loan broker. Bondora is experiencing an exponential growth in customers. Why? Because Bondora offers you 6.75% interest for your money, whereby you can withdraw the money at any time and get interest credited daily. You can also invest in loans yourself, so that the almost 100,000 registered investors now achieve an average return of 10.8%. Where can you get better interest rates these days? These are reasons enough at least to have a look at Bondora these days.

But we have a particularly lucrative deal for you!

You get exclusive and only a short time 2% bonus on your deposit via our link! You will also receive a € 5 bonus after registration. If you deposit € 10,000 you will receive € 5 + € 200! Are you interested in Bondora, but are you unsure? Then have a look at our Bondora blog and find out how we can get a 25% return at Bondora. (Click here).

Note: You will receive your bonus credited to your account after 30 days.

We wish all of our readers a lot of fun with the crypto deals and above all a successful year 2020.

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