31. January 2023
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1xBit experience and test – How reputable is the provider?

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In this article, we would like to take a closer look at 1xBit and show if it is worth registering with this provider. A test on 1xBit therefore seems very interesting, because the provider provides partly unique offers for customers. So the offer under 1xbit.com is very extensive, although the offerer is still relatively young (since 2016). For example, customers can pay their wagers in virtual currency (cryptocurrency) in 24 different currencies, which contributes to greater privacy, as it allows them to remain anonymous. But how is the overall result of our 1xBit experiences?

For those in a hurry

Extremely large betting offer
Extensive support
Registration in a few seconds, completely anonymous
Provider accepts 24 cryptocurrencies
Bonuses up to 7 Bitcoins possible (Promo Code: 1xb_13115)

A little confusing mobile version
No telephone support
Unclear who is exactly behind 1xBit

What is 1xBit?

1xbit test

Our research has shown that the bookmaker 1xbit.com, although only active since 2016, but due to the rapid growth is already one of the largest betting providers, especially in Russian-speaking countries. According to the website of the provider, several hundred thousand active customers are already registered. The bookmaker offers mainly sports bets, but also casino and live bets are on offer.

What makes 1xBit special?

Apart from the fact that the bookmaker offers the payment in 24 cryptocurrencies, the provider obviously strives for a pleasant user experience on the platform. The offer is very versatile and visually appealing, at least on the desktop version. In addition, the provider advertises with high quotas. How meaningful that is with respect to all bets at any time, we can not say. However, the odds of 1xbit compared to 4 conventional sportsbook providers were equal to or even higher, which is why the statement seems believable to us.

In addition, for some, the fact may be interesting that no betting tax is incurred at 1xbit. The provider is exempt from the betting tax law. This results in more profit for the customer.

In addition, our test has shown that no fees for deposits or withdrawals by the provider are estimated.

Also noteworthy is the fact how much the provider advertises for new customers with bonus payments. The provider offers our experience exceptionally high bonuses. For example, deposit bonuses for new customers up to 7 Bitcoin are possible. A considerable sum, if one considers the monetary value in mind. At the moment scarcely 45.ooo €. But our test also shows that you should pay close attention to the conditions associated with the bonuses. Because you have 40 times to implement the deposit bonuses within the first 30 days. In our experience, the condition is set quite high, but the bonus is again quite high.

Betting offer

1xbit offer

1xbit has numerous betting offers. The betting offer includes more than 50 different sports. The provider is so wide-ranging, so that not only the classic sports such as football, boxing or tennis are there but also some exotic sports. For this we would count sports such as sailing, surfing, water polo or greyhound racing. But also on other curiosities you can complete bets. Such as the weather, winners of Eurovision, TV games or political events. In addition, eSport is also represented in the offer. So you can watch live Fifa matches and make bets or place bets on CS GO tournaments.

In our experience, the offer is exceptionally broad and offers everything imaginable on what to bet on. It is worthwhile to browse through the offer even in peace.

Seriousness & Security

There are many supposedly reputable vendors who cleverly build and market a platform with the sole purpose of acquiring customers. Thereafter, the platform serves only as a deposit platform and the money or the cryptocurrency is after the deposit away or in the pockets of scammers. Especially in the area of ​​online casinos and crypto currencies you should always be on guard and get the most information about the provider.

For this reason, it is advisable to established and established providers in the sports betting and co. recourse. In our research, we have found no cases of 1xBit, where a payment was denied for no reason or the like. The provider is more than 3 years on the market and is constantly expanding. Dealing with customers would sooner or later harm the provider more than good, especially if a certain size has been reached. We also found no negative reports in any other rapporteur. It is a first sign that indicates seriousness and safety. After all, one would be able to find reports of disappointed customers in forums at the latest in forums at the latest. This is not the case in our experience.

What we also noticed in our research, is the missing imprint of the provider. Thus, further information is missing to see if the provider has a license. After all, licensed providers are under supervision from scratch. Unfortunately, our test can not conclusively determine whether the provider has a license.

Deposits and withdrawals

Wie anfangs schon erwähnt ist der Kernpunkt der Plattform das Zahlen mit Bitcoin bzw. Kryptowährung. In der Summe stehen 24 verschiedene Kryptowährungen zur Auswahl, mit denen man seine Einzahlung tätigen kann.

1xBit cryptocurrency
Here you can see all 24 cryptocurrencies accepted by 1xBit.

Money deposit via PayPal or similar is therefore not offered. This has its advantages but also disadvantages. It is understandable that many do not want to grow extra because of a bookmaker cryptocurrency. On the other hand, more and more people are using crypto-currency or getting in touch with it in any way. The biggest advantage is probably that you remain completely anonymous with the payment via crypto currency. For the registration no personal data is required, not even the e-mail address is absolutely necessary. With the payment via cryptocurrency it remains anonymous.

On the homepage 1xBit offers possible exchanges to acquire or deposit bitcoins and co. The minimum deposit is 0.001 Bitcoin (BTC). There are no limits for the payout.

1xbit exchange
Here is a small selection of proposed exchanges for the purchase of cryptocurrency. Many more are available on the 1xbit.com website.

Of course, you can use any crypto market you trust from the crypto currency deposit list. Among other bitcoin.de listed, certainly not a bad choice for example, German customers. Our test also shows that the deposit and withdrawal 24/7 are handled by the employees. Because from experience we can say that both the deposit and disbursement are handled very quickly. Just a few mouse clicks and the credit is already available.

Register with 1xBit

No complexity, no waiting and full anonymity. So goes through the registration process at 1xBit. We show you the process step by step. Incidentally, with the 1xBit app.

1. Step

First, you go to the homepage of the provider and click in the top left on “Register”.

1xbit registration2. Step

Now a window will appear where you can enter a coupon code to receive bonuses. After entering the coupon code you click on “Register and receive bonus”. You could also leave the field with the coupon code empty and still register, if you do not want to use bonuses.

1xbit Bonus
3. Step

Next, you have to solve Captcha so confirm that you are not a robot.

4. Step

You are already done. Without stating your name or an e-mail address. So you keep full anonymity. However, it is recommended to leave an e-mail address for the purpose of account recovery. You will now be shown your individual account number and password, which you can conveniently save.

1xbit bonus registration
For security reasons, we have painted over our account number and password yellow.
We definitely recommend to save the data after registration and also to deposit an e-mail address. If you want to restore your account, you can do that later only if you have an e-mail address.  

User friendliness

Getting started with the registry is as simple as we have not seen anywhere else. The user remains completely anonymous when signing up. The operator does not collect personal data, which is not self-evident in the present time. We also find it positive that you can change the language of the website in 60 different languages. So every user can choose the optimal language for him. Often one is otherwise dependent on good English skills and people with not so good English skills are left out. At 1xBit seems to have recognized the problem. How well the individual translations of the website into other languages ​​are, we can not fully judge. We tested German, English and Russian and we had nothing to complain about.

In our experience, the use of the website of the provider 1xbit.com is quite clear. You can easily reach the desired category via the start page and then start betting. Just clicking on the boxes is enough to get into the respective category.

1xbit offer sports bet
Clicking on the respective fields makes the betting clearer.

However, our test has shown that on the other hand information is almost inundated. Sure, it’s a huge offer presented to the customer. Accordingly, the challenge is to present this large mass simply and clearly. In our experience, 1xBit has managed this challenge, but it is still possible to improve it. For example, the terms and conditions of the provider can not be found straight away. Only when you have clicked through a bit, you will find the terms and conditions. In our opinion, these should be easier to find.

Above all, we had problems finding our way around on the mobile version. After dealing with it for a while, it’s easier. However, due to the fact that the use of the smartphone in the present time for surfing the Internet continues to increase, the overview of the mobile version should be significantly improved.

Otherwise, our test shows that the loading time is very fast. After clicking it takes only a few moments and then the chosen bet is loaded.

Customer Service

In our experience, customer service is one of the most important components when it comes to money. It should always be possible to reach a competent employee for questions and problems. In our test, it has been shown that 1xBit attaches great importance to support. On the one hand, the provider offers 24/7 support in all 60 countries and on the other, there are explicit departments that are responsible for the security of the website.

Here are contact options:

General queries: support-en@1x-bit.com

Security department: security@1x-bit.com

Public relations and advertising: marketing@1x-bit.com

In addition, the said 24/7 chat is available to you at any time to reach someone. We have tried our test and looked at how long it takes for an employee to answer us in the chat and whether this is powerful in German. We had to wait about a minute until we got a response. The answer to our question was honest and corresponded to the fact.

1xbit support

In our research, we found out that no phone number is deposited by the provider. Customers need to cut back on customer service because no phone support is offered. Telephone support is very costly for the vendors and unusual in the industry. But there are many customers who prefer support over the phone. Therefore, optimization in this regard might make sense.

However, our research has also shown that the provider is represented in almost all social media channels. Thus, the contact is also possible via these channels.

1xBit Instagram         1xBit Twitter         1xBit Telegram          1xBit YouTube

1xBit bonuses

The provider grants new customers enormously high bonuses. New customers receive up to 7 Bitcoins distributed on their first 4 deposits. On the first deposit customers receive a Bitcoin credited by the provider. And so the bonuses stagger:

1xbit bonuses

Get 100% off the first deposit up to 1 Bitcoin with the promo code: 1xb_13115

In order to receive the bonus you have to convert your deposit 40 times, after which 100% of your deposit will be credited for the first deposit, however, a maximum of 1 Bitcoin. As it looks for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th deposit, please take the picture above. For all deposits, the condition is that you must transfer your deposit 40 times within the first 30 days to receive the bonus.


The presented provider 1xBit has many unique components. In our test, we come to the conclusion that 1xBit is very keen to expand its customer base and already registered users to keep. The very high bonuses are causing quite a stir among new customers and are among the highest on the market, even though the condition for receiving the bonuses in our opinion is quite high. In addition, the registration is completed in a few seconds and the customer remains completely anonymous. The customer also receives extensive support in his favorite language and the 24/7. This is a very important point for us and we noticed it very positively. The provider also tries to cover the needs of many customers. This is reflected in the huge offer of the provider noticeable. 1xBit offers all possible bets and leaves nothing to be desired in this respect.

What seems to us to be in need of improvement is the lack of transparency. It should be worked on an imprint, so you can understand who is really behind 1xBit. This also means that the terms and conditions should be easier to find. In addition, we noticed in our test, although the huge offer of the provider on positive, but the implementation of the overview on the mobile version is in our opinion, still in need of improvement.

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